Thursday, November 10, 2022


Chapel of Light


  • Sanctum of the Cleansing Fire

  • City Watch


Idol of Sacrifice

  • Now gains Haste in addition when activated.


  • Explosion range 6 > 8
  • Fixed a bug that made Combustion deal True Damage to enemies.

Rampant Growth

  • On draw, plant 1 > 2 Growthburst Shrooms

Snap Freeze

  • Damage 0 > 25


  • Damage 110 > 120

Glenn's Brew

  • Healing 100 > 150
  • Fixed an issue where Glenn’s Brew only heals half the amount it was supposed to according to its description (was healing 100, description says 200).

Rimargaal, Scourge of the Summit

  • Attack Speed 8 > 7

Poison Strike

  • Poison Duration 6,5 > 8

Sapphire Pebble

  • Dam 50 > 60

Korrrgoth, Tyrant of Gor'Rakk

  • Now deals damage on throwing the hammer as well (same radius/damage as when he yanks the hammer back).
  • No longer deals damage only in the impact area.
  • Developer note: This change makes Korrrgoth’s attack much more reliable and is more likely to hit on initial attack.


Dragon Nest

  • Mana 6 > 3
  • Reworked: Now spawns with 3 eggs: Hatch an egg whenever you cast a spell to summon a Flightless Dragon. Summon a Dragon Whelp instead if the spell cost 5+ mana
  • Developer note: Dragon Nest has been extremely hard to balance because its value has been incredibly hard to control. This change effectively caps the amount of value you can gain from it.


Commander Azali

  • Max shields per Bridge captured 10 > 7

Swarmer Totem

  • Duration 40 > 30
  • Production 5 > 6
  • Amount 3 > 4
  • Developer note: Swarmer Totem has increased in popularity and added to the issue of swarming feeling too oppressive. This change causes Swarmer Totem to spawn less frequently, and over a shorter period of time.

Crossbow Guild

  • HP 350 > 300

King Puff

  • Birthday Cooldown 45 > 48

Skeleton Horde

  • Count 9 > 8

Cannon Roller

  • Dam 120 > 100

Vulture Prime

  • Attack Speed 0.8 > 0.9

Whirly Scrat

  • Damage 55 > 50
  • Health 350 > 325
  • Developer note: Whirly Scrat is incredibly versatile. With this change, he becomes a little less so without hurting his potential to deal with swarm.


  • Dam 65 > 55
  • Developer note: Musketeer is incredibly strong in addition to its ability to counter slow-hitting minions. With this change, Musketeer needs a little help to quickly dispatch.

Call To Arms

  • 2 Crossbow Dudes > 1 Crossbow Dude


  • Improved Ability card descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where Bladestar would do no damage after hitting arena walls.
  • Fixed Bladestar getting stuck inside minions.
  • Fixed Spawn of Fury vfx breaking when the effect was interrupted by Black Hole.
  • Fixed More Dakka’s counter to correctly only count Ratbo’s own units.
  • Fixed Zipp’s Zappinator’s powerup vfx breaking with spirit.
  • Fixed Zipp’s Zappinator’s More Zap interaction with stun.
  • Fixed Illusory Cleaver triggering Voidborne Wound for the opponent(again TT).
  • Fixed Gax’s egg not displaying an ice cube when frozen.
  • Fixed Frozen ice cube effect to correctly scale with minion size.
  • Fixed Frozen breaking the rim light from Rage and Giant Growth.
  • Fixed Rimargaal not freezing the last minion played during Permafrost.
  • Fixed an interaction between Rimargaal and Book of the Dead which allowed Rimargaal to be played without completing Permafrost.
  • Fixed Frost Bearer’s Frost Field not lingering after his death.
  • Fixed Boom Buggy attacking while frozen.
  • Fixed Shock Rock Rock relic description to correctly indicate Shock Rock’s effects.
  • Fixed Army of Anger relic description to correctly indicate Spawn of Fury’s effects.
  • Fixed Healing Spirits relic description to correctly indicate Spirit’s effects.
  • Fixed Blastmancer performing Soul Detonate while stunned.
  • Fixed an interaction with Cursebearer and Ghost that could allow Ghost to control a unit which incorrectly had its Curse removed.
  • Fixed a deckbuilding flow issue when entering the Mayhem menu by clicking on the event in the event carousel.
  • Fixed Scrat Tank boss getting turrets and mines in incorrect locations.
  • Fixed Glenn’s Brew healing being reduced by frozen.
  • Fixed Glenn’s Brew not extending the duration of pre-existing frozen effects.
  • Fixed an issue where retrying in Mayhem would not correctly remove rubies in the client.

Thursday, October 13, 2022




  • Korrrgoth, Tyrant of Gorr’Rakk

  • Cowardly Imps


  • Massive Mayhem Rework

  • Framerate capped at 60 FPS

    • This is an effort to reduce the amount of drain on the GPU from the game for anyone with a higher frequency monitor. The game simply wasn’t built for optimization at these extremes, so the gain in graphics fidelity compared to the increased performance drain isn’t really worth it in our estimation. If there is sufficient demand to bring back higher frame rate play, we may look into it in the future but it requires a not insignificant amount of work so for now we’ll try simply capping it.

