Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Prince Puff Cup 2 Rulebook

1. Index

  1. Cover, Index, Contact
  2. Tournament Time & Date
  3. Tournament Sign Up
  4. Format & Rules
  5. Additional Rules
  6. Prizes
  7. Rules Disclaimer

King Puff Cup Discord




Contact Email

Head Admin: Julaiwnl#9260

Admins: Engineer Gandalf The Pink#3860 / Steven#0138

2. Tournament Time & Date

The 2nd Prince Puff Cup will take place on June 15th, 14:00 UTC, 7:00 PST, 10:00 EST, 15:00 CET.

3. Tournament Sign Up

Required Information

  • Discord Contact Information (username#1234)
  • 4 Complete Decklists (Master + 10 Unique Cards)
  • Additional List of 10 cards.

Where to Sign Up

All participants should register in Toornament.


An hour before the event (13:00 UTC), players will have to Check-In to confirm attendance to the event. This should be done by clicking the same button that was previously for Registering to the tournament.
Failing to Check-In will result in being unable to participate in the event. 

4. Format & Rules

Tournament Format

The event will consist of a Double-Elimination Bracket. This means that participants have to lose twice before being eliminated from the tournament.
All sets will be played in a Best of 3 format, with exception of the Tournament Finals, where we will have a Best of 5.
The tournament’s format is Last Master Standing. In this format, a player that wins is forced to play the same deck until it loses. A deck that lost a match is eliminated from play during the current round, and can be played again in future rounds, unless it’s banned.

No Wildcards & Duplicate Masters

Wildcards have been banned from all King Puff Cup related events. You may not bring two or three copies of the same card, meaning that all cards should be unique. 
Your decks can’t share the same Master.


Participants are allowed to change any of the cards in the decks they will be playing next, only in-between games. They can only replace the cards on their decks with any of the cards from the list of 10 cards they had submitted on the registration process.

Tournament Banned Cards

  • Fire Imp
  • Divine Warrior
  • Scrat Tank
  • Haunting Hugger

Banning Order

In Best of 3 the order is as follows:
First, High Seed bans 1 Master
Next, Low seed bans 2 Masters
Finally, High Seed bans 1 Master

In Best of 5, participants will only ban 1 Master
In this stage, bans will be done privately with the Tournament Admin through Direct Messages, who will then say the bans once they are both done.

5. Additional Rules

You must join the King Puff Cup Discord to participate in King Puff Cup-related events.

Finding Your Opponent

All participants should send a private message to their opponents, and send an invite to a private friendly duel, to then begin the match.

Reporting Your Results

All match results should be reported to the Toornament page directly. This is done by clicking the “My Matches” tab, go to the game you just played and now click the “Report” tab.

Knowledge Check

All new participants should contact the Tournament Admin for a Knowledge Check after registering (Julaiwnl#9260).


If a player opts to forfeit a match for any reason during the tournament, then they also forfeit their remaining matches, as well as any potential prizes associated with that position.

Spectator Invites

Any players being broadcasted live should send spectator invites to the #Live channel of the KPC Discord. To be able to send Spectator invites, players must be set as “Online” on Discord, as well as having their Game Activity being displayed on their profile, which can be done at Discord Settings, and then going into “Game Activity” to make sure that the option “Display currently running game as a status message” is ON.

Delay of Game / AFK Rule

Once a player’s set begins, they have 3 minutes between games to start their next game. Any extra delay may be subjected to penalties including: a game/match forfeit, disqualification from the tournament, and inability to participate in future King Puff Cup related tournaments. This will be up to the discretion of the highest ranking staff member present.


A disconnect is defined as anything that causes a game to end prematurely. The first disconnect will be replayed unless the result of the game is extremely apparent. After a second disconnect without proof of the opponent disconnecting as well, the disconnected player forfeits the current game.

Usage of Illegal Decks / Masters

If a player starts a game with an illegal deck, they have until the 30-second mark to quit out of a match and fix this mistake, otherwise, the game results in a loss for the player using the illegal deck. A deck is defined as the collection of 10 cards submitted.

If a player starts a game with an illegal master, then the game will be restarted with the opposing player choosing their master for them.


We take all kinds of cheating very seriously. If you get caught cheating, you automatically lose and we reserve the right to ban you indefinitely from all King Puff Cup-related events. So please play fair and read the rules carefully. Entering a tournament under two separate accounts (Person A joining as Person A and Person B) is considered cheating and may result in a permanent ban from all tournaments. The following is also considered cheating: changing Master in a retry (after a disconnect, for example), intentionally delaying the tournament, intentionally losing games, etc. are all considered forms of cheating.

6. Prizes

Participant Prize: Dwarf Pack

8th - 4th Place: Big Dwarf Pack.

3rd Place: 2 Big Dwarf Packs.

2nd Place: Mega Dwarf Pack & a Legendary Card

1st Place: Super Mega Dwarf Pack + Dynasty Milloween

7. Rules Disclaimer

By registering, you allow the King Puff Cup Staff to handle and publicly share any and all account names submitted, to any extent deemed applicable by the King Puff Cup Staff, for decklisting and addressing any situation that may arise.
KPC reserves the right to modify, add, or delete rules at any time, without prior notice and/or reason. Unless otherwise stated, all decisions made by an Administrator pursuant to these rules are final and binding upon all applicable parties. If you do not agree with all of the rules and stipulations listed above, you may not participate in the King Puff Cup Circuit. By requesting entry into the Tournament, you represent and warrant to KPC that you have read, understood, and agreed to these rules and stipulations, and promise to act in compliance with such rules and stipulations at all times.

Each player must display well-mannered behavior throughout the entire duration of the tournament. This includes before, during, and after competitions. Good behavior is expected in all public areas of interaction which include but are not limited to Discord, Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, Toornament, and the in-game Minion Masters chat.

Poor or negative behavior towards tournament staff, sponsors, or other players is unacceptable and punitive measures will be taken on a case by case basis as determined by the KPC Staff.