Friday, December 18, 2020

Mobile Beta invites sent; PTR signups open, and more!

Greetings masters! This is likely to be the last blog post from us in 2020, but there are quite a few things to tell you about! 

Mobile Beta Invites

We have started sending out invites to the mobile beta! If you signed up, make sure to check your email this weekend, and make sure to check your spam folders. We've gotten several reports that our invites ended up there 😢

PTR Signups Open

 Once again, we are looking to add some PTR (Public Test Realm) testers for Minion Masters. PTR testers get to try out all the crazy ideas dwarves come up with. We are looking for individuals that are able to effectively communicate in English, have a decent amount of experience with the game, and have the time to test various changes and to give us feedback.

We are planning on sending out invites before the holidays, so signup quick! We'll contact the selected testers on Discord. Please don't message us to ask us about your application. If you don't hear from us, you weren't selected for this round, but we will have more rounds in the future. 

Signup Now!

New Uprising Reveals

 Don't forget, the update site has new card reveals starting today, then again next week. We'll be showing off the two new cards being added to the game through the second season of the Uprising Expansion as well as showing off some new and exciting cosmetics. 

Let us know what you think!

Checkout the Reveals

Community-made MM Mobile App

Last Elf, one of our fantastic community members and a YouTuber, has made a cool mobile app that he wanted to share with everyone:

"Hello everyone, I would like to thank all of you for the great year we had with Minion Masters and I would like to share with you my latest creation. It's the Quiz app for Android, where you will be asked about cards stats. I hope it will be a fun way to learn about the game and I believe it will help you to improve your gameplay. If you are interested about this app, you will find more details about it in this video:"

Christmas Gift

Finally, make sure to check out the shop on December 25 for a little Christmas gift from all of us here at BetaDwarf! And make sure to have a great holiday season. We'll see you all in 2021 for a ton of more amazing news for Minion Masters!


Friday, December 11, 2020

$2k community tournament coming soon; More Uprising surprises coming!

Hello masters! The year may be coming to a close, but we still have plenty going on around Minion Masters, and plenty of things coming that I can't talk about just yet, but I know you'll love 😉

$2,000 MEGA-SBI #1

Sinobii is hosting yet another tournament for the community, and this time he's upping the ante, offering a whopping $2,000 in prizes to the top 32 finishers in the tournament. That's right, 32 participants will walk away with prizes in this tournament.

This tournament is open to everyone, however if you haven't placed in the top 8 of a previous qualifying event, there is an entry fee of $10. Don't worry there are some chances to get in the tournament for a little cheaper. Sinobii and GGtoor have been gracious enough to give a discount code to anyone in the community for $5 off: Use "BetaDwarfFIVE" during registration.

Alternatively, you can watch your favorite streamers on Twitch. I hear they may have an opportunity to give away some free entries into the tournament! 😉

This tournament is sponsored by BetaDwarf and GGtoor. The entry fee and registration are handled through GGtoor and go toward supporting future esports events. BetaDwarf doesn't receive any of this money and isn't in charge of administering the tournament. Please make sure to read all the rules before signing up.

Signup Now!

BadAsAFish80 Tournaments

To round out 2020 and get 2021 started right, BadAsAFish80 will be hosting two tournaments in December and January! 

For our solo enthusiasts, Fish will be hosting his 18th 1v1 tournament with a $100 prize pool. 

If you prefer teaming up with a buddy, Fish has you covered there too with his 13th 2v2 tournament with a $100 prize pool.


As you know, we just released the Uprising expansion. We hope you are enjoying all the new content. We are excited to see some of the reactions to the newest adventure that we released on Friday. We're getting some feedback that our changes are really giving some players a challenge in hard mode.

Speaking of Uprising, keep your eyes on our update site as we are going to be revealing the next set of cards on Friday, December 18. New and exciting content is always being worked on by all the dwarves.

In the meantime,if you applied for the mobile beta, I'd keep an eye on your email next week, and I'd especially keep a close eye on upcoming blog posts for some spicy news. 
That's all for today. 
Cheers from BetaDwarf.