    • It is still possible to enable V-Sync and lock the game's framerate to whatever the framerate of your monitor is, which can be higher than 60.

  • Elo equivalence table rebalanced.

    • After additional review of the Elo equilibrium, we have decided to adjust the equivalence table again. Specifically the Elo equivalence change is 100 down across all ranks making it easier for everyone to get to higher ranks.


Bazooka Scrat

  • Health: 100 -> 120

Idol of Sacrifice

  • Mana cost: 5 -> 4


  • Spell trigger effect range: 14 -> 18

Pincer of Dread

  • Damage: 100 -> 120

Rampant Growth

  • Healing: 75 -> 100

Zap Shrine

  • Damage: 0 -> 25


Commander Azali

  • Mana cost: 9 -> 7

  • Health: 800 -> 650

  • Damage: 150 -> 125

  • Max number of shields: 10

Azali has seen little play outside of premade due to her high mana cost. With lower mana cost you should be able to support her better with swarm cards.

Glenn’s Brew

  • Full rework.

    • Give a friendly Minion Frozen. Heal it for 200 over the duration. 

    • If it's a Stoutheart, it gains Revelry.

Glenn’s Brew has been very frustrating to deal with due to the instant heal effect when used near the enemy Master tower. This rework should give the spell some new interesting utility while removing the frustrating aspects.  

King Puff

  • Birthday Cooldown 43 -> 45

  • New Gifts:

    • Gift of Spirits: Give a nearby friendly minion spirit.

    • Gift of Knights: Summon 2 Knight Puffs

    • Gift of Spells: Add a random one-use 2-mana spell to your hand.

  • Knight Puffs damage: 50 -> 40 

King Puff is powerful but doesn’t see a lot of play. Adding more gifts to King Puff’s kit should make him more versatile and more fun to play.

Nyrvir the Fallen

  • Health: 2000 -> 1800

  • Damage: 320 -> 240

  • Attack rate: 8 -> 6

This change should make Nyrvir more consistent. She becomes a little harder to counter as her attack is quicker, but deals slightly less damage and has less health to compensate. 

Rimargaal, Scourge of the Summit

  • Freezes minions played from the two closest hand slots instead of the entire hand.

  • Defrost count: 35 -> 25

This gives player a choice to not play a frozen Minion while defrosting Rimargaal, which should make the card more versatile overall. 


Dragon Nest

  • Duration: 30 -> 45

  • Spawn rate: 5.8 -> 8.7

This change doesn’t alter the amount of dragons that gets spawned, but gives the player more time to play a spell in-between spawns to get the most out of the card. While also making it easier for the opponent to deal with the spawns individually.

Feng the Wanderer

  • Mana cost: 5 -> 6


  • Damage: 40 -> 30

Lash of Ah’Mun

  • Slitherbind: 2 -> 3

  • Mana cost: 5 -> 6

Rabid Prowler

  • Sacrifice Cost: 1 -> 2

Rimargaal’s Breath

  • Damage: 180 -> 150

  • Master Damage: 20 -> 15

Shi-Hou monkeys 

  • Health: 420 -> 400


  • Linked match time estimation to Elo rather than rank.

  • Idol of Sacrifice removed from random pool.

  • Fixed a couple of issues related to setting and saving resolution in the settings menu.

  • Fixed a bug where Zipp’s Zappinator would do more damage than intended.

  • Fixed a bug where Jahun would attack multiple times in quick succession.

  • Fixed a bug where the Squire Puff relic was spawning puffs in the same position regardless of which bridge was captured.

  • Fixed an animation issue where Zealots of the Burning Fist would continue attacking into the air.

  • Marked units that get stolen by Ghost will no longer continue being attacked through the marked debuff.

  • Fixed issues related to Coax the Diplomancer and the Veilstalker’s avatar’s icons.

  • Fixed an issue where an Arcane Ring on a unit stolen by Ghost would change rotation direction visually, but mechanically would continue rotating in the same direction. Leading to a mismatch between the mechanics and the visuals.

  • Arcane Golem now properly gets frozen by Rimargaal’s permafrost effect.

  • Fixed several issues related to the in-game bug reporting tool.

    • It was managing to timeout depending on various factors, including length of the session, speed of the internet connection, as well as whether other reports were submitted earlier in the same session. We did as much as possible to limit these effects, but it’s impossible to be certain that it will work perfectly for everyone. It should be a major improvement though.

  • Fixed an issue where Tranquil Shi-Hou would be unable to move after a combination of stuns and roots while healing.

  • Fixed model and animation issues with both Feng the Wanderer and Taloc the Vessel.

  • Fixed stuns getting cleared when a unit got unfrozen. - Thanks Memfisto

  • Fixed Black Hole leaving behind certain visual effects.

