Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Version 1.1 - Spawn of Fury

Note: There is a visual issue with the Rank Reset that is currently displaying incorrect information. This is purely client side, and you will have received the correct rank on the server.

Minion Masters!

It’s been a hectic week since the release of Minion Masters, and our servers certainly took a hammering from all of you! We’ve been steadily patching things on our end as we go along, but there’s a number of client side changes and fixes we want to make today with this update.
Rest assured that we’re working on more fixes for the next patches, they just take time to solve.
In the meantime, keep reporting all the issues you encounter, it’s most helpful!

Spawn of Fury

New in this update is the community-voted Spawn of Fury!

This Legendary Spell offers pain and duplication, splitting your strongest minions in half to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Spawn of Fury is available to Recruit for 2000 shards, and is obtainable from regular Power Token spins.


  • Added the KPI4 skin, a celebration of katt’s victory at the 4th King Puff Invitational - It will be available for purchase when the next circuit of the KPC begins.
  • Twitch Drops reward increased from 10 to 50 Gold.
  • Twitch Drops now have a cooldown of 5 minutes before you can receive another one.
  • Twitch Drop rewards will now tell you what Key you earned when claiming them.
  • Guild Conquest has been added to the Quest Carousel.
  • Improvements to the way your preferences are saved to reduce decks and other account details being wiped.
  • Adjusted how Season Resets kick players off the server. Players will no longer be removed in the middle of a match.
  • Added tooltips to Shards, Power Tokens, and Season Tokens in the Shop.
  • Adjusted the order in which Shields are ordered. The priority is now Divine Shield > Guardian Shield > Shield > Minion Abilities.


  • Fixed an issue where the server would incorrectly claim you had unowned cards.
  • Fixed Nyrvir the Fallen mysteriously disappearing if she was Netherstepped.
  • Fixed a bug where a “Requesting Spin” message would persist into a match.
  • Fixed Leaderboard card frames displaying Glory levels.
  • Fixed an instance where Player 1’s Stun Lancers would stun those belonging to Player 2 if they attacked each other at the same time, instead of both units being stunned.
  • Fixed Musketeer losing Shield if he parries an attack. Now, Musketeer will not activate Parry if he has a shield available - Thanks Caspar!
  • Fixed an instance where a unit transforming into a Werewolf was invulnerable - Thanks Khazlariko! 
  • Fixed a case where Lycanthropy did not activate properly when sun burned - Thanks Jackeea!
  • Fixed a case where Grasping Thorns’ debuff was not properly removed from a unit after being hypnotised.
  • Fixed a bug where Haunting Hugger would generate more Spectral Essence than expected.
  • Fixed a bug where Haunting Hugger would not return if it possessed the Settsu minion, and she left the battlefield.
  • Fixed Nyrvir’s Breath not turning Blood Imps into Skeletons - Thanks Wildcard!
  • Fixed Bonus Shards from spinning a Max Glory card not being claimed visually - Thanks Leto!
  • Fixed Member Count not being considered for Guild Searches - Thanks sera!
  • Fixed Armor of Light visual effect being larger than its effective radius - Thanks GReyWolF!
  • Fixed Expedition AI replays not working correctly - Thanks MacStabby!

Bugs - Xbox Specific

  • Fixed in-game Ruby purchasing issues
  • Fixed an issue where Rubies and DLC were not being claimed correctly.
  • Fixed Mixer Streamers on Xbox being stuck at the post-match screen.
  • Fixed some Main Menu lag spikes.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!