Thursday, October 15, 2020

More Discord Migration Details & Mountain Gale Demonstration!

Minion Masters!

Discord Account Migration

We're able to share some more about the process of Account migration we'll be offering with Version 1.18 for Discord users. 

(Previously we discussed that support for the Discord version of Minion Masters will be ending with the new update due to concerns about the game's stability - Check out the post here if you'd like to read more.)

With the patch, when you launch the game through Discord you'll be given a 6 digit code that's unique to your account. When playing on Steam, you'll be able to select a "Migrate Discord User" option in the Menu where you can enter the code to start a one-way operation that replaces the account you're playing with on our server with that of the Discord account.

If you own DLC on the Steam account, but not on Discord, you'll unlock the content once you've transferred your progress. 

However, if you already own the DLC on Discord, you will not receive them a second time for your account, even if you purchase it from the Steam store. We cannot flag your account as having purchased the DLC, so the option to buy it will still be there even though you won't get anything from it.

Note that we are not responsible for any incorrect or accidental account transfers that happen as a result of you accidentally sharing your code. Don't transfer your account while streaming, and recheck your Steam credentials to make sure you're logged into the correct account before migrating. Keep your code safe!

Version 1.18 will be releasing on the 29th of October. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at the usual places, or via

Halloween decorations are live today!

The arenas are getting spooky with today's mini-Update! As detailed in last week's blog, all your favourite arenas have a facelift - Have fun with the haunted festivities and let us know which modified arena is your favourite! And get ready for a huge DLC sale on the 27th, and that special free shop offer on Halloween itself!

If you're on Xbox, we're aiming to have the update out as soon as possible tomorrow!

Mountain Gale in action!

Last Friday, we showcased the new Mountain Gale card on our Update Site. This week we figured we'd showcase a sneak peek of it in action:

(We'll start including GIFs of the new cards in our weekly Newsletters. If you haven't already signed up, make sure to do so and be the first to see previews like this!)

BadAsAFish80's Minion Masters Tournament 1v1 #16

BadAsAFish is back at it again with another multi-day tournament, with a $100 prize pool and an invitation to the Sinobii Battleground Invitational up for grabs!

It'll be starting on October 19th, so you've still got time to sign up if you want in. Earn some experience playing competitive Minion Masters games, and engage with our awesome e-sports community!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Hallowed Arenas return to Minion Masters this October!

Minion Masters!

Halloween returns to Minion Masters!

It's that time of year again, Masters, which means it's time for us to bring out the pumpkins and douse the Arenas in those spooky lights - We're bringing back the Halloween decorations from last year!
  • ALL your favourite arenas have been given a special seasonal look! 
  • The elusive Pumpking Puff will be available in the store.
  • Free Halloween-exclusive shop offer on October 31st, packed with goodies!
We'll also be having big discounts on all Minion Masters DLCs from the 27th to the 31st, so it'll be the perfect opportunity to pick them up if you hadn't already!

Have a sneak look at Jadespark Jungle's makeover! Which arenas are you most excited to play in with the seasonal decorations?

The decorated arenas will be landing next week on the 15th!

New reveals coming soon!

The time for the third and final Season Pass of the Nightmares expansion is coming soon, and so are its reveals! We'll be revealing the first card this Friday on our Update Site, so don't forget to stop by, check it out, and enjoy a cool Stoutheart breeze!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Important Update for Minion Masters on Discord + Fanart Contest Winners

Minion Masters!

Minion Masters on Discord

We have some important news to share about the status of the game on Discord. In recent months we've been concerned about the stability of the platform in regards to the game, with users experiencing difficulties related to the platform itself that we can't resolve. While we expected this to happen eventually as Discord had officially ended support for game distribution, they occurred a lot sooner than anticipated. As such, we're making the call that starting with Version 1.18, we will no longer support the Discord version of Minion Masters.

We don't want to just switch off supporting the Discord version of the game without offering any alternatives for everyone playing through the platform, however, so we're working on a system to allow you to migrate your account progress from Discord to Steam. We'll have more news on how this will exactly work in the coming weeks, but the basic concept is that it will be a one-time ability to replace your existing Steam account's progress with that of your Discord's. This can be any steam account of your choosing, so if you want to keep your Steam account's progress as well, you'll be able to do so by simply making another account. We currently cannot offer merging the two accounts together due to technical limitations.