  • Fixed audio issues with selecting Valorian in the master selection menu.

  • Fixed cards occasionally rotating when being promoted.

  • Fixed Frostfeathers on a Flyby being able to resist the gravitational pull of a Black Hole.

  • Fixed a weird interaction between Frostfeathers and Arcane Ring that would cause the Arcane Ring’s spin animation to break.

  • Frostbearer’s Frozen Aura now correctly applies Slow.

  • Fixed an issue where Mar’dred’s attack animation would break.

  • Barrel Shields now correctly take 50% reduced damage while Frozen.

  • Fixed Frostbearer losing his aura when consumed by a Black Hole. - Thanks Jackeaa

  • Gor’Rakk Gate now has proper card buff tooltips for all options.

  • Fixed many various localization issues, especially with Chinese translations.

  • Made both Nyrvir and Rimargaal respect being frozen and stopping their attacks.

  • Fixed an issue where A’Zog would shadow dash twice. - Thanks Jackeaa

  • Fixed an issue where Frostbearer would freeze itself and friendly units after being stolen by a Ghost.

  • Made Coax stop attacking when frozen.

  • Fixed an issue where a player could enter a state where he would not be able to create lobbies.

  • Fixed the Rarity of the Poltergeist Morellia skin.

  • Applied the same restriction to repeatedly getting the same teammate in randoms as the restriction on repeatedly getting the same opponent which was already implemented in all modes.

  • Fixed AFK Bot toggle working correctly even in the first match of a session.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Developer Update - Patch Delay and a look into the new patch!

Greetings Masters!

First, let’s start off with some different news. We are going to delay the upcoming patch for one week, meaning 1.40 will hit the streets on October 13th 2022 instead of the usual first Thursday of the month. Reason being we have a ton of cool stuff we want to add and we need a bit more time for polish.

However, we would like to take this opportunity to show you some of the stuff we have been working on for 1.40. We hope you will be as excited as we are!

Mayhem Updates

You have been asking for it, and we finally did it! We are finally injecting some love into Mayhem. We are adding new Mayhems and a bunch of feature upgrades!

  • 6 new Mayhems will be added. Here is a just a couple of the examples:

    • Masters of Misadventure: Start your Mayhem run by drafting among 3 random Masters out of the Adventure Masters pool.

    • Relics of Old: Start your Mayhem run by drafting among 3 Adventure Relics. Twice! 

    • Faction Wars: Get a +20% mana bonus if your ENTIRE deck is of the same faction. 

    • And More! Look out for JINXED, Holograms and Boss Battle!

  • Reward table has been updated:

    • 2 wins: 21.000 Battle Pass XP 

    • 4 wins: 3x Power Tokens

    • 6 wins: 5x Random Rare Cards

    • 8 wins: 2000x Gold

    • 10 wins: 5x Random Supreme Cards

    • 12 wins: 2x Random Legendary Cards

  • Mayhem leaderboards added. You are competing for the highest amount of wins versus fewest losses. Top the leaderboards and compare your wacky decks with other players!

  • A “retry” function has been added, where you can continue your run even if you lose 3 times (for a fee).

  • A handful of the least popular Mayhems have been removed (at least for now). These include “Mal’Shaar’s Malicious Malediction”, “Fluctuations”, “Explosive Minions” and “Killing Floor”. We thank you for your service.

  • Solo Mayhems are put on hiatus. We think Mayhem is a dish best served in teams (random and premade). This is also done to reduce waiting time in Mayhem matches, and to make fairer matchmaking. Note that we are always listening to your feedback, so let us know if you disagree. However, we encourage you to try Mayhems in Teams out first. 

New Cards 

Here is the fantastic new card art of the two new cards joining the arenas: Korrrgoth, Tyrant of Gor’Rakk and Cowardly Imps.

Cute, aren’t they? We are not going to reveal what these guys do just yet. But, we can show you a new keyword that Korrrgoth, the new chunky 10-mana, hammer wielding Mythic brings with him; a new mechanic called Invoke:

This mechanic embraces the chaotic nature of Voidborne and lets you gain a lot of value if you play your (Voidborne) cards right.

Balance Changes

We have a fair amount of balance changes that we are pretty excited about. Here are some samples:

  • Glenn’s Brew has been highly contentious due to it being extremely difficult to defend against. This rework brings some new utility to the spell while removing some of its frustrating elements:

  • King Puff will get some new royal gifts. Happy birthday King Puff! 

  • Commander Azali’s popularity has fallen quite a bit over time, and we’d like to bring the Commander back. With a more forgiving mana cost, leaving more mana for swarm should do just that.

+ a lot more. Are you interested in helping us balance Minion Masters in future patches? WE WANT YOU to join the Public PTR and let your voice be heard here: Discord

Free DLC and DLC discounts

We will be giving out the Torment DLC for FREE from the 14th > 21st October. And we will offer a 25% discount on the All Masters and Premium DLC’s in the same period.

<3 from the Minion Masters team. See you in the arenas!