Thursday, February 8, 2024

Minion Masters - Patch 2.1

 Prologue Update

Our efforts are going 100% towards improving the experience on PC and Xbox. With 2.1 we have fixed 100+ bugs/other improvements based on your feedback (See patch notes). Our focus in the near future (after the 2.1 patch) is towards the following:

  • Crashes and disconnects: We are still getting reports on crashes and disconnects. If you are experiencing these issues, please grab a member of the Minion Masters team and help us locate the issue. It would be a huge help to us!
  • Issues with DLCs and purchases.
  • Re-enabling Chat.
  • Gameplay logic, VFX, and SFX issues.
  • Improvement to friends list and lobby systems.
  • Improvements to bots in terms of difficulty and frequency. We aim to make them more fun to play against but also reduce the frequency at which players face bots.
  • Adding more UX and Quality of Life improvements. We added a lot of that in 2.1, and more is coming in 2.2. Keep tuning in to the patch notes for more information.

These are some of the most asked questions we’ve seen on Discord.We ='ll address them here:

  • Why isn’t there a Roadmap?
    • We want to remain agile in the way we approach stabilizing the PC and Xbox experience. As most of our efforts are going towards improving the quality of the core experience, UI etc. we are focusing less on adding new features to the game until the core of the experience is great. If we make a roadmap of features to come, we could risk disappointing a lot of players if we fail to live up to our promises.
  • How can we trust that Xbox will not be going down again?
    • We had to take Xbox down for an extended time because we failed to live up to some Xbox requirements. We are now fully compliant with all requirements, and we have no reason to believe that something like this will ever happen again.
  • Where’s the mobile version?
    • Our focus is primarily on optimizing the Xbox and PC experience. Mobile is still very much in the pipeline, though. We can give an update soon, but not quite yet!
  • Draft Faction Rules, are we keeping them?
    • With 2.0 we introduced new drafting rules, where each Master has access to different factions. We have heard your feedback on this new rule and decided to revert it for patch 2.2. We think the concept of draft restrictions has merit though, so we might experiment more with this in the future.

<3 From Yesterfox and the rest of the Minion Masters team

Patch 2.1: Crystal Wilds

This Season's Pass includes:

  • Two new cards: Resonating Construct and Spire Stag and their Avatar icons
  • The new Spire Stag Emote
  • The Mordar: Mancer of the Dead NEW legendary skin
  • The Legendary skin: “Rave Party Girl Milloween”
  • 35 power tokens
  • 325 shards
  • 7000 golds
  • 3 Legendary cards
  • 4 Supreme cards
  • 5 rare cards
  • And much more..!
Season Pass content: Crystal Wild

Patch notes


Spire Stag

Resonant Construct


Flightless Dragon Whelp
Attack Cooldown: 1 > 0.9
Dragon whelps could actually use a buff across the board.

Dragon Whelp
Attack Cooldown: 1 > 0.9

Frozen (Buff)
Duration: 3 > 4

Skeleton summoning Range: 6 > 12

Also gains an Arcane Spark when a teammate casts a spell
Trying to address a massive discrepancy between Milloween’s win rate in 1v1 and 2v2.

Damage: 75 > 80

Swarmers gain Rush

Arcane Sparks: 4 > 5

Wolf Among Sheep
Werewolf gains Rage


Resonating Blast Crystal
  • Mana cost: 4 > 3
  • Gain Mana freeze (2)
  • Remove mana freeze on trigger
  • Always drops a crystal
Streamlining the functionality with the new Resonating Construct, and simplifying the design overall.


Fergus Flagon Fighter
No longer has Revelry

Growthburst Shroom
Damage buff: 25 > 20%
Health buff: 25 > 20%
Now that it’s more easily accessible, it’s become obvious that the double whammy buff is just too strong.

Lost Legionnaires
Copies: 3 > 2

Scrat Pack
Count: 5 > 4

Spear Throwers
Attack cooldown: 1.5 > 1.7
Also affects them when they have Tantrums.

