Thursday, August 6, 2020

Free Battle Pass Tiers & The State of Outlanders

Minion Masters!

Free Battle Pass Tiers In Shop

We've been working on finding a way to help you with your Season Passes for this system due to the unexpected decrease in the time between patches. We talked about this in a previous public post that you can read here, but the main reason this occurred was due to specific windows where we can secure promotional opportunities for Minion Masters, which is needed for the game to grow. 

However, there were rightful concerns that this would make the Guild Conquest and Season Pass much more difficult for the average user to complete. We've already pushed a Conquest change that decreases all of the tier requirements by 25%, but starting with this Friday's shop offers we're including a Free Battle Pass Tier every day until the release of Version 1.16. We hope this can make up for the shorter season time, and thank you for your patience!

Regarding Outlanders in future expansions

The Outlanders are a faction that's been a bit of a hot topic for a while in the Minion Masters community. There's been a lot of questions as to why they haven't received new units in a long time, and while we've communicated informally on places such as our Discord about it, we hadn't addressed the issue in a more public manner so that we can definitively set the record as to their status.

As it stands, our main issue with the Outlander faction is that they simply don't fit in with the direction we've been trying to take our in-game universe since we began to consolidate and improve the lore of our projects to be a more consistent fantasy world. The Outlanders were originally added to Minion Masters before this happened and were re-used assets from Forced Showdown's DLC, which gave us a good opportunity to flesh out the number of cards we had in the game during the early stages due to their strong visual identity lending to specific card roles well.

But as time went on, the Outlanders have seemed more and more out of place with our creative vision and didn't make sense in the world we were creating. We originally replaced Drone Force One with the Harbinger unit, but since then we've instead opted to halt working on the faction. Our primary focus is on creating updated and new models that fall within the aforementioned vision that we can continue to utilize moving forward in our projects, and creating brand new Outlander units would unfortunately not fit in with these goals as we don't have plans to use them again.

If we had the resources available, our plan would be to reconsider a rework to all of the units, but that's not on our plan at the moment as we work on more high priority tasks. For the time being, the Outlanders are not being changed, but we hope this can offer some insight as to why we aren't developing the faction further going forwards.

Deckbuilder Sites!

Those of you who have been in our community for a while will remember TheConcepteur's Minion Masters Deckbuilding site, that allowed you to create and share your decks with other users. It's just been updated to include all of the new cards up to this Season Pass, so now's a great time to get back into using the site!

Alternatively, radies_chen has been creating a new Minion Masters Manager site, which includes information on just about everything there is to know in the game! It comes with small community-submitted guides for cards, as well as advice for everywhere else in the game such as Adventures! It's a great compendium for brushing up on your game knowledge.

ShadowGaming's $400 1v1 Tournament

ShadowGaming are back with a brand new Competitive Minion Masters scene! They're starting off with a new Knight's Duel series which you can read about here:
Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Balance Changes & Magma Cannon Visual Update

Minion Masters!

Balance Changes for Version 1.15

We've got another set of balance changes coming up in the next update, and we have a couple we'd like to share with you today. But first, we have some followup news regarding the public Poll of Arcane Golem and Haste's changes. 

Firstly, we want to give a huge thanks to the fantastic amount of participation from you all, Masters! We got a ton of useful data and feedback from your submissions, and we're definitely open to doing that sort of thing again in the future as a result.

Secondly, we've opted as a result of the poll to go ahead with the planned changes to Arcane Golem and Haste as most of the responses supported the idea. Some were worried that they would be too weak following the changes, so we're planning to keep a close eye on them - Make sure to let us know how you feel about them once the changes hit the live servers in Version 1.15!

Black Hole
  • Cast Delay 0.5 -> 0.2
  • Duration 1.5 -> 1.8
  • Developer Comments
  • Black Hole has been difficult to utilize since the nerf, so we're aiming to make it easier to use on reaction against spells to better protect units with.

  • Zen-Chi Flow changed: Now grants +100 Health instead of doubling health
    • Effectively, this means an activated Stormy has 225 health now, instead of 250
  • Developer Comments
  • The goal with this change is to make Stormy easier to whittle down with chip damage by narrowing the threshholds required to make him "lose" an attack, as well as less durable in general when combined with effects such as healing by making him easier to burst down. Notably, it's now much easier to time a Fireball to kill Stormy while he's being healed, and a non-healed Stormy can be killed by a 130 damage spell after his first attack.

  • Reworked: Now deals 50 damage to the target and nearby enemy minions up to 5 times. (0.2 second delay between each explosion)
  • Units under the Combustion debuff are no longer stunned
Armored Scrats
  • Barrel Shield Health 60 -> 50

Developer Comments
Combustion was still proving to be a problematic card in terms of just how efficient it was combined with swarm at removing... Pretty much anything. This was especially the case with Armored Scrats who would either survive the explosion and thus remain as bodies on the field, or more significantly, be almost impossible to remove on reaction. This change means that swarm units will still be quite efficient when utilized with the card, but toned down to more reasonable levels. It also gave us an opportunity to increase the spell's effectiveness when utilized on larger minions such as Colossus or Living Statue.

