Monday, December 11, 2023

Important Informations regarding Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue Launch


We are testing our server and slowly opening them up to a few players. If you want to help us test the new changes and stability, you can try logging in.

However, we are only opening it up to a very limited number of players, so you might be unable to join.


1. We are aware of a bug where it appears that players get double ranked rewards on their first log in. This means you will appear to have gotten a number of Gold, Cards or other resources that you don't actually own. If you attempt to use these currencies or play with a new card received this way, you will get an error. 

Restarting the game will correct this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2. We have disabled the purchase of rubies for the time being. If you try to purchase rubies, the game will crash.

Some cards' rarity has been changed

  • The Rarity should match the complexity of the card: The rarity of a card is usually tied to its complexity. We want Common cards to be less complex than Rare, which should then be less complex than Supreme cards. A lot of cards didn't live up to that. We want common cards like Rampant Growth and Rock Rivals to be given less frequently, as cards such as these are not very friendly for new players.
  • No faction is over-represented: Some factions were very over-represented, where a large number of common cards used to be Scrat, which means that a new player would get Scrats primarily.
  • Legendary cards feel legendary: A bunch of cards have been reduced in legendary quality to supreme quality, as we want each legendary to feel great, and some cards (such as Clear Skies) are more tech-cards than actual impressive legendary cards.

NOTE: The amount of cards you own does not change. If you own many copies of a card that has now changed to a higher rarity, you will get the excess card copies reimbursed as Shards. At the same time, some cards you own may be reduced in tier. Changes can be found here 

Other Known Issues 


Ranked rewards (as mentioned above)

  • Claiming ranked rewards mistakenly gives you double rewards, these are only client side and can’t be used to purchase items. Trying to do so will cause an error and the correct value will be displayed upon re-entering the game.

UI Issues

Mayhem countdown layout

  • Mayhem mode countdown overlaps with text

Leaderboard level indicator

  • The level indicator in the Leaderboards breaks on high-level players

Top Bar (Main Menu)

  • After completing a tutorial step and claiming a reward, users might not be able to use the top bar to navigate. 

    Performance (Deckbuilding Menu)

    • There is a noticeable lag upon exiting the Deckbuilding Menu

    Gameplay Issues

    Ranked Bot’s adversaries deck

    • Bots above silver rank have low variation in their player decks


    Unity Splash Screen

    • Unity splash screen is present on Xbox, and will be removed in the next hotfix.

    Desync/Error handling

    • Upon desync or errors, the player is prompted with a non-functioning quit button.

    The Guilds list is not showing in the Guilds menu on Xbox

    • The list of guilds does not populate correctly; players can search for specific guilds

    Reconnect issue in Team Pre-made Ranked

    • Host players who lose connection and attempt to reconnect will not be able to connect

    B button opens the settings

    • This will be swapped to another button on Xbox.