Impetus Blast
Damage: 25 > 15

Zeppelin Bomber
Damage: 70 > 60


  • Fixed Grasping Thorns needing to get the killing blow in order to summon skeletons.
  • Fixed Frost Bearer’s Frozen Aura disappearing shortly after being played.
  • Fixed Chisma Boomstick failing to properly fear himself.
  • Fixed card buff icons properly having an outline.
  • Fixed pings being mirrored when used by players in the second team.
  • Fixed various issues with Mordar’s Tombstone.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving the replay menu.
  • Fixed at least some cases of players seeing a mayhem related “AlreadyClaimed” when loading into the main menu.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing language to Simplified Chinese.
  • Fixed middle mouse button being bound as multiple different buttons in some views, causing unrecoverable states where the game was trying to react to multiple different and conflicting mouse inputs simultaneously.
  • Implemented a safety that hopefully prevents the arena from being flooded with corpses of dead units that never disappear. We were unable to definitively prove what the issue was/is, but with any luck this safety catches the problem before it happens. We would love to hear from someone who was experiencing the issue frequently if this has actually solved the problem.
  • Fixed several issues where claiming rewards would return “Reward Already Claimed”


  • Made selecting cards to be played in matches more tolerant of mouse movement, thereby vastly improving the usability for players using the mouse to play cards.
  • Disconnected from the server screen will now offer both Quit and Reconnect buttons as options on PC.
  • Adjusted the playfield area indicator(blue area outline) to more accurately display the possible play area.
  • Made several improvements to the rewards claim system.
  • Added “Claim All” functionality to several additional reward claim flows.
  • “Claim All” functionality will now show which excess cards were converted to shards during the claim process.
  • Refunds will now give better information about what was refunded.
  • Fixed Leaderboards and player info screens not showing wildcards.
  • Fixed the size of the player widget hitbox on Leaderboards to not overlap cards.
  • Improved how loading of player info is handled when opening Leaderboards and Guild member lists.
  • Fixed multiple instances of bad feedback when requesting to join guilds.
  • Changed how you access the emote wheel in matches. Now holding “Y” will bring it up and releasing “Y” while hovering an emote will send it. Previously you had to hold “Y” then click the mouse button to bring it up and send.
  • Made several improvements to the post match player overview screen.
  • Fixed several instances of Contender and Grandmaster ranks being displayed incorrectly in the UI.
  • Fixed no sound being played to indicate a found match.
  • Made several changes to the tutorial and meta tutorial to hopefully make the new player experience better.
  • Rearranged when features unlock to stagger the menu features better and be less overwhelming
  • Changed the decks played by the tutorial masters to be more interesting.
  • Removed several steps from the on-rails meta tutorial.
  • Fixed a couple of mistakes or ambiguities in the instructions.
  • Fixed several ways the flow could break causing the client to enter an unrecoverable state.
  • Made several improvements to the replays menu.
  • Added clear Win/Loss label.
  • Added game mode label.
  • Bots no longer show up as invalid
  • More clearly differentiated match time and match duration indicators.
  • Fixed Xbox having multiple cursors when both a mouse and a controller were plugged in.
  • Fixed the bug reporting interface not showing categories in the dropdown during matches. This should make it so that you can now report issues during matches again.
  • Fixed deckbuilding filter system defaulting the glory slider to 1-2 after a scene load.
  • Fixed deckbuilding menu crafting shortcut hotkey.
  • Added player rank indicators to the pre-match versus screen.
  • Cleaned up the debug info string in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Adjusted the size of the spectating buttons to be more appropriately scaled for PC.
  • Disabled dragging cards in adventure UI.
  • Made premade matchmaking correctly stop when the premade lobby is closed.
  • Added a “Delete Account” button to the settings menu. Don’t try to use this new feature unless you are serious about getting your account removed. We will not be able to recover it for you.


  • Made several tweaks to the in-match UI to improve UX and polish.
  • Straightened the end of health bars to avoid visible tearing on the slanted line of a full health bar.
  • Added more visual distinct background to health bars to make it more clear how much relative health has been lost.
  • Moved XP indicator to the other side of the perks and scaled it up to make it more visible.
  • Made tweaks to the mana bar to make it more immediately readable.
  • Scaled up multiple UI elements slightly in Solo mode.
  • Re-adjusted the size of text in mouseover tooltips to not have as noticeable a difference between description and stats text sizes.
  • Adjusted the match result screen to be less awkwardly spaced in modes where ladder changes information isn’t relevant.
  • Fixed camera angles in the player overview section of the match result screen.
  • Turned gore back up.
  • Fixed guild banners occasionally showing up as white squares
  • Made several tweaks to the audio settings to get them closer to the level of punchyness we had in MM1.
  • Made several adjustments to camera angles in menus to make camera movement during frequent switching between views less jarring.
  • Fixed several instances of longer strings overlapping each other in localised languages.
  • Fixed visual queue for not enough mana on cards where the progressive greyscale was inverted.
  • Fixed various issues with idle animations on multiple masters.
  • Fixed Volco’s attack animation overshooting his target.
  • Fixed various issues with items not showing up correctly in the shop.
  • Fixed a missing frame in the season reset view.
  • Made adjustments to several arenas’ visuals.
  • Tweaked the bridge visuals in the Snow Wall arena to make them stand out more.
  • Fixed some missing visual effects in the Showdown arena.
  • Fixed some missing elements in the Altar of the Almighty Apep arena.
  • Changed the colour of the fog effect in the Winter Holiday arena to not have trees in the background become a vivid pink.
  • Fixed the vfx on Blood Imps to more properly represent their ability.