There's plenty more changes on the way, naturally, so stay tuned for the patch next week!

Magma Cannon Visual Update

(We had an exclusive reveal for a visual update for Laser Turret on our social media earlier this week, did you check it out yet?)

We've got news of another update coming to one of our older cards coming in Version 1.15, and that's Magma Cannon! We felt that the card lacked a proper visual identity, and didn't really fit in with any of the existing factions as well as needing a model update for a while, so we've given it this fearsome new look, as well as a Faction Change to Voidborne:

As always, let us know what you think!

Sinobii's Tournaments want YOUR help!

Are you looking to get more involved with competitive Minion Masters? Sinobii from Team Mana Frenzy is looking for volunteers to help with his future tournaments! Currently, they're looking for;

2-3 Shoutcasters (Commentators)
1-2 Tournament Administrators ("To work with players via discord in resolving any issues during the event, most particularly helping/making sure everyone gets into lobbies with their paired opponent and start their matches timely, and by extension identifying any tardy or absent players to adjudicate game/match losses, and otherwise minimize any tournament delays.")

Currently tournaments are scheduled to have 1 Xbox tournament per month, and 1-3 PC events. Contact on Discord if you're interested! 

BadAsAFish80's 2v2 Tournament #8

Got some time on your hands and a reliable friend? Want to get a chance at winning some money by playing 2v2 matches? Then BadAsAFish's next tournament is the place to be - A $100 prize pool multi-day tournament! Check it out here and sign up with your partner:

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Swarmer Models

Minion Masters!

New Swarmer Models

Our artists have been hard at work again, creating new, even more vicious looking models for some of Minion Masters' oldest units - The Swarmers! Our primary reason for updating the units is due to the age of them - The models date back to the early days of Forced, making them over 7 years old now. 

We're looking to update quite a few models back from those days as a result to ensure they fulfill our new quality levels that we wish to maintain going forwards with our art assets, as well as help define them better within the universe we're working to establish. You've already seen quite a few of them already, and the Swarmer units were next in line to get a touch up - Check them out below!

They also come with brand new, updated Card Art:

Swarmers might be blind, but they'll always smell your fear.

The new Swarmer models will be making their way to the arenas in Version 1.15. We've also got an updated model for Laser Turret in the works - Tune in to our Social Media next Monday for an exclusive reveal!

What's up at the BetaDwarf Office?

Just a couple of weeks ago, we've finally got back to the offices following the extended quarantine, and we're still working on our exciting future projects all the same. We're still taking serious precautions, though - You can't walk five feet without finding disinfectant bottles!

All in all though, despite out rock solid remote working solutions, we're happy to be back at the office with the rest of the BetaDwarf family. Personally speaking, I'm glad we can start doing our monthly Tabletop RPG sessions again after an unfortunately long hiatus. We hope you've all been managing well during this time, too - If you got up to anything interesting while you were stuck at home, get in touch with us at - We'd love to hear about it!

BadAsAFish80's 1v1 Tournament #13

BadAsAFish is back with his excellent Minion Masters competitive tournaments! Making a comeback with a $100 prize pool and tons of in-game rewards, the tournament also functions as a qualifier for the prestigious Sinobii's Battleground Invitational run by TEAM MANA FRENZY!

Check out their Toornament page here and sign up today!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Arcane Golem & Haste Poll + PTR Signups!

Minion Masters!

We've got quite a lot to talk about this week - We need your input regarding some upcoming Balance Changes, and we're opening up PTR Signups again. Let's not waste any time and get into it:

Arcane Golem & Haste/Slow

With the upcoming Balance Changes coming in Version 1.15, we've been giving heavy consideration towards changes to Milloween's Arcane Golem and the Haste mechanic in particular. While we're decently confident in our changes, we wanted to give the opportunity to get more input from you all about them which we can take into account, as they are likely to significantly affect the metagame. Here are the changes we're currently thinking of:

Arcane Golem
  • Mana Cost 3 -> 2
  • Health 300 -> 250
  • Damage 40 -> 30
  • Health Gain Per Level 40 -> 30
  • Damage Gain Per Level 6 -> 5

The main reason we're seeking to alter Arcane Golem is to rebalance Milloween's general gameplay. Currently Milloween is very frustrating to play against at Perk 3 due to how high its stats end up at from the Level 5 Boost. We're hoping with this change that the Arcane Golem, while still strong and forming the core of Milloween's kit, feels much less oppressive to fight against in the lategame and overall smoothes out her power curve.

  • Bonus 50% -> 33%
  • (Slow will also have its debuff changed from 25% -> 20% to match this)

Haste has been a fairly problematic buff for quite a while, as some of our veteran players can no doubt testify to. We've traditionally had to hide the explosive potential of the effect behind specific conditions, or remove them from cards that proved far too powerful with it - Examples of this would be Rabid Prowler and Woodsman. By reigning in the power of Haste we want to make it a more fair mechanic to play against, and open up more design space for us to utilise it when designing new cards.