Edits: Corrected the prize pool for BadAsAFish80's tournaments, corrected dates for the expansion reveals, and removed duplicate wording.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Minion Masters mobile closed beta recruitment

Hello masters!

Everyone at BetaDwarf is hard at work closing out what has been a big year for our studio. We're hoping that we can share more and more info as time goes on. We'd love to have a slow drip of information coming out to get you all excited but still remain a bit mysterious.

Today, we have something that everyone will hopefully be excited about!

Minion Masters mobile closed beta recruitment! 

Yes, we are recruiting players for the closed beta for the Minion Masters mobile version. To start, we know we previously asked for signups, but that was premature, and we ended up not needing people at that time.

Now we are looking for players to help test out the mobile version starting in December. I can't go into too much detail about what we are looking for, but we have a quick form that you can fill out if you would like to be a part of the beta. Make sure to read the instructions carefully. Any information provided will be used for BetaDwarf game test recruitment.

Minion Masters esports

We have a few tournaments coming up. 

Starting on Dec. 4, BadAsAFish80 will be hosting his twelfth 2v2 tournament with a $100 prize pool. This tournament is open to everyone, so grab a friend and sign up today!

Closer to the holidays, Sinobii will be hosting the first Mega-SBI, sponsored by GGToor. A whopping 32 players will win cash in this tournament with an overall prize pool of $2,000. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Minion Masters Economy Changes Follow-up

Hey everyone, we want to start off by thanking you for engaging in this discussion passionately and bringing up your concerns. We understand that this is highly contentious news, so we wanted to clarify in some areas while we discuss things further behind the scenes.

Know that your feedback is always important, and we take it very much to heart when there’s a strong reaction.


To start, we can be super honest with you about the problem that we are facing. Minion Masters has always had systems in place that were generous with rubies. Right now, approximately 50% of rubies spent in Minion Masters were “grinded” as opposed to purchased. For a premium currency that is an issue. 

Our main goal was to rebalance the economy by replacing them with other rewards that provide more overall value, but come in different forms. However, we recognise that we may have gone too far with the amount of Rubies removed and that some of the new rewards don’t feel particularly good, and we’re making the following adjustments;

  • Rubies moved from Grand Master to Diamond to make them more achievable
  • Grand Master reward is 150 Shards
  • Grand Master reward in the future may be replaced with exclusive avatars
    • These exclusive avatars would come as special versions of existing avatars
  • Contender reward increased to 3000 Gold

  • Every 10th Profile Level after 50 grants 250 Rubies
  • Power Token rewards in Profile Levels increased from 2 to 3

Here’s what that looks like on the tables we used before:

Ranked Rewards

Rank New
Stone 5 Copies of an Unknown Common Card
Bronze 1000 Gold
Silver 3 Copies of an Unknown Rare Card
Gold 2 Power Tokens
Platinum 3 Copies of an Unknown Supreme Card
Diamond 100 Rubies
Master 3 Power Tokens
GM 150 Shards
Contender 3000 Gold

Profile Level Rewards

Note: These rewards repeat infinitely. The Level value is used for the purpose of clarity.

X Level New
x1 1000 Gold
x2 1000 Gold
x3 Boost
x4 1000 Gold
x5 3 Power Tokens
x6 1000 Gold
x7 1000 Gold
x8 3 Power Tokens
x9 1000 Gold
x0 250 Rubies

We’d love to hear what you think about these changes and what kind of alternatives to Rubies you’d like to see, but regardless we hope this comes across as a more fair alteration of the existing reward paths.

Skins & The Shop

Focusing on selling skins often comes up, and while we’ve discussed it in the past, we’d like to reiterate here. We wanted Minion Masters to be carried by skins. We hoped for that, it’s the major reason we introduced them besides customization. Unfortunately Adventures and cosmetics, even the high-end skins, just don’t make the money necessary for the game to be sustainable by themselves, with new content being much more desirable. 