None of this will affect our Discord Server - Just the ability to play the game through Discord. We'll still aim to be as active as ever on there. By slimming down on our available platforms, it also enables us to free resources to focus on the core game itself with more features and fixes than we could have done before. Thanks to everyone that's joined us through the Discord version of Minion Masters, and we're hoping you'll continue to join us for the future of the game.

Please note that we cannot offer this to users on the Xbox or Steam platforms at this point in time that wish to move their accounts to another platform, this service is only for Discord players at this time.

Nightmares Fan Art Contest Winners!

We had an absolutely phenomenal turnout for the Nightmares Fanart Contest! In fact, there were so many incredible entries, we had no choice but to increase the total amount of winners to Five, and the prizes accordingly! Take a gander at the victors of the contest, voted by our users:

Click on an image to see it in full resolution!

5th - SpiritAlpha#8801

4th - NyraPetreski#5907

Joint 2nd - Noranatori#1548

Joint 2nd - chilienka#8822

1st - Chloette#1127

A huge thanks to everyone that entered - We hope to see you at our next contest!

Treasure Vault in the Shop on October 3rd

Don't forget - You'll be able to pick up the Treasure Vault in the in-game shop with a special 20% Discount due to a recent error where it was priced at 100,000 Rubies by mistake. If you haven't bought it before and you've got a pile of gold laying around, now's the perfect opportunity to show it off!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Valorian Perk 3 Revealed, Memotes returning in 1.17, and Prime Gaming loot!

Minion Masters!

Valorian's Third Perk & Full Gameplay Demo

We took to our Twitter and Facebook again this Wednesday to showcase Valorian's third perk, and a full video showing him in action!

His third perk, Divine Light, doubles both Valorian's damage and the healing from his first perk. He starts to pack a major punch now, with Searing Light being able to do significant damage to even the mightiest of foes!

We also showed a full gameplay video of Valorian, to give you a better idea of how he works in action! Check it out here:

With everything Valorian revealed, we've got new cards to show off in our run-up to the release of Version 1.17, when our new Master will be arriving to the arenas! He'll be available in the Battle Pass, or you can unlock him instantly when the update drops with the All Masters Upgrade. Stay tuned!

The Memotes Return

Missed out on previous opportunities to get the Twitch Memotes? No need to worry - They're making a return in Version 1.17's Tri Team Tourney!

It's as simple as ever to collect them - Get 15 keys of the team representing the Emote you want by winning Prize Fights or watching Twitch Streams with Drops enabled, and claim your reward! As always though, you can only open one chest - So choose wisely!

Free Zealous Inferno DLC with Prime Gaming

We've teamed up with Prime Gaming again to grant its members a free copy of the Zealous Inferno DLC!

Zealous Inferno is the Faction Box for starting or expanding your Empyrean faction collection. This is a great +300% value bundle of Empyrean cards, including the stalwart commander Caeleth Dawnhammer (Legendary!) and 2 exclusive Empyrean cosmetics.

Get your free copy of this huge DLC with your Amazon Prime membership today!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Nightmares Adventure Released & Valorian Perk Catchup

Minion Masters!

The Nightmares Adventure is out NOW!

The Final Chapter in the storyline that began with Saving Jadespark Jungle is here!

It's time to make your counter-attack against the Voidborne demons. It all comes down to this - You win this war, or Jadespark Jungle may never see light again. No pressure.

Featuring our new Master Valorian as one of the playable Adventure masters, with unique perks, and a preview of Searing Light as one of his starting cards - Check out his amazing visuals in action before he releases in Version 1.17! Alternatively, take up arms as returning masters Milloween or Nylora to push back against the demon threat. Be it righteous retribution, arcane armageddon, or some simple voidborne vengeance, stand defiant in the face of the nightmares to save Jadespark Jungle!

There's also two new relics - For The Greater Good, which instantly combusts a friendly Minion when their health is below 50%, or another extra-rare new perk from the insane mind of a particular BetaDwarf programmer. Get your hands on the thrilling conclusion for just 700 Rubies!

