Friday, September 23, 2022

Developer Update - Patch Delay and a look into the new patch!

Greetings Masters!

First, let’s start off with some different news. We are going to delay the upcoming patch for one week, meaning 1.40 will hit the streets on October 13th 2022 instead of the usual first Thursday of the month. Reason being we have a ton of cool stuff we want to add and we need a bit more time for polish.

However, we would like to take this opportunity to show you some of the stuff we have been working on for 1.40. We hope you will be as excited as we are!

Mayhem Updates

You have been asking for it, and we finally did it! We are finally injecting some love into Mayhem. We are adding new Mayhems and a bunch of feature upgrades!

  • 6 new Mayhems will be added. Here is a just a couple of the examples:

    • Masters of Misadventure: Start your Mayhem run by drafting among 3 random Masters out of the Adventure Masters pool.

    • Relics of Old: Start your Mayhem run by drafting among 3 Adventure Relics. Twice! 

    • Faction Wars: Get a +20% mana bonus if your ENTIRE deck is of the same faction. 

    • And More! Look out for JINXED, Holograms and Boss Battle!

  • Reward table has been updated:

    • 2 wins: 21.000 Battle Pass XP 

    • 4 wins: 3x Power Tokens

    • 6 wins: 5x Random Rare Cards

    • 8 wins: 2000x Gold

    • 10 wins: 5x Random Supreme Cards

    • 12 wins: 2x Random Legendary Cards

  • Mayhem leaderboards added. You are competing for the highest amount of wins versus fewest losses. Top the leaderboards and compare your wacky decks with other players!

  • A “retry” function has been added, where you can continue your run even if you lose 3 times (for a fee).

  • A handful of the least popular Mayhems have been removed (at least for now). These include “Mal’Shaar’s Malicious Malediction”, “Fluctuations”, “Explosive Minions” and “Killing Floor”. We thank you for your service.

  • Solo Mayhems are put on hiatus. We think Mayhem is a dish best served in teams (random and premade). This is also done to reduce waiting time in Mayhem matches, and to make fairer matchmaking. Note that we are always listening to your feedback, so let us know if you disagree. However, we encourage you to try Mayhems in Teams out first. 

New Cards 

Here is the fantastic new card art of the two new cards joining the arenas: Korrrgoth, Tyrant of Gor’Rakk and Cowardly Imps.

Cute, aren’t they? We are not going to reveal what these guys do just yet. But, we can show you a new keyword that Korrrgoth, the new chunky 10-mana, hammer wielding Mythic brings with him; a new mechanic called Invoke:

This mechanic embraces the chaotic nature of Voidborne and lets you gain a lot of value if you play your (Voidborne) cards right.

Balance Changes

We have a fair amount of balance changes that we are pretty excited about. Here are some samples:

  • Glenn’s Brew has been highly contentious due to it being extremely difficult to defend against. This rework brings some new utility to the spell while removing some of its frustrating elements:

  • King Puff will get some new royal gifts. Happy birthday King Puff! 

  • Commander Azali’s popularity has fallen quite a bit over time, and we’d like to bring the Commander back. With a more forgiving mana cost, leaving more mana for swarm should do just that.

+ a lot more. Are you interested in helping us balance Minion Masters in future patches? WE WANT YOU to join the Public PTR and let your voice be heard here: Discord

Free DLC and DLC discounts

We will be giving out the Torment DLC for FREE from the 14th > 21st October. And we will offer a 25% discount on the All Masters and Premium DLC’s in the same period.

<3 from the Minion Masters team. See you in the arenas!

Thursday, September 1, 2022


Slithery Sacrifices


  • Taloc, the Vessel

  • Idol of Sacrifice


  • AFK Bot reintroduced.

A bot will take over playing for any player who lost too much mana by being idle while at max mana. When you are back you can click to take back control. This feature can be disabled by a toggle in the general settings menu.

  • Disconnect Bot introduced

A bot will take over playing for any player who disconnects from a game for any reason, they will take back control as soon as they reconnect.

  • New player’s starting elo down from 1000 to 300

This should improve the experience for new players by not having them face off against more experienced players until later.



  • Brutus health: 1000 > 900

  • Terror Brutus HP 2500 > 2300

Ravager has been performing rather well, and a lot of that is on the brutus pushes. We do not want to kill the decks that only work with ravager, so giving him a bit less meatshield should help without killing it.

Melee Scrat

  • Attack Speed: 1 > 1.1


  • Attack Speed: 2 > 2.2

Swarm has been dealing a LOT of damage lately, and lowering the damage per unit a bit should keep the swarm feeling while allowing a bit more team to deal with the hordes.