A frequent request we’ve seen regarding the Shop in response to our post, however, is to “open up” in regards to what skins are being sold at any one time. We’re happy to announce that, starting with Version 1.19, all purchasable skins will be available at their full price, all the time. The Featured Shop Offers page will remain however, with periodic discounts being offered on the skins, much like before. There might be some bugs with the system due to its rapid inclusion in the upcoming update, but we deemed it’s important to make good on your feedback as soon as possible.

Battle Pass & Ranked

There’s been some very valid concerns about reducing new content in the battlepass. We know it’s a major part of keeping the game fresh. However, it also takes a lot of focus, and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback that too many cards are being released with barely time to balance it out. We take that to heart, and scaling down should help balance and quality, and also make time for more on gameplay improvements. 

We're also working hard on the ELO system tests, which will make the ranked system more meaningful and there are so many other great suggestions from the community we would like to implement. We can't reveal too much about it now, however, but it's a promising opportunity to improve Minion Masters in the future.

Lastly, we want to give some peace of mind and inform you that we don’t intend to alter the Minion Masters economy again for a while - we don’t like making changes to it just as much as you. As always, we’re listening closely to your responses and taking them seriously. We realize that we have missed the mark with some of the initial changes. Hopefully this gives you a bit more insight into why we are making these changes, and we’re open to your suggestions about how we can improve our plan.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Upcoming changes to the Minion Masters Economy

Minion Masters!

Version 1.19 Economy Rework

We're reformatting the Free Spin rewards and moving it into free shop offers, removing some Ruby rewards and changing the Battle Pass price.

In previous posts, we've detailed how we need to make adjustments to the Minion Masters Battle Pass system in order to ensure that the game isn't "too free", as well as to create a more sustainable game for us to continue to work on going forwards. 

While the recent changes have proven favorable, it also began to highlight that we would need to make further changes to how the Economy of Minion Masters functions for us to achieve this goal, and to keep supporting the game we love. In particular, one of these necessary changes are to the income of Rubies a player receives. 

Their inclusion in the natural economy of the game has been enjoyed by players for a long time, but as the game has aged they have also harmed the game's monetization to a significant extent by creating scenarios where players don't feel they have any "buying power" when it comes to Rubies. "Why spend money on the game's premium resource if it's so readily available just by playing the game?" is a sentiment we've seen echoed many times throughout the community, and it's something we've been able to measure the true impact of on Minion Masters. As such, it was apparent to us that they were the primary element about the in-game economy that had to be changed, and a lot of the reworks we will be discussing in this post come about as a result of this.

As always, our continued goal with Minion Masters, and top priority with these changes, is to ensure that the game remains "fair to play" for everyone, regardless of if you pay for access to new content or not. We're working to keep Minion Masters the most generous F2P game out there, and we don't want to start pinching people's wallets. New content should be available faster if you pay for it, but not be stronger than content you can earn for free. Cards should afford new opportunities - not advantages.

But to keep the game sustainable, we need some measure of control over the premium economy, which we are currently lacking.

Free Daily Resource Changes

The first step we're taking is to replace the "Free Spin" resource token you receive every day with a free Shop Offer instead. The main reason behind this is due to the ability to gain Rubies from the Free Spins, which is the resource we are looking to limit in how much you can earn with these changes.

If we simply removed the Rubies from the spin however, we also feel it wouldn't be very interesting for a player to use every day, so we're aiming to replace it with constant Free shop offers that allow us to potentially create more interesting daily rewards, like random copies of cards that might be more valuable to players than a small sum of Gold.

Level Up & Ranked Rewards

The larger source of Ruby income we're changing, however, is those that you receive from ranking up in 1v1, 2v2, and 2v2 Premade modes, as well as the large quantities you receive every 5 levels after Account Level 50. 

These were by far the largest source of free Ruby income for players, and were the biggest contributing factor to the feeling of Ruby purchases being unnecessary for experienced players, while feeling somewhat unfair to players that weren't capable of reaching the higher ranks in each mode. They also made it feel somewhat mandatory to "grind out" Grand Master in all 3 modes each month, else you would miss out on a significant amount of free player income.

