Thursday, December 14, 2023

2.0 Prologue - Hotfix #1


Thank you for participating in our 2.0 Prologue. We’re paying close attention to your feedback. We published an official statement following the release of Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue. You can find it here. It also mentions that we would like to give every player who logged in (or tried to log in) between Dec 11th and Dec 14th 500 rubies in-game as compensation for the rocky start of our prologue.

We'll take down servers tomorrow (Dec 15th, 2023) at 9 am CET and get them back online 1 hour later. 


  • Fixed the issue of “Claim All” function giving several versions of the same token.
  • Mayhem mode is currently unstable. We are disabling it for the time being. It will come back as soon as possible. 

Card Fixes:

  • Runeshaper Master: Fixed an issue where he could give a huge amount of health with his heal ability while having Runeshaper’s Frost Shield.
  • Many spells didn’t deal Master damage, this should be fixed.
  • Mordar: Fixed an issue where Mordar’s Tombstone would raise Minions with full health.
  • Daggerfall and Poison Strike should now again be able to deal damage to Minions.
  • Korrrgoth, Tyrant of Gor’Rakk: Now requires two Seal of Korrrgoth to be cast, as intended.
  • R3-KT: Removed attack speed bonus gained from having 4+ mana cost cards in deck.
  • Tantrum Throwers: Should once again spawn in the correct formation. ****
  • Future Present/Future Past: Fixed an issue that would cause them to only work for 1 card.
  • Fixed issues where a unit would stop moving unexpectedly.
  • Fire Imp: Should once again deal damage after death.


  • Added a setting that disables double-clicking of “QWER” to play a card.
  • VFX on summoning Minions improved to be snappier.
  • Cards are replaced in your hand faster.
    • Dev Notes: These have been improved to make it snappier to play minions. We have gotten reports that playing minions feels slower than in 1.0, which should absolutely not be the case. Please let us know if this does it.


  • Fixed a noticeable lag when leaving the Deck Collection menu.
  • Issue where after opening a power token, navigation bar doesn’t register the first click is fixed.
  • Improved Chinese and Japanese font.


  • VFX on Tronveir’s Ancestors, Frost and Wyrd Runestones toned down.
  • Light contrast improved in darker arenas.
  • Made health bars bigger on high-resolution monitors.
  • Desaturated the blue fog in the starting arena.


  • Removed an old audio file that used unfortunate language.


  • Set default visual settings to be higher.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of crash issues


  • Max amount of resources a player can own has been increased.
  • Fix an issue where turning off Screenshake is not respected.