Thursday, August 4, 2022




  • Feng the Wanderer

  • Rampant Growth


  • Players who waste 3 mana in a row by being idle while at 10 mana will have a bot take over playing for them until they return. This is set to 10 mana wasted during mana frenzy. In a future patch we intend to implement similar functionality for players who disconnect or leave.

  • Extended total permitted load time, in an effort to further reduce the chance of timeouts happening when loading into matches



  • While only one unit is affected by Burn the Bridge, damage increases by 100%

A.I.M. Bot

  • Tech cost for both activated abilities: 40 > 30

  • The secondary activated ability now summons two Gn4ts with marksmanship instead of giving haste.

Bazooka Scrat

  • Damage: 225 > 250

Chief Ice Breaker Bolf

  • Attack Speed: 2.2 > 2.0

  • Damage: 100 > 90

  • Every third attack will Freeze the target.

Making the most boring legendary in the game be less boring.

Grasping Thorns

  • Damage: 200 > 220

  • Duration: 8 > 10

Mar’Dred, Prince of Nightmares

  • Attack Speed: 2.0 > 1.8


  • Will now stop to attack whenever there are no healable friendly units within her range.

Rimargaal, Scourge of the Summit

  • Rimefyre is now True Damage.

It really should have always been True Damage, in hindsight this is such an obvious thing.

Sewer Scrat

  • Poison duration: 2.0 > 2.5

Shroom Puff

  • Reduced spawn area for Growthburst Shrooms, making it less likely that Shrooms spawn in a location that units can’t reach.


  • Mana Cost: 5 > 4

Sun Burn

  • Damage: 100 > 130


  • Health: 120 > 130



  • Book of the Dead: mana cost 0 > 1

  • Skeletons Page: mana cost 1 > 0

  • Drain Life Page: mana cost 1 > 0

  • Forbidden Knowledge Page: mana cost 1 > 0

The main impetus for this is that spirits were somewhat overused. However it also enables us to make it so that whenever you can afford to play the book you can immediately play a page. Prior to this change it was possible to have to wait to regain mana with the book open, thereby preventing Morellia from attacking.


  • More Dakka now only considers own minions for its scaling damage.

Blood Pact

  • Damage transfer: 75% > 85%

Dragon Nest

  • Spawn interval: 5 sec > 5.8 sec

This removes a spawn from a full duration undamaged Dragon Nest. It also makes it so that Call to Arms no longer adds a spawn with its healing on an undamaged Dragon Nest. Making that combo slightly weaker.

Gor’Rakk Brutes

  • Starts on the side with a Rammer and Illusory Cleaver instead.

This way you pay the cost before you get the benefit. It also is a straight nerf to the card in decks that only try to set up a single push and therefore only really care to play the card once


  • Time required to gain 1 charge: 5 sec > 7 sec

We nerfed the card in the same way last patch, but it clearly wasn’t anywhere near enough.

Rimargaal’s Breath

  • Rimefyre is now True Damage.

  • Damage: 200 > 180

Sapphire Pebbles

  • Range: 12 > 10


  • Units with tech abilities no longer spawn with those abilities activated.

Shield-Captain Avea

  • Damage: 90 > 70

  • Health: 500 > 450

Zealots of the Burning Fist

  • Damage 90 > 70


  • Fixed an issue where Xbox would occasionally fail to save any data, including settings and adventure progress.

  • Fixed Scrapyard spawning units with their tech abilities activated without consuming the appropriate tech. Scrapyard will now no longer spawn units with tech abilities activated.

  • Fixed an issue with spectator puffs behaving weirdly in the streamer arena when both sides of a match have streamers.

  • Fixed Burn the Bridges play animation.

  • Fixed a stun related issue causing Zipp’s Zappinator to reset the powerup stacks.

  • Fixed an issue where illusory units would revive from Tombstone as the normal version. Illusions no longer respawn with the Tombstone.

  • Fixed the issue where Brutus and Terror Brutus would become untargetable after having been the target of a Wizard Puff’s on death effect

  • Tweaked bridge control indicator lights on Sunken Temple to more accurately reflect the actual control area.

  • Reduced number of particles and lights in Magma Court to make performance better at higher graphics settings.

  • Adjusted the way colors are affected by post-processing for Tranquil Estate.

  • Added production speed to the description for Dragon Nest.

  • Fixed Damage calculation for Caged Prowler such that it will now spawn when it’s supposed to.

  • Fixed a broken interaction between Sugilite Shield and Jing Long and Xiao Long’s phase shift ability.

  • Fixed Valorian adventure master’s perk 1 card buff indicators.

  • Fixed an issue where claiming victory chests in old adventures would appear on an incorrect pedestal.

  • Fixed an issue where the retire button would disappear during a continued adventure run.

  • Fixed the wrong arenas being used after a lost adventure run.

  • Fixed a flow issue that allowed players to re-roll selections for the Double Up campfire option.

  • Adjusted the spawn position of the Crystal Archers spawned by the And My Bow relic.

Thursday, July 7, 2022


 1.37 update!


  • Zipp's Zappinator

  • Rocket Scrat

New Arena in the Battlepass

  • Showdown Arena

Feature Updates

Arenas Graphics Overhaul

Loads of icons updated

New card art implemented for Ravenous Swarmers, Rock Rivals, Tantrum Throwers

New Adventure, coop and solo

Old adventures updated to be playable coop and solo



  • bonus damage 25 > 35%

  • No longer affect targeting

Marked was almost exclusively used with bazooka scrat, and that was not the intended main use case. To solve this we are removing that specific interaction while giving marked a bit more damage.