To put it into perspective, a player that reached Grand Master in every mode would earn 975 Rubies - If they earned 10 Profile Levels, they would be getting an extra 550. This meant the typical monthly Ruby income for this player was 1525 Rubies - enough to cover the price of the Battle Pass. If you were a player that could consistently achieve this every month, there was essentially no reason to ever pay for Rubies, and this had significantly hurt the sustainability of Minion Masters for a long time.

As such, our goal is to keep it a generous and rewarding track, but to separate it from the premium economy. These plans are subject to possible change, but in the interests of transparency we've detailed the alterations below:

Ranked Rewards

Rank Old New
Stone 50 Shards 5 Copies of an Unknown Common Card
Bronze 75 Rubies 1000 Gold
Silver 1000 Gold 3 Copies of an Unknown Rare Card
Gold 75 Shards 2 Power Tokens
Platinum 1200 Gold 2 Copies of an Unknown Supreme Card
Diamond 100 Rubies 1500 Gold
Master 1500 Gold 2 Power Tokens
GM 150 Rubies 100 Rubies
Contender None 2000 Gold

Profile Level Rewards

Note: These rewards repeat infinitely. The Level value is used for the purpose of clarity.

Level Old New
51 1000 Gold 1000 Gold
52 1000 Gold 1000 Gold
53 Boost Boost
54 1000 Gold 1000 Gold
55 200 Rubies 2 Power Tokens
56 1000 Gold 1000 Gold
57 1000 Gold 1000 Gold
58 2 Power Tokens 2 Power Tokens
59 1000 Gold 1000 Gold
60 350 Rubies 5 Copies of an Unknown Supreme Card

Battle Pass Adjustments

With these changes in mind, we're also making the decision to make further adjustments to the Battle Pass to reflect the new economy.

  • Price is now 1250 Rubies
  • Contains 2 new cards each month
  • One card will be in the Premium path only
  • Existing customization is being added, as well as a refund feature
    • 1 Legendary Skin
    • 2 Avatars
    • 2 Emotes
    • Unlocking customization you already own will refund 20% of its Gold value.
  • Still contains new Customization
Most of these changes come as an evolution of the previous adjustments we made in Version 1.16, where we considered making the Legendary card from each Season Pass only available in the Premium Path. Our main goal with the new Battle Pass design was to find ways we can downscale the scope of the individual passes without sacrificing the quality of their contents, and making players feel their purchases are still valuable.

To this end, the change to create two new cards per month instead of three can be seen as somewhat of a benefit - It allows us to focus our efforts on putting more creativity and time into more polished, interesting cards, rather than having to make ones players feel are less exciting for the sake of filling the contents of the Battle Pass.

As a result of this, we're choosing to reduce the price of the Battle Pass to reflect the lower amounts of new content being added, but also to make it more affordable in the reworked Minion Masters economy. We're hoping that the addition of extra customization items also helps to make up for the value of that extra new card, being a valuable addition to both new and old players alike.

As a final note, the addition of existing customization options should not affect new content of those types - We're still planning on having exciting new Skins, Avatars and Emotes with the new pass system.

We'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post. We're optimistic that these changes can help aid Minion Masters in truly becoming sustainable as we wish, and we hope we've been able to shed some light on why we feel these changes are necessary for us to perform. As always, if you have questions, we're open to answer them in our usual channels.

A note from That Sprite

Hey Masters, That Sprite here. For a while now I've been in charge of our blog posts and newsletter communication, as well as the Patch Notes and general responsibilites of the BetaDwarf Community Manager. This week will be my last post as I begin to part ways with BetaDwarf, with my responsibilities being transferred over to RGL_Trinity, who'll be undertaking the role going forward.

This isn't a sudden decision and comes amicably, and we've been working to make it happen as smoothly as possible over the last few months, so nothing should be immediately different for you and I'm confident it's being left in the right hands. You'll likely still see me hanging around the Minion Masters crowd and I'll always be available for a friendly chat.

I'm not one for overly long farewells, but it's been a great two and a half years working with the exceptionally talented people at BetaDwarf, and I couldn't be more glad for the opportunity and the experiences I've shared with everyone. Thanks for everything!

- "That Sprite", Community Manager

Cheers from BetaDwarf!