Thursday, December 2, 2021

Game Mode News


After our announcement regarding the cease and desist of all our modes except for 1v1 and 2v2 in Minion Masters remastered, we heard your feedback and we've decided to do something about it!

We're super thrilled to announce that we're creating a new mode for Minion Masters Remastered. With this mode, we'll be collecting a lot of your feedback and you'll even help us name it! 🙂

Introducing Chaos Mode! (Name to be defined)

  • Chaos Mode (working title) is a new game in Minion Masters 2.0.
  • The mode will be centered around drafting but may expand over time to include different modes of play.

Event System

  • Every 2 weeks, a new event will start, which changes the pool of cards that will appear in the draft.
  • An example of such rules is the Faction Wars event: During this event, each Master will only have access to a unique selection of 3 factions.

Drafting Rules

Drafting works as usual, where you draft a master and 10 cards, with a few new changes added changes to the rules:

  • +33% chance of cards from faction(s) player has picked will appear. This helps you build up synergies in your deck more easily.
  • Redrafts: Redrafts is a new currency that lets players redraft a card. They let you redraft a card in your deck and can be used in-between matches. You will start with 1 Redraft token, and you gain 1 more each time you lose.
  • The card ban list is gone. With the addition of faction bias in card picking, the redraft feature as well card pools being limited by event rules, the card ban list is no longer needed.


There are two types of rewards in Chaos Mode:

  • Win Rewards: You gain rewards based on how many wins you achieve. These rewards have been rebalanced to be more rewarding (including supreme, legendary cards, rubies, card slots, and Season Pass tiers!)
  • Event Rewards: These rewards can be claimed only once per event. They can be claimed the first time you win 3, 6, and 10 wins within each event.

The Future

Chaos Mode will function as a platform for experimenting with new content to come, for example:

  • More different draft pool events.
  • New game rules.
  • Constructed mode (pick from your collection instead of drafting), combined with altered game rules.
We are extremely excited about this event, and we'd love to hear your feedback so we can make this mode the best it can be.
  • Which draft pool themes would you like to see?
  • We need help finding a name for this mode. Please pitch your ideas on our Discord