Defenso Chopper

  • Attack Damage 50 > 35

Defenso chopper should deal most of its damage through its ability, this should help with that.


  • Mana cost 7 > 8

Mountainshaper is still performing far too good in 2v2, this should reduce the value you get from it a bit.

Arcane ring

  • Master damage 30 > 15

Arcane ring ideally is a way to trade better and protect slow moving units from ranged, not a face damage spell you throw on a rammer. This should incentivize different uses than that.

Brothers of Light, Caeleth, Brother of the Burning Fist

  • Attack Damage 150 > 130

The brothers are performing a bit too well, reducing the damage should affect some trades lowering their overall performance.

Zeppelin Bomber

  • Health 80 > 70

Zeppelin Bombers have been absolutely wrecking faces, and this should make them a bit more counterable while still having that dream of them carpetbombing the the enemies face.

Ritual of Servitude

  • Ritual has to be the cheapest card in your deck

Ritual of servitude with a 6 mana deck turned out to be far too flexible and hard to counter and was one of the best performing cards in the game. By increasing the minimum mana for getting 8/9 mana cards the decks should be a bit more unwieldy.


  • Stoutheart Synergy: Thick Hide > Slow on attack

  • Scrats Synergy: Scrats 2 > 3

  • Slither Synergy: Poison 3 > 3.5

Feng has been performing extremely well, and a big part of that has been the thick hide buff. Removing that buff gives feng a clearer weakness (swarm) while making his 1 on 1 fights a bit stronger. We also buffed 2 buffs that were just not doing much.


  • Book Skeletons 3 > 4

  • Upgraded Book Skeletons 6 > 8

Morellia is not performing very well, and with the skeleton nerf she really deserves a buff to her skeletons.

Rimargaal, Scourge of the Summit

  • Attack Damage 420 > 460

Slowly finding the right spot for rimargaal’s damage. 

Rampant Growth

  • Shrooms give Giant Growth to Zen-chi minions

  • Healing 50 > 75

  • No longer gives double healing

Rampant Growth has been mostly unseen, and this will make it a bit easier to use and understand.

Disruptor Puff

  • Stuns for 2 sec on target bridge when teleporting to a bridge

Disruptor puff was sad about finding enemies on the other bridge,  but now that will be a shocking experience for them!


  • Health 400 > 450

None of the werewolf cards are doing very well, so making the werewolf a bit chunkier should let them go ham a bit more.

Poison Strike

  • Sacrifice +4 sec poison > Double poison duration

Making the poison strike sacrifice more worth it so it might actually be used.


  • Dam 90 > 100

Giving the woodsman variants the 100 damage threshold should allow them to deal with mid-tier units like spearthrowers more without affecting most other fights too much.

Chief Ice Breaker Bolf

  • First attack on a minion Freezes (no longer freezes on every 3rd attack)

  • Removed Revelry

  • Dam 90 > 100

Bolf has been underused and underperforming horribly,   with this he should become a very good 1 on 1 fighter.

Scrap Yard

  • Health 400 > 300

Scrap yard is a bit too hard to counter effectively, with lower hp spells are a better option.

Zipp's Zappinator

  • Cardcount 3 > 2

Triple zaptank had a way higher win rate than single or double zaptank, so we removed that option.


  • Fixed the AFK Bot taking over control at incorrect times. Re-enabled the AFK Bot feature.
  • Fixed several issues related to changing resolution and framerate settings in the settings menu. Framerate is now controllable again.
  • Fixed an issue where Priestess could stop moving while healing. - Thanks raDies_chen
  • Fixed an issue where Morellia could get stuck in the open book animation, which would prevent her from attacking.
  • Fixed a UI related issue related to reconnecting with Zipp’s Zap Tank.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the interaction between Feng the Wanderer and Spawn of Fury.
  • Removed Combustion from the High Five adventure bucket. - Thanks me
  • Fixed Rampant Growth stealing enemy shrooms.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Scrat Tunnels would not show up when played.
  • Fixed season 18 and season 19 cards not having the correct season specific search tags.
  • Added R3KT to draft.

Thursday, August 4, 2022




  • Feng the Wanderer

  • Rampant Growth


  • Players who waste 3 mana in a row by being idle while at 10 mana will have a bot take over playing for them until they return. This is set to 10 mana wasted during mana frenzy. In a future patch we intend to implement similar functionality for players who disconnect or leave.

