Thursday, December 8, 2022




  • Magnetic Bombs

  • S1ege Br3aker MKI


Chief Ice Breaker Bolf

  • Damage: 100 -> 120

Dormant Defenders

  • Gains two Arcane Spheres when awakened. (the projectiles from Arcane Ring spell, dealing 30 damage each)

Lash of Ah’Mun

  • Can no longer be damaged.

This makes it so that ranged units no longer stop to attack it, and instead walk out of its attack range, making it slightly harder to use correctly. However since this change removes most forms of counterplay it should still handily serve as the buff it’s intended to be.

Morgrul the Swarmer King

  • Health: 250 -> 300


  • Summoned with 2 Gn4t escorts.

We want the building itself to be more interesting and worth playing, instead of it just being used to gain access to H3LL-F1R3. While T.A.A.S did need a buff, this might be enough that we end up nerfing it in the future, in which case we’ll likely take some power out of H3LL-F1R3.

Taloc the Vessel

  • Health: 200 -> 250

Taloc is still very hard to use and gain value. His dps and utility value is clearly there, so increasing his health is a way to make it more likely that he gets to do his thing.

Zeppelin Bomber

  • Health: 70 -> 85


City Watch

  • Trigger changed to Empyrean Army.

This moves the card into a completely different archetype, one that is hopefully less well suited to the cycle play style where the card has been so prevalent. We will be keeping a close eye on this!

Kurrnath Crystalback

  • Mana: 5 -> 4

  • Health: 400 -> 300

  • Zap range: 18 -> 16

Last time Kurrnath was at 4 mana he was completely dominant in the meta, however at that time his zap had global range. Since that is no longer the case, and with the reduction in health, we’re hoping this is a better spot for him.


  • No longer has Voidborne Wound

  • Now invokes on play.

About the same amount of total value, more tooled to a proactive play style.

Rimargaal's Breath

  • Duration: 3 -> 5

Damage gets more spread out, however the spell freezes, so if played correctly most units will still take the full damage. The spell is now better for area control, and will be more easy to use for the freeze effect.


Coax, the Diplomancer

  • Health 350 -> 300

  • Removed Accursed Ascension.

We’re stripping Coax down to the core of what we think the unit needs to be. We may have to buff him in the future if this turns out to be too much.


  • Removed Slitherbind

Sanctum of the Cleansing Fire

  • No longer starts activated

Vulture Prime A83

  • Removed Tech Trigger


  • Health 400 -> 325


  • Fixed a longstanding issue where players could enter a state which would prevent them from triggering ruby reimbursement when claiming the All Masters DLC. This both clears the state for everyone who was in it, and triggers reimbursement for everyone who has missed getting reimbursement.

  • Fixed Legionnaire’s health bar height.

  • Made Leiliel stop returning damage while stunned or frozen.

  • Stopped A’Zog from using Shadow Dash when frozen

  • Stopped Cheese Date Scrats from trying to ascend to a higher plane of existence

  • Fixed several issues with the Frozen ice cube effect being the wrong size

  • Fixed several issues with rim lighting misbehaving when multiple sources of rim light would interact with each other.

  • Fixed Rimargaal’s interaction with Morellia’s Book of the Dead.

  • Stopped Hypnotized Prowlers from jumping at friendly master towers.

  • Fixed the visual trigger effect on the Slithering Summons card.

  • Fixed Simulacrum becoming an Arcane Golem factory in Milloween mirror matches.

  • Fixed Simulacrum’s interaction with ability cards.

  • Fixed Broll’s first perk applying discounts incorrectly.

  • Fixed Snap Freeze description to correctly indicate minions rather than units.