Clear Skies

  • Half healing on Masters

  • Removes Rage and Shield ONLY from opponents

  • Removes Poison and Curse from friendly minions

Clear skies is mostly a game delay card, with the only goal of decks playing it being to get to the late game and get mana frenzy.   By reducing the healing, but giving it better utility we hope to bring it to a healthier state.

Ritual Of Servitude

  • Summon a random minion card that costs 7 mana

  • If this is the cheapest card in your deck, instead summon one that costs 8-9 mana

Ritual of Servitude is used in very unvaried decks. With this change we hope to give the card more flexibility in its decks, allowing it to be used in a healthier variety of decks.

Dragon Nest

  • Summon a flightless dragon every 5 secs. If you cast a spell, the next time it spawns an extra flightless dragon

Dragon nest is a card that is always either completely useless or completely controlling the top ranks, so we want to try this change to solve that problem.

Arcane Golem

  • Dam 30 > 35

  • Gains 5 > 3 damage per spell cast

Milloween always seems to be a problem at top ranks, especially her perk 3, so rebalancing her a bit to make the golem weaker at high ranks should give us a bit more time to work on a rework for her.

Zealots of the Burning Fist

  • Rage + Haste > Berserker's Rage

This should give the zealots a bit more weakness to swarms without touching their dps much.


  • Brutus and Terror Brutus no longer heals on attacks

  • Brutus health 800 > 1000

  • Terror Brutus health 2000 > 2500

Brutus' healing was a very inconsistent power, allowing some masters to just destroy him while other masters could not deal damage to him. With this change it is a bit more consistent, and removes a rather unexplained ability from the game.


Berserker's rage

  • No longer self-harms

Piloted (1)

  • ScratTank

  • CannonRoller

  • DefensoChopper

  • ZeppelinBomber

  • Boom Buggy

  • Wreckinator

  • Zap Tank

Piloted spawns 1 Scrat after the Scrat vehicle died. This is mostly intended as a lore/flavor thing, but should be a small buff to these units in most cases.


  • AS 1 > 0.9

Empowered Soul Stealer

  • Gain 2 > 3 souls for each sacrifice

Rockin' Roller

  • Dam 200 > 300


  • Mana 5 > 4

Black Hole

  • Duration 2 > 3

Wrecked Walker

  • Tech cost 40 > 30

Sun Burn

  • Dam 80 > 100


  • Dam 200 > 300

Dormant Defenders

  • No longer goes dormant

  • Mana 7 > 8

Bazooka Scrat

  • Hp 65 -> 100

  • Half master damage



  • HP 35 > 30

Swarmers and Swarmer totem are both used a lot.  With this we are hitting both, and we will look at the other cards that have swarmers after we have a clearer picture of how much this change impacts them.

Healing Fireball

  • Healing 400 > 350

Healing Fireball is used a bit too much, and too high a winrate, so a small nerf to get both to fit the card better.

Tech generation

  • no longer works for abilitycards

Ability cards generating Tech meant you could get “free” tech by drawing cards you did not have to spend mana on to cycle afterwards, as they would go away when their unit died. This takes away that bonus scrap.

Sapphire Pebbles

  • reduce lifetime 15 > 12

Pebbles are used a lot, and often to keep bridge control for long periods of time. With this their uses should be more focussed on when the fight happens, and not too long afterwards.


  • charge buildup time 4 > 5

Mountainshaper is dominating 2v2, and its drawback of needing time to power up is barely being felt. Hopefully there will be more openings for pushes now.


  • Copies 3 > 1

Jolo’s winrate skyrockets when he is wildcarded, this should stop that.

Apep Perk 2: Shield Totem

  • Redirect all damage to Shield Totem

  • lifetime 7->15

  • Health 250 > 400

Apep’s perk 2 is a too effective tool,  blocking damage of entire pushes, and with very few ways to counter it. This version, while being a bit less special, should still have unique ways of defending you, as it can defend against spells and splash damage better than a wall can,  but gives decks with big pushes a bit more of a chance against Apep.

Cannon roller

  • AS 1.8 > 2

Cannon roller’s winrate has gone up over time, with its extremely effective handling of mid and high tier units, with very few weaknesses when it's defending. This should allow a bit more units to catch up with it and take it down if it is alone.


Fixed an issue with revelry animation missing on several revelry cards

Fixed an issue with clipping on Slitherbound

Fixed an issue with a missing description on Avea's completed quest buff icon

Fixed an issue causing absurd amounts of mana freeze in adventures - Thanks me

Fixed an issue where Illusory explosion damage would trigger voidborne wound for all players in the match - Thanks fishy

Fixed adventure buckets containing cards that did not fit within the bucket theme - Thanks Jackeaa

Friday, June 24, 2022

Arenas Update

Arenas getting graphics overhaul in 1.37!

World scenes

The approach for the graphics overhaul has been to implement them as proper in-world areas instead of as floating platforms. This creates a more immersive effect that we prefer, but also has implications for how this works technically. The loading happens entirely differently which means you may notice a more marked transition when switching arenas for example. It also means we've been able to tweak and optimize things so that some people, depending on their rigs, should see better performance at lower quality settings.

Arena selection

This choice of making world scenes means that we can't seamlessly integrate two different arenas, so we have decided to just use one arena for each match.
We also changed the selection system such that arenas of higher rarity will have a higher chance of being selected as the arena used in the match.

Showdown Arena

The skin in the Season Pass for 1.37 will be a new arena themed around Forced Showdown!