Removed support for several languages.
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish(Latin America)
  • Polish
  • Turkish

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

2.0 Prologue - Hotfix #3


 Hotfix #3 is finally here, thank you for your patience. The patch will be first deployed on Steam, and later on Xbox (once Microsoft approves it). 

<3 from the Minion Masters team


  • Cast time delay has been reduced (code has been optimized to shave off a small delay when casting card that would cause card plays to be slightly delayed by a few frames compared to 1.0).
  • Feedback: Mana is now removed upon playing cards, (and not when they are summoned/cast), and visual feedback is snappier, which makes playing cards feel more responsive.
  • Tronveir bug fixes and balance changes
    • Fixed a bug where player was not always allowed to play Runestones in opponent’s area.
    • Balance Changes:
      • Ancestor (summoned by Rune of Ancestry):
        • Health 150 > 100
        • Damage 50 > 45
        • NOTE: the description on Runeshaper has not changed, meaning wrong information will displayed here until patch 2.1
      • Runic Empowerment (perk 2)
        • Frost Shield max health 300 > 200
        • Wind Rune damage 100 > 50
      • Wyrd Stone now correctly has Taunt.
      • Wyrd Stone now correctly deals damage (Same as Wind Rune)
  • It should no longer be possible to queue up for Premade with 2 identical Masters.
  • Bearvalanche now correctly slows enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with Slow buff where minions would become a little too slow.
  • Fixed an issue where Wreckinator would stop moving after using its “Slam ‘n Bam” attack.
  • Siege Imperator Ruby can once again hit enemy master towers, and she should no longer ignore certain units.
  • Fixed several cases where Abilities would be become unusable if owner was raised by Mordar’s Tombstone.
  • Fixed an issue that would calculate Shroomama Shumi’s health wrong after she splits.


  • S1ege Br3aker MKII had its VFX restored
  • S1ege Br3aker’s Piloted ability no longer creates a pod that remains indefinitely on the playfield.
  • Spirit Mancer’s VFX is back.
  • Fixed H3LLFIRE’s VFX.
  • Frostbearer’s Frozen Aura is back. Brrrrrr…
  • Fixed several skins that would glitch under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where LOD (level of detail) would not update when changing graphics quality


  • All Achievements should now be completable.
  • Fixed a crash issue when claiming some achievements.

Quality of Life

  • Players Emote Starting set is now occupied by the basic set of emotes as intended instead of being empty.

General Bugs

  • Fixed a bug that would cause a “something went wrong” prompt when matchmaking against a muted player.
  • Fixed several issues when playing premade that would cause it to end unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue where opening rewards from Battle Passes would fail. (no rewards have been lost, but players have failed to claim them).


  • Reduced sound clipping overall in the game (meaning one sound playing over another).
  • Cleaned up some of C-Sar’s announcements, as he would sometimes say things out of context.
  • Changed the sound that plays when entering battle menu (as it was the same as “match found” sound).
  • Fixed an issue where audio would play when quitting game even though it had been disabled.
  • Troubadour is now once again playing his bagpipe beautifully.


  • Fixed a bunch of issues regarding communication with other players.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause unresponsiveness in guild search.
  • Updated low-resolution textures to look prettier.

Deck Collection

  • Fixed an issue where deck name would be called “Null”
  • Decks in Collection menu is paginated instead of being a scroll list, to make it easier to keep track of decks.