  • Extended total permitted load time, in an effort to further reduce the chance of timeouts happening when loading into matches



  • While only one unit is affected by Burn the Bridge, damage increases by 100%

A.I.M. Bot

  • Tech cost for both activated abilities: 40 > 30

  • The secondary activated ability now summons two Gn4ts with marksmanship instead of giving haste.

Bazooka Scrat

  • Damage: 225 > 250

Chief Ice Breaker Bolf

  • Attack Speed: 2.2 > 2.0

  • Damage: 100 > 90

  • Every third attack will Freeze the target.

Making the most boring legendary in the game be less boring.

Grasping Thorns

  • Damage: 200 > 220

  • Duration: 8 > 10

Mar’Dred, Prince of Nightmares

  • Attack Speed: 2.0 > 1.8


  • Will now stop to attack whenever there are no healable friendly units within her range.

Rimargaal, Scourge of the Summit

  • Rimefyre is now True Damage.

It really should have always been True Damage, in hindsight this is such an obvious thing.

Sewer Scrat

  • Poison duration: 2.0 > 2.5

Shroom Puff

  • Reduced spawn area for Growthburst Shrooms, making it less likely that Shrooms spawn in a location that units can’t reach.


  • Mana Cost: 5 > 4

Sun Burn

  • Damage: 100 > 130


  • Health: 120 > 130



  • Book of the Dead: mana cost 0 > 1

  • Skeletons Page: mana cost 1 > 0

  • Drain Life Page: mana cost 1 > 0

  • Forbidden Knowledge Page: mana cost 1 > 0

The main impetus for this is that spirits were somewhat overused. However it also enables us to make it so that whenever you can afford to play the book you can immediately play a page. Prior to this change it was possible to have to wait to regain mana with the book open, thereby preventing Morellia from attacking.


  • More Dakka now only considers own minions for its scaling damage.

Blood Pact

  • Damage transfer: 75% > 85%

Dragon Nest

  • Spawn interval: 5 sec > 5.8 sec

This removes a spawn from a full duration undamaged Dragon Nest. It also makes it so that Call to Arms no longer adds a spawn with its healing on an undamaged Dragon Nest. Making that combo slightly weaker.

Gor’Rakk Brutes

  • Starts on the side with a Rammer and Illusory Cleaver instead.

This way you pay the cost before you get the benefit. It also is a straight nerf to the card in decks that only try to set up a single push and therefore only really care to play the card once


  • Time required to gain 1 charge: 5 sec > 7 sec

We nerfed the card in the same way last patch, but it clearly wasn’t anywhere near enough.

Rimargaal’s Breath

  • Rimefyre is now True Damage.

  • Damage: 200 > 180

Sapphire Pebbles

  • Range: 12 > 10


  • Units with tech abilities no longer spawn with those abilities activated.

Shield-Captain Avea

  • Damage: 90 > 70

  • Health: 500 > 450

Zealots of the Burning Fist

  • Damage 90 > 70


  • Fixed an issue where Xbox would occasionally fail to save any data, including settings and adventure progress.

  • Fixed Scrapyard spawning units with their tech abilities activated without consuming the appropriate tech. Scrapyard will now no longer spawn units with tech abilities activated.

  • Fixed an issue with spectator puffs behaving weirdly in the streamer arena when both sides of a match have streamers.

  • Fixed Burn the Bridges play animation.

  • Fixed a stun related issue causing Zipp’s Zappinator to reset the powerup stacks.

  • Fixed an issue where illusory units would revive from Tombstone as the normal version. Illusions no longer respawn with the Tombstone.

  • Fixed the issue where Brutus and Terror Brutus would become untargetable after having been the target of a Wizard Puff’s on death effect

  • Tweaked bridge control indicator lights on Sunken Temple to more accurately reflect the actual control area.

  • Reduced number of particles and lights in Magma Court to make performance better at higher graphics settings.

  • Adjusted the way colors are affected by post-processing for Tranquil Estate.

  • Added production speed to the description for Dragon Nest.

  • Fixed Damage calculation for Caged Prowler such that it will now spawn when it’s supposed to.

  • Fixed a broken interaction between Sugilite Shield and Jing Long and Xiao Long’s phase shift ability.

  • Fixed Valorian adventure master’s perk 1 card buff indicators.

  • Fixed an issue where claiming victory chests in old adventures would appear on an incorrect pedestal.

  • Fixed an issue where the retire button would disappear during a continued adventure run.

  • Fixed the wrong arenas being used after a lost adventure run.

  • Fixed a flow issue that allowed players to re-roll selections for the Double Up campfire option.

  • Adjusted the spawn position of the Crystal Archers spawned by the And My Bow relic.