But don't take our word for it - There'll be a livestream on the official Minion Masters Twitch Account tonight where Community Manager That Sprite will be taking on the challenge of both Normal and Hard mode - and trying not to embarrass himself in the process! Make sure to stop by our Twitch channel at 1800 CEST and hang out with the community in a much more relaxed environment to our regular Developer Streams!

Valorian Reveal Catchup

Have you been keeping on top of the reveals of our brand new Master? If not, don't fret - We've got a handy recap of what we know so far!

Valorian is a brand new Empyrean Master coming in Version 1.17 as part of the Free and Premium Season Pass paths. This superhuman warrior is ready to take on any foe without fear!

He comes with a mighty basic attack that deals 40 damage every 2 seconds, at a range of 10 - Getting buffed up by 5 damage for every Empyrean card in his hand, up to a huge 60! His First Perk, Holy Light, has him dealing out small doses of 15 healing to up to 5 friendly Minions on the battlefield every 5 seconds. It's not a ton, but it can make all the difference!

Meanwhile, just yesterday we revealed his second perk, Searing Light - which adds a card of the same name to Valorian's deck. Searing Light is a 1 mana spell card that has Valorian dive off the Master Tower with his holy wings to strike down his enemies personally. It uses his Master Damage, meaning you can get extra value from having Empyrean cards in your hand while playing this!

That's all for now, but stay tuned next week to our Twitter and Facebook for the reveal of his final perk and a full game featuring Valorian to show off everything in action!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Fan Art Contest & Valorian Reveals Incoming!

Minion Masters!

It's been an ecstatic start to the new Expansion, with tons of new users from the promotion and exciting matches from the new cards. Which one has been your favourite so far? Moving forward, the news is only going to get bigger, with a brand new Master on the horizon!

NIGHTMARES Fanart Contest!

And what better way to demonstrate the fantastic creativity of our community with a new Fanart Contest? This time, we're going to theme it all around the new Nightmares expansion - Mar'Dred's demon legion vs Valorian and his allies!

As always, the winner will receiving a massive 5000 Rubies, with two runner-ups receiving 1000 Rubies - Here's all the information you need to enter the contest!

  1. Make what you think is the best Nightmares-related Minion Masters artwork ever created. This isn't necessarily the cards currently released - Anything to the theme of the expansion is allowed.
  2. All entries must be related to the Nightmares expansion.
  3. Head on over to our Discord at and post your entry in the #nightmares-art-contest channel.
  4. Once the contest entry period ends on the 17th of September, a community vote will be held between 5 entries selected by the BetaDwarf staff, running until the 21st of September. The winner will receive codes worth 5000 Rubies, while second and third place will receive 1000 Rubies each.
Like before, all entries need to be original artworks! You can use any medium you'd like - Sketches, Digital, 3d, but it must be your own work to be eligible for the contest. Your work will not be used for any promotional Minion Masters material without any explicit contact between you and representatives of BetaDwarf for any potential agreements.

The contest runs from the 27th of August to the 17th of September, 10:00 CEST. Good luck, Masters!

Valorian Reveals coming soon!

It's been on everyone's minds - The new master, Dawn Marshall Valorian, is being revealed this Friday! In just over 24 hours you'll be able to start checking out his reveals on our Update Site, where a special video demonstration will be used to showcase him over the coming weeks both on the site and on our Social Media (Twitter and Facebook). 

Make sure to keep on top of the news and remain as up to date as possible about the Empyrean hero!

Upcoming Minion Masters Tournaments!

There's a wide range of upcoming tournaments you can participate in, Masters!

First off, we've got another 2v2 Tournament straight from BadAsAFish with a $100 Prize Pool. It's a double elimination format with "blind" decks - Meaning you can queue with anything that matches the tournament rules with no banning phases. Check it out here - The tournament begins on Monday!

Meanwhile The Challenger League is making its return! Lead by long time Minion Masters veteran imJules, this Double-Elimination Conquest format 1v1 Tournament is a great place to hone your skills, and as an offline tournament it's going to be very flexible around player schedules. Check it out here:

Cheers from BetaDwarf!