  • Fixed an issue where avatars were not rendered correctly when selected (showing as a white circle)
  • Fixed several areas where text was misaligned or misplaced
  • Fixed various layouting issues across several menus.
  • Fixed an issue where player widget can be opened while already opened, having it move around the screen
  • Fixed an issue where a locked arena would still be selectable, but not appear in-game.
  • Fixed how several text labels are shown in the UI
  • Chinese localization: fixed several characters where they would display as an error glyph.
  • Loading guilds list still takes a while, but a loading spinner was added.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause several menu items to flicker when interacting with them.
  • Fixed an issue that miscalculated glory on the leaderboards.
  • Made version number information at the bottom of menu shorter.
  • Unlock conditions of Avatars are made more clear.
  • Emote wheel resized to be more appropriate for PC.
  • Picking a locked arena and switching back would sometimes not select the right arena.
  • Fixed a few cases where the Back Button would not work.
  • Fixed issues of several cards where keyword explanation would fail to work.
  • Fixed an issue where the EULA would pop up each time a player logs in.


  • Fixed several string issues.
  • Moved the disclaimer that a player can only claim rewards from the adventure to earlier in the flow so all players have a chance to see it.
  • Adventure progress is now only reset when losing or retiring from Adventure.


  • fixed issues where players could get stuck in the tutorial flow

Known Issues

  • A small stutter can be felt when summoning cards through another card (such as Future/Past Present, Apep perks etc.). This is slated for February patch (2.1).
  • Chat is still broken for a lot of players. This is planned to be fixed for February patch (2.1).
  • There are still players waiting for cards to be reimbursed. this is planned for February patch (2.1).

Thursday, December 21, 2023

2.0 Prologue - Hoxfix #2

 2.0 Prologue - Hotfix #2


We want to start by saying that we really appreciate all your feedback, patience, and support since the release of Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue. Your feedback has been a huge help in guiding us these past 10 days.

We agree that it has been a rocky launch, but know that the development team has been working hard on these hotfixes and is dedicated to improving the game and making it better than ever! Also, know that improving the game for PC and Xbox users is our primary focus (and not mobile).

<3 from the Minion Masters team


  • Fixed an error that would appear when claiming certain DLCs.
  • Fixed a crash that would be caused by claiming a Season Pass reward.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the tutorial during the crafting step if they had already upgraded the card in question.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when claiming some achievements.


  • Visual changes that were recently made on PC, which desaturated arenas and reduced bloom effects, are being added to Xbox.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause crashes in a match.


  • UI has been changed so that Master health and perks are now at the bottom of the screen.
    • Design notes: We wanted to get this in early as we got a lot of feedback from players who missed the original style. We don’t expect this to be perfect and we are still adding polish to this menu, and we are planning on adding a toggle to let you chose between the different styles in a future update.
  • Visuals on master health bars have been improved. The color difference between health and recently-lost health is bigger and the timer on recently-lost health is lower.
  • Chinese, Japanese, and Korean symbols are made less thick and should be more legible.
  • Cards in Leaderboards are now ordered by the lowest-to-highest mana cost.
  • Adjusted the emote HUD on PC to be smaller.
  • Removed the premade name in the selection screen to prevent players from selecting the wrong name. (note: for players who have already done this, we are looking into a way to change player name in the future).


  • Has been reactivated!


  • Boomer, Reboomer, and Gax models have been made more distinct
  • Fire Imp has gotten his new card art back.


  • Public chat is working but has been reduced to small channels of 4,000 people. This is a temporary measure until we can properly fix it.


  • Settsu: Fixed a bug that would cause Blast Entry to not deal damage to Minions.
  • Rimargaal’s Breath: Fixed a bug where it stopped dealing damage after a Minion had been killed by it.
  • Fixed a crash issue caused by Zipp’s Zappinator.


  • SFX in the Magma Court arena has been lowered.

Known Issues

  • We are aware of a lot of UI issues, namely in guilds, post-match, and replay menus. We are working on all of these. Expect them to be addressed early in the new year.
  • Issues with claiming DLC on Xbox should all have been addressed, but please reach out to us if it still occurs!
  • We are aware of issues when playing using a VPN, we are investigating.
  • We are aware of a stutter that occurs when playing a card that summons another minion. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to fix that for this hotfix, but we are prioritizing this for next update.
  • Players are reporting missing profile-level rewards in the transition from 1.0 to 2.0. It was not our intention to reimburse all card rewards in the profile level rewards, but only masters, skins, and arenas. However, this is a communication failure on our part, so we will reimburse those in the next patch.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

2.0 Prologue - Hotfix #1


Thank you for participating in our 2.0 Prologue. We’re paying close attention to your feedback. We published an official statement following the release of Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue. You can find it here. It also mentions that we would like to give every player who logged in (or tried to log in) between Dec 11th and Dec 14th 500 rubies in-game as compensation for the rocky start of our prologue.

