Thursday, December 21, 2023

2.0 Prologue - Hoxfix #2

 2.0 Prologue - Hotfix #2


We want to start by saying that we really appreciate all your feedback, patience, and support since the release of Minion Masters 2.0 Prologue. Your feedback has been a huge help in guiding us these past 10 days.

We agree that it has been a rocky launch, but know that the development team has been working hard on these hotfixes and is dedicated to improving the game and making it better than ever! Also, know that improving the game for PC and Xbox users is our primary focus (and not mobile).

<3 from the Minion Masters team


  • Fixed an error that would appear when claiming certain DLCs.
  • Fixed a crash that would be caused by claiming a Season Pass reward.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the tutorial during the crafting step if they had already upgraded the card in question.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when claiming some achievements.


  • Visual changes that were recently made on PC, which desaturated arenas and reduced bloom effects, are being added to Xbox.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause crashes in a match.


  • UI has been changed so that Master health and perks are now at the bottom of the screen.
    • Design notes: We wanted to get this in early as we got a lot of feedback from players who missed the original style. We don’t expect this to be perfect and we are still adding polish to this menu, and we are planning on adding a toggle to let you chose between the different styles in a future update.
  • Visuals on master health bars have been improved. The color difference between health and recently-lost health is bigger and the timer on recently-lost health is lower.
  • Chinese, Japanese, and Korean symbols are made less thick and should be more legible.
  • Cards in Leaderboards are now ordered by the lowest-to-highest mana cost.
  • Adjusted the emote HUD on PC to be smaller.
  • Removed the premade name in the selection screen to prevent players from selecting the wrong name. (note: for players who have already done this, we are looking into a way to change player name in the future).


  • Has been reactivated!


  • Boomer, Reboomer, and Gax models have been made more distinct
  • Fire Imp has gotten his new card art back.


  • Public chat is working but has been reduced to small channels of 4,000 people. This is a temporary measure until we can properly fix it.


  • Settsu: Fixed a bug that would cause Blast Entry to not deal damage to Minions.
  • Rimargaal’s Breath: Fixed a bug where it stopped dealing damage after a Minion had been killed by it.
  • Fixed a crash issue caused by Zipp’s Zappinator.


  • SFX in the Magma Court arena has been lowered.

Known Issues

  • We are aware of a lot of UI issues, namely in guilds, post-match, and replay menus. We are working on all of these. Expect them to be addressed early in the new year.
  • Issues with claiming DLC on Xbox should all have been addressed, but please reach out to us if it still occurs!
  • We are aware of issues when playing using a VPN, we are investigating.
  • We are aware of a stutter that occurs when playing a card that summons another minion. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to fix that for this hotfix, but we are prioritizing this for next update.
  • Players are reporting missing profile-level rewards in the transition from 1.0 to 2.0. It was not our intention to reimburse all card rewards in the profile level rewards, but only masters, skins, and arenas. However, this is a communication failure on our part, so we will reimburse those in the next patch.