Tuesday, December 12, 2023

2.0 Prologue: Mountain Song

 Mountain Song

Today marks a momentous occasion as we unveil Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue! 🎉 We are immensely grateful for your unwavering support, passion, and valuable feedback that have fueled this incredible journey. 

The Prologue should last a few months. We will do fixes, improvements, and experiments all the way through this period. You should expect the game to improve, with additional PC UI and QoL changes coming as well. We already have several things on our to-do list, you can check them out here (link).

We managed to squeeze in most of the things flagged in this latest announcement. A few items missed the mark but will be added to the hotfix in the upcoming days.

Here is the very first patch of Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue.

Meet Tronveir, the Runeshaper

Tronveir is dedicated to the expert Masters among you. His gameplay is one of our most complex designs so far! Here are his abilities 

  • Stone Smash: Tronveir hurls a stone that knocks enemies back 
  • Rune Carving: Add a one-use Runestone card to the top of your deck every 30 seconds. It gets a new Runic Carving each time it's played. 
    • Rune of Wind: +6 Range and deals 200 damage
    • Rune of Frost: Gets Taunt and a 300 Health shield that inflicts Frozen on nearby enemies when depleted 
    • Rune of Ancestry: Summons 2 Ancestor Minions
  • Runic Empowerment: When you play Runestone, the next Ground Minion card you play gets a Runic Power of the same type 
    • Rune of Wind: The next attack deals +100 damages in an area 
    • Rune of Frost: Gets Taunt and a shield equal to its health. Maxx 300. It inflicts Frozen on nearby Minions when depleted.
    • Rune of Ancestry: Summon 2 ancestor Minions
  • Runic Mastery: Reduce Rune Carving Cooldown by 5 seconds. The next time you would get a Runestone, gain a Wyrdstone instead (Wyrdstone: Toss a Wyrdstone endowed with all three Rune Carvings. Gives the next Minion you plan all three Runic empowerment)

New Card


Arcane Spheres

Damage 30 > 35

Demon Warrior

HP 325 > 350

Frostberry Bearer

Range 8 > 10

Jez'Ra, the Voidmother

Void Tear - increase cast speed by 20%

Magma Cannon

HP 400 > 450


Arcane Missiles cooldown: 25 > 22


Damage 65 > 75

Net Blaster

Attack cooldown 5 > 4.5

Nyrvir's Breath

Damage 150 > 175

Snap Freeze

Fixed bug: Now correctly deals 25 damage

Lord-Sentinel Thelec

HP 600 > 650


Rimargaal’s Breath

Can no longer be played on bridge