We'll take down servers tomorrow (Dec 15th, 2023) at 9 am CET and get them back online 1 hour later. 


  • Fixed the issue of “Claim All” function giving several versions of the same token.
  • Mayhem mode is currently unstable. We are disabling it for the time being. It will come back as soon as possible. 

Card Fixes:

  • Runeshaper Master: Fixed an issue where he could give a huge amount of health with his heal ability while having Runeshaper’s Frost Shield.
  • Many spells didn’t deal Master damage, this should be fixed.
  • Mordar: Fixed an issue where Mordar’s Tombstone would raise Minions with full health.
  • Daggerfall and Poison Strike should now again be able to deal damage to Minions.
  • Korrrgoth, Tyrant of Gor’Rakk: Now requires two Seal of Korrrgoth to be cast, as intended.
  • R3-KT: Removed attack speed bonus gained from having 4+ mana cost cards in deck.
  • Tantrum Throwers: Should once again spawn in the correct formation. ****
  • Future Present/Future Past: Fixed an issue that would cause them to only work for 1 card.
  • Fixed issues where a unit would stop moving unexpectedly.
  • Fire Imp: Should once again deal damage after death.


  • Added a setting that disables double-clicking of “QWER” to play a card.
  • VFX on summoning Minions improved to be snappier.
  • Cards are replaced in your hand faster.
    • Dev Notes: These have been improved to make it snappier to play minions. We have gotten reports that playing minions feels slower than in 1.0, which should absolutely not be the case. Please let us know if this does it.


  • Fixed a noticeable lag when leaving the Deck Collection menu.
  • Issue where after opening a power token, navigation bar doesn’t register the first click is fixed.
  • Improved Chinese and Japanese font.


  • VFX on Tronveir’s Ancestors, Frost and Wyrd Runestones toned down.
  • Light contrast improved in darker arenas.
  • Made health bars bigger on high-resolution monitors.
  • Desaturated the blue fog in the starting arena.


  • Removed an old audio file that used unfortunate language.


  • Set default visual settings to be higher.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of crash issues


  • Max amount of resources a player can own has been increased.
  • Fix an issue where turning off Screenshake is not respected.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

2.0 Prologue: Mountain Song

 Mountain Song

Today marks a momentous occasion as we unveil Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue! 🎉 We are immensely grateful for your unwavering support, passion, and valuable feedback that have fueled this incredible journey. 

The Prologue should last a few months. We will do fixes, improvements, and experiments all the way through this period. You should expect the game to improve, with additional PC UI and QoL changes coming as well. We already have several things on our to-do list, you can check them out here (link).

We managed to squeeze in most of the things flagged in this latest announcement. A few items missed the mark but will be added to the hotfix in the upcoming days.

Here is the very first patch of Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue.

Meet Tronveir, the Runeshaper

Tronveir is dedicated to the expert Masters among you. His gameplay is one of our most complex designs so far! Here are his abilities 

  • Stone Smash: Tronveir hurls a stone that knocks enemies back 
  • Rune Carving: Add a one-use Runestone card to the top of your deck every 30 seconds. It gets a new Runic Carving each time it's played. 
    • Rune of Wind: +6 Range and deals 200 damage
    • Rune of Frost: Gets Taunt and a 300 Health shield that inflicts Frozen on nearby enemies when depleted 
    • Rune of Ancestry: Summons 2 Ancestor Minions
  • Runic Empowerment: When you play Runestone, the next Ground Minion card you play gets a Runic Power of the same type 
    • Rune of Wind: The next attack deals +100 damages in an area 
    • Rune of Frost: Gets Taunt and a shield equal to its health. Maxx 300. It inflicts Frozen on nearby Minions when depleted.
    • Rune of Ancestry: Summon 2 ancestor Minions
  • Runic Mastery: Reduce Rune Carving Cooldown by 5 seconds. The next time you would get a Runestone, gain a Wyrdstone instead (Wyrdstone: Toss a Wyrdstone endowed with all three Rune Carvings. Gives the next Minion you plan all three Runic empowerment)

