Thursday, November 10, 2022


Chapel of Light


  • Sanctum of the Cleansing Fire

  • City Watch


Idol of Sacrifice

  • Now gains Haste in addition when activated.


  • Explosion range 6 > 8
  • Fixed a bug that made Combustion deal True Damage to enemies.

Rampant Growth

  • On draw, plant 1 > 2 Growthburst Shrooms

Snap Freeze

  • Damage 0 > 25


  • Damage 110 > 120

Glenn's Brew

  • Healing 100 > 150
  • Fixed an issue where Glenn’s Brew only heals half the amount it was supposed to according to its description (was healing 100, description says 200).

Rimargaal, Scourge of the Summit

  • Attack Speed 8 > 7

Poison Strike

  • Poison Duration 6,5 > 8

Sapphire Pebble

  • Dam 50 > 60

Korrrgoth, Tyrant of Gor'Rakk

  • Now deals damage on throwing the hammer as well (same radius/damage as when he yanks the hammer back).
  • No longer deals damage only in the impact area.
  • Developer note: This change makes Korrrgoth’s attack much more reliable and is more likely to hit on initial attack.


Dragon Nest

  • Mana 6 > 3
  • Reworked: Now spawns with 3 eggs: Hatch an egg whenever you cast a spell to summon a Flightless Dragon. Summon a Dragon Whelp instead if the spell cost 5+ mana
  • Developer note: Dragon Nest has been extremely hard to balance because its value has been incredibly hard to control. This change effectively caps the amount of value you can gain from it.


Commander Azali

  • Max shields per Bridge captured 10 > 7

Swarmer Totem

  • Duration 40 > 30
  • Production 5 > 6
  • Amount 3 > 4
  • Developer note: Swarmer Totem has increased in popularity and added to the issue of swarming feeling too oppressive. This change causes Swarmer Totem to spawn less frequently, and over a shorter period of time.

Crossbow Guild

  • HP 350 > 300

King Puff

  • Birthday Cooldown 45 > 48

Skeleton Horde

  • Count 9 > 8

Cannon Roller

  • Dam 120 > 100

Vulture Prime

  • Attack Speed 0.8 > 0.9

Whirly Scrat

  • Damage 55 > 50
  • Health 350 > 325
  • Developer note: Whirly Scrat is incredibly versatile. With this change, he becomes a little less so without hurting his potential to deal with swarm.


  • Dam 65 > 55
  • Developer note: Musketeer is incredibly strong in addition to its ability to counter slow-hitting minions. With this change, Musketeer needs a little help to quickly dispatch.

Call To Arms

  • 2 Crossbow Dudes > 1 Crossbow Dude


  • Improved Ability card descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where Bladestar would do no damage after hitting arena walls.
  • Fixed Bladestar getting stuck inside minions.
  • Fixed Spawn of Fury vfx breaking when the effect was interrupted by Black Hole.
  • Fixed More Dakka’s counter to correctly only count Ratbo’s own units.
  • Fixed Zipp’s Zappinator’s powerup vfx breaking with spirit.
  • Fixed Zipp’s Zappinator’s More Zap interaction with stun.
  • Fixed Illusory Cleaver triggering Voidborne Wound for the opponent(again TT).
  • Fixed Gax’s egg not displaying an ice cube when frozen.
  • Fixed Frozen ice cube effect to correctly scale with minion size.
  • Fixed Frozen breaking the rim light from Rage and Giant Growth.
  • Fixed Rimargaal not freezing the last minion played during Permafrost.
  • Fixed an interaction between Rimargaal and Book of the Dead which allowed Rimargaal to be played without completing Permafrost.
  • Fixed Frost Bearer’s Frost Field not lingering after his death.
  • Fixed Boom Buggy attacking while frozen.
  • Fixed Shock Rock Rock relic description to correctly indicate Shock Rock’s effects.
  • Fixed Army of Anger relic description to correctly indicate Spawn of Fury’s effects.
  • Fixed Healing Spirits relic description to correctly indicate Spirit’s effects.
  • Fixed Blastmancer performing Soul Detonate while stunned.
  • Fixed an interaction with Cursebearer and Ghost that could allow Ghost to control a unit which incorrectly had its Curse removed.
  • Fixed a deckbuilding flow issue when entering the Mayhem menu by clicking on the event in the event carousel.
  • Fixed Scrat Tank boss getting turrets and mines in incorrect locations.
  • Fixed Glenn’s Brew healing being reduced by frozen.
  • Fixed Glenn’s Brew not extending the duration of pre-existing frozen effects.
  • Fixed an issue where retrying in Mayhem would not correctly remove rubies in the client.