This Haste change will also come with a buff to Ravager's perk 2 as he would be significantly impacted. This change will likely come in form of altering the threshhold required for his units to gain Haste in proportion to the change. Changes to other cards affected are also likely to be considered.

We've prepared a short survey that we would like you to answer so you can give us your feedback on this adjustments:

Thanks a ton in advance for your time, Masters!

New Reveals Coming Soon!

We're swiftly approaching that time again, Masters - The Season Pass #3 reveals are due to start this Friday! Join us for another round of exciting card reveals that will expand upon your Accursed collection as Mordar makes his counteroffensive, on our Update Site!

PTR Signups

We're looking for willing PTR Testers and are opening signups once again, to help us test upcoming content for Minion Masters! Things are a little different, this time - We're offering you the option to reference another user when signing up to the PTR that you'd like to partner with that is also filling in the application for membership. If the two of you are selected, we'll ensure you're in the same group, meaning there'll always be someone you're familiar with to play against, or with for 2v2 testing. Signing up with another player is not a requirement to be accepted for the PTR.

As a PTR tester, you will test new content on the PTR and provide feedback for the Minion Masters design team through questionnaires and discuss feedback with the team directly in the Discord channel. Responses from the PTR testing group is an extremely important part of creating new content for the game.

To join, you must be able to write in English, be open-minded, and have time to test and discuss new cards, masters and other content with us. It is a requirement that you are open to testing new cards/masters through rigorous playtesting. You must also have a Steam account and be able to play the game on PC (you will have the full collection of cards at your disposal).

There is a minimum expectation of activity while you are a member of the PTR. If you do not participate in several PTRs in a row without contacting a developer as to why, you will be removed from the group.

To sign up, answer this questionnaire here and we'll contact you via your Discord account if you're accepted:

Sinobii's Battleground Invitational #9

The ninth SBI is happening this weekend! Like previous SBIs, the tournament competition consists of active players that have performed exceptionally well in previous Team Mana Frenzy tournaments or are ranked at the very top of the Minion Masters Leaderboards - Meaning you can be certain there'll be some excellent quality gameplay on display! It's your traditional no-holds-barred double elimination tournament and will be livestreamed on Sinobii's Twitch channel.

If you want to find out more about the competition, check out their Toornament page here, and drop by their Discord!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

The 100 in 10 Draft Challenge & Interview with Last_Elf

Minion Masters!

100 in 10 Challenge

It's time to put your Draft skills to the test, Masters - Today we're announcing the start of the 100 in 10 Draft Challenge! Inspired by community contests in other events, the challenge is to Stream yourself getting 100 wins over the course of 10 Draft runs - If you win and have your results verified by BetaDwarf, you'll receive the Cosmic Cleaver avatar! Here's a graphic with the full rules below:

You can find the logo mentioned in the rules at the top of this section.

All submissions must include working links to the Livestreams in which the challenge was done. All conditions described must be met in order to be eligible for the prize. Runs will be reviewed manually, so please be patient in waiting for a response and receiving your Avatar. There is currently no formal end date for this Challenge. If you have any further questions, email .

Good luck, Masters!

Interview with Last_Elf

This week, we have a special interview with Youtube Content Creator Last_Elf!

Can you give us a brief introduction of what you do?
I am doing fun Minion Masters gameplay videos. I try to come up with new ideas and strategies, something you are not facing on the ladder and mostly just crazy decks. Not tier 1, but definitely fun. I publish 3 new videos every week with more than 300 videos already on my channel.

How long have you been playing Minion Masters for?                        
I've been playing for 2,5 years now and creating YouTube videos for 1,5 years.
What made you get into creating Minion Masters content?
This might sound greedy, but I wanted to earn money. When my son was born, I've realized, that if I want to have time on games, I need to make it a living. After 2 years, I am nowhere near my goal and it's still not worth the time, I put into it. But I really enjoy it, I love the game and the community around the game.

What do you think is the best video you've made so far?
My personal favourite is for sure Solo Priestesses. I managed to have 7 Priestesses on board and watching how desperately your opponent tries to kill them is just hilarious. We've recreated it on premade with 11 Priestesses on board in the video called Holy Army and in a friendly coordinated battle called Healing Hell. I think this title doesn't need an explanation :D

Where can people follow you?
I have my own Discord server, Facebook page and Twitter
For my most loyal fans I even have a Patreon page, where they can support me. 
You can visit my website LastElf.Net where you can find all the links ;)

You can find Last_Elf's Youtube channel right here - He makes tons of entertaining gameplay videos featuring all kinds of oddball strategies, so he's definitely worth checking out!

The Harbinger Challenge Season 2 [XBOX]

Are you an Xbox player looking for competitive Minion Masters Tournaments? The Harbinger League are back again with a new season of exciting tournaments over a period of two weeks, leading up to an exciting Top 12 and Top 4 Showdown with the winner walking away with the Tournament-Exlcusive Dynasty Morellia skin!

Read about all of the details on their Toornament page here, and sign up to their Discord Server for any questions. Good luck, Xbox Masters!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!