New Card


Arcane Spheres

Damage 30 > 35

Demon Warrior

HP 325 > 350

Frostberry Bearer

Range 8 > 10

Jez'Ra, the Voidmother

Void Tear - increase cast speed by 20%

Magma Cannon

HP 400 > 450


Arcane Missiles cooldown: 25 > 22


Damage 65 > 75

Net Blaster

Attack cooldown 5 > 4.5

Nyrvir's Breath

Damage 150 > 175

Snap Freeze

Fixed bug: Now correctly deals 25 damage

Lord-Sentinel Thelec

HP 600 > 650


Rimargaal’s Breath

Can no longer be played on bridge

Monday, December 11, 2023

Important Informations regarding Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue Launch


We are testing our server and slowly opening them up to a few players. If you want to help us test the new changes and stability, you can try logging in.

However, we are only opening it up to a very limited number of players, so you might be unable to join.


1. We are aware of a bug where it appears that players get double ranked rewards on their first log in. This means you will appear to have gotten a number of Gold, Cards or other resources that you don't actually own. If you attempt to use these currencies or play with a new card received this way, you will get an error. 

Restarting the game will correct this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2. We have disabled the purchase of rubies for the time being. If you try to purchase rubies, the game will crash.

Some cards' rarity has been changed

  • The Rarity should match the complexity of the card: The rarity of a card is usually tied to its complexity. We want Common cards to be less complex than Rare, which should then be less complex than Supreme cards. A lot of cards didn't live up to that. We want common cards like Rampant Growth and Rock Rivals to be given less frequently, as cards such as these are not very friendly for new players.
  • No faction is over-represented: Some factions were very over-represented, where a large number of common cards used to be Scrat, which means that a new player would get Scrats primarily.
  • Legendary cards feel legendary: A bunch of cards have been reduced in legendary quality to supreme quality, as we want each legendary to feel great, and some cards (such as Clear Skies) are more tech-cards than actual impressive legendary cards.

NOTE: The amount of cards you own does not change. If you own many copies of a card that has now changed to a higher rarity, you will get the excess card copies reimbursed as Shards. At the same time, some cards you own may be reduced in tier. Changes can be found here 

Other Known Issues 


Ranked rewards (as mentioned above)

  • Claiming ranked rewards mistakenly gives you double rewards, these are only client side and can’t be used to purchase items. Trying to do so will cause an error and the correct value will be displayed upon re-entering the game.

UI Issues

Mayhem countdown layout

  • Mayhem mode countdown overlaps with text

Leaderboard level indicator

  • The level indicator in the Leaderboards breaks on high-level players

Top Bar (Main Menu)

  • After completing a tutorial step and claiming a reward, users might not be able to use the top bar to navigate. 

    Performance (Deckbuilding Menu)

    • There is a noticeable lag upon exiting the Deckbuilding Menu

    Gameplay Issues

    Ranked Bot’s adversaries deck

    • Bots above silver rank have low variation in their player decks


    Unity Splash Screen

    • Unity splash screen is present on Xbox, and will be removed in the next hotfix.

    Desync/Error handling

    • Upon desync or errors, the player is prompted with a non-functioning quit button.

    The Guilds list is not showing in the Guilds menu on Xbox

    • The list of guilds does not populate correctly; players can search for specific guilds

    Reconnect issue in Team Pre-made Ranked

    • Host players who lose connection and attempt to reconnect will not be able to connect

    B button opens the settings

    • This will be swapped to another button on Xbox.

    Tuesday, November 21, 2023

    Minion Masters 2.0 changes


    Minion Masters 2.0 is drawing near, and we would like to take a moment to talk about some of the changes that are coming this winter.

    For those of you who just joined, have a look at our initial 2.0 announcement to learn more about it: [link]


    A lot of stuff is changing. Here is the overview:

    • Prologue: When 2.0 releases, we will enter a period we call the Prologue, which will be focused on collecting feedback and improving the game with your help!
    • Ruby Changes: Rubies as rewards will be reduced in general. However, prices of Season Pass, legendary cards etc. will be cheaper.
    • Profile Level rewards: Profile rewards changed and Improved. Rewards will be claimable even though you reached the level in 1.0.
    • Card Promotion & Glory Changes: Rewards for promoting cards have been added, and Glory system revamped. You will no longer require multiple copies to wild card.
    • Shop Changes: General discounts and more premium items for sale as Gold purchases.
    • Season Pass: System is simplified, Battle Chest is removed. Free Season Pass contains an extra legendary card.
    • Ranked rewards: Rewards of ranked modes consolidated, extra rewards for 2x and 3x Contender.
    • Adventures: Some old Adventures deprecated, reimbursements for owners!
    • Daily Chests + Achievements: More quests and Achievements added. Daily Quests give Season Pass XP.
    • Draft Mode: A new game rule has been added, rewards improved.
    • New Mode: Practice Mode replaces Challenges as an easy way to test your deck.
    • Game Modes removed and deck resets: House Event and Conquest removed. Decks will be reset. Everyone will gain 6 extra deck slots.
    • The mobile version won’t be released on January 16th as initially announced. We are still targeting Q1 for the release, but we can’t give an exact date yet.

    Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue

    We’ll start Minion Masters 2.0 with what we call a “Prologue” phase. Our goal is the same as always: to collaborate with you to deliver the best version possible, and getting your feedback during this period will allow us to deliver an amazing final version!

    • During the prologue phase, some stuff might break, and things might quickly change based on your feedback. We’ll keep a close eye on your feedback, so don’t hesitate to use the dedicated channels (Discord, email, feedback form) to let us know if you don’t like something, if something is broken, or even if you like a new change!
    • We will focus on adding a lot of quality-of-life improvements, UI improvements as well as bug fixes to the new version of the game.
    • The Prologue will end in the spring with a major update introducing a new big feature to the game (it’s a doozy!).

    Rewards Changes Overview

    We are replacing Ruby rewards in many places with other types of rewards. Meaning Level rewards, ranking, achievement rewards and Season Pass. Rubies given for free in the Shop will be increased however.

    Why are we reducing Rubies as a reward?

    Making rubies less grindable means we have greater control over the monetized aspects of the game. This change allows us to be more generous with all the other rewards (see the list below). It will also allow us to keep supporting the game, make new quality content, and grow it to become bigger and better than ever. We love Minion Masters, and we want to grow this great community and make it better than ever for years to come.

    Minion Masters will remain fair-to-play; new cards and masters will remain free each season. This will not change. The Season Pass will continue to be a way to get content faster and unlock customization cheaper, nothing more.

    To compensate, the following changes are happening.

    • Rubies will still appear in the Shop as a free claim.
    • Rewards increased in general from Season Passes, Ranked Rewards and Profile Rewards! See more information below.
    • You now get rewards by promoting cards. (see more information below).
    • Prices of certain items are reduced:
      • Season Pass, reduced from 1250 to 1050 Rubies
      • Adventures, reduced from 750 to 600 Rubies
      • Legendary Cards reduced from 1250 to 1050 Rubies
      • Legendary Skins reduced from 1950 to 1500 Rubies
      • Supreme Skins reduced from 1150 to 1000 Rubies
      • Legendary Arenas reduced from 2350 to 2000 Rubies
      • Legendary Emotes from 750 to 400 Rubies

    We also have a lot of other exciting changes. Let’s go through them together.

    Profile Level Rewards

    • The profile level reward table has been updated. It now has better prizes, with several legendary cards and legendary skins.
    • Two Masters are now in level rewards: Volco and Milloween.
    • Rubies will no longer appear in the Profile Rewards
    • You will be eligible to claim these new rewards even if you have already reached the level before 2.0 launch.

    Card Promotion & Glory Changes

    • Upgrading your cards now yields rewards (in addition to granting extra Glory and an upgraded card frame). Prizes include Power Tokens, Cards and Gold!
    • You will be eligible to claim these new rewards even if you have already upgraded your cards before 2.0 launch.
    • Multiple copies of a card will no longer be required for Wild carding a card. Owning a single copy of a card will allow you to play multiple copies of it (where allowed).
    • The Glory system has been reworked. A card now gives 1 Glory that counts towards your Season Pass progress when winning a match. Through upgrading to Gold tier, a card can contribute to a maximum of 5 Glory.


    • Prices on certain items have been adjusted - Legendary cards and skins are now cheaper across the board. See above.
    • Featured Offers are generally cheaper.
    • Increased the amount of Daily Offers to 12 per day.
    • Daily Offers now only cost Gold.
    • All items previously only for sale for Rubies now will also appear as Daily Offers, to be purchasable for Gold. (Including Legendary Skins and Arenas!).
    • Free Rubies will continue to appear as a claim.

    Season Pass

    • The price of the Season Pass has been decreased from 1250 to 1050 rubies.
    • Season Pass no longer contains Rubies.
    • The Battle Chest feature has been removed. (Instead, Daily Quests will yield Battle Pass XP, see below).
    • More value has been added to the Season Pass to compensate for House Event and Conquest being discontinued, such as an extra legendary card in the Free reward track.
    • Despite these changes, the time it takes to complete the Season Pass is not longer.
    • Season Passes will continue to have new cards and Masters for FREE!

    Ranked Rewards

    • Ranked Rewards are now consolidated into a single reward track. The seasonal Ranked rewards can be progressed through playing any ranked game mode you prefer, but each reward can only be claimed once.
    • Rewards are higher to compensate.

    • Rewards no longer contain Rubies - (See above.)
    • A special reward is added for reaching Contender 2 and 3 times! (you can claim the “3x Contender” reward only if you reach Contender in all 3 game modes).


    • Adventures make a return in 2.0!
    • While no new Adventures are scheduled for launch, we are adding a lot more of these in the future!
    • Some old Adventures will be discontinued. The following Adventures will no longer be supported:
      • The Quest for Mountainshaper
      • Saving Jadespark Jungle
      • Nightmares
      • Uprising!
    • Owners of the above Adventures will be reimbursed 10.000 Gold for each.

    Daily Quests + Achievements

    • Daily Quests now grant Season Pass XP in addition to gold.
    • Daily Quest gold reward increased across the board (by roughly 40%)
    • 11 new Daily Quests have been added!
    • 38 new Achievements have been added!

    Draft Game Mode Changes

    • Draft mode is no longer being restricted by the “Random Card Pool”, (a hidden list of cards that is prohibited in Draft). This list contained cards deemed too hard to use effectively because it required synergy with cards that would be hard to draft. We think this rule made the game mode much less fun, as it takes the fun out of deck building. This list contained 60+ cards.
    • Instead, we introduce “Faction Pools”. With this system, after you choose a Master, they only have access to 4 out of 9 factions. Each Master has access to a unique constellation of Factions.
      • We think this system makes drafting your deck much more interesting, as each Master will have access to different synergies. This system will also allow us to balance draft mode better by changing the factions that a Master has access to.
      • We consider this the start of making Draft mode feel unique and interesting. We would like to add more rule changes in the future to keep the Draft meta fresh and exciting.
    • Draft Mode now exists on the Leaderboard!
    • Draft Rewards have improved. There is now a chance to earn Legendary Cards for 10+ wins.
    • NOTE! We consider this an experiment, and as always, we are eager to hear your feedback in the months coming after the release before we decide if this change should be permanent!

    Practice Mode

    • “Challenges” were removed but replaced with “Practice Mode”.
    • Practice can be played both in Solo and Team. It lets you play against a bot of the difficulty of your own choosing. Perfect for testing out new decks!

    Some Game Modes Removed and Decks Resetting

    Conquest: Conquest has been removed entirely. The relative rewards of this game mode have been added to the Season Pass.

    • We didn’t feel Conquest added enough to the player experience. It created pressure to play in a certain way to belong to a guild, which we don’t think makes the game more fun. Also, the “Conquest Cards” feature was very confusing and caused players to think that they would sometimes lose cards. We are looking to add an equivalent in the future!

    House Event: House Event has been removed entirely. The relative rewards of this game mode have been added to the Season Pass.

    • We also didn’t feel the House Event was exciting enough. It would force you to play a certain Master a number of times, but didn’t succeed at adding any real value to the player experience.

    Decks resetting: Unfortunately, due to a change in the game architecture, player decks have been reset, meaning you will have to rebuild your decks.

    • As a way to apologize for the inconvenience, we are adding 6 extra deck slots to your account if it was created before 2.0 goes live. ****

    New User Names: When logging into 2.0 for the first time, you will be asked to create a new user name with a Betadwarf Player tag**,** but rest assured that no data regarding your profile (other than decks) will be lost.

    Thanks for Reading!

    We are dedicated to making Minion Masters the best it can possibly be for years to come, and we think Minion Masters 2.0 is an exciting step to make sure that happens! Thanks again for all your support over the years, and we hope to see you in-game once the new version hits Steam and Xbox this winter!

    The Minion Masters prologue will start on Steam and Xbox on December 12th. This is also when a new Master Tronveir the Runeshaper will join the roster! (Free in the Season Pass).

    See you in the Arenas!

    ♥ from the Minion Masters team