Thursday, January 6, 2022

Version 1.31 - New Expansion Minion Masters Invasion!


Calling all able Masters to man their stations, an invasion is slowly hurling towards the Arenas! 

We’re thrilled to announce Minion Master’s newest expansion…. Minion Masters Invasion! With this expansion, we’ll be releasing 2 new cards and moar balance changes have been added…*Cough* Hypno changes? *Cough*

We’ve also made matchmaking a bit stricter thus reducing the frequency of skill discrepancies. 

Introducing 2 new cards

Siege Imperator Ruby

M0nitor Gn4ts

Balance Changes


King Puff

Dev Comments: King puff is still underperforming a little bit, here’s a small buff to bring him to that sweet spot.

  • Birthday Cooldown 45 > 43

Call to Arms

Dev Comments: Call to Arms has been in a weird spot for a while. With the gradual balance we gave it based on the health of the buildings, we feel more comfortable letting the buildings remain despite getting Call to Arms value.

  • Doesn't transform buildings

  • Copies 3 > 1

  • Warriors summoned 1 > 0

  • Only target own buildings

Caeleth & Brothers of Light

Dev Comments: Two cards that can use a small buff, and this puts them in line with Brother of the burning first.

  • Caeleth: Health 550 > 600

  • Brothers Of Light: Health 550 > 600


Dev Comments: Kurrrnath has been underperforming since his release, and this will hopefully make him a bit stronger, without allowing him to get sneak hits to the base by lucky spawn timings as someone else uses a spell.

  • Make the ability damage any target instead of only minions

  • The ability is not active during summoning sickness


Dev Comments: Lycanthropy has been in a good spot lately but with once bitten it has been too easy value by playing it on an already damaged unit. With this change we hope to make that play more skillful, and less reliable, while still allowing you to get value with Once Bitten (and this should not affect the other lycanthropy in any meaningful way)

  • Activates on 50% of (max health -> health when gained lycanthropy)

Flightless Dragon Whelps

Dev Comments: Flightless dragons have not been up to par ever since we nerfed it, but it was too good at 4 mana, so by making it less reliable at 4 mana we hope to get it to a well-balanced spot.

  • Voidborne Wound: Reduce cost by 1

Stun Blast

Dev Comments: Adding some outlander flavor to an underused card.

  • Also Inflicts Marked


Dev Comments: This should make stormy, and stormy’s spawn effect faster and more reliable.

  • Attack Delay 2 -> 1.5

Scrat Spawner, Crossbow guild & Swarmer totem

Dev Comments: All these spawners are underperforming, and this should get them a bit more value.

  • Scrat Spawner Every 5 > 4 seconds

  • Crossbow guild every 4 -> 3.7 seconds

  • Swarmer totem every 5.7 -> 5.0 seconds

Sapphire Pebble

Dev Comments: Similar to Kurrrnath, we’re still not happy with the Sapphire Pebbles current state and it’s in a dire need of a buff.

  • Damage 50 -> 40

  • Attack cooldown 2.0 -> 1.4 seconds attack delay 1.0 -> 0.7seconds

Impatient Statue

Dev Comments: Impatient statue has been underperforming, this should make it slightly stronger.

  • Call Slitherbound 1 > 2


Dev Comments: A long overdue QoL change to Ghost so that it feels better to ghost a Mythic unit.

  • Give Mythic units Curse


Dev Comments: Small QoL change mainly for Apep.

  • Removed from random pool

Poison Strike

Dev Comments: Poison strike is a bit weak, and with this change we’re adding another use for sacrifices.

  • 2 sacrifices -> +4 seconds poison



Dev Comments: We are getting close to a good spot for grenadier, but he still survives a bit too many fights, so a small hp nerf to get him right.

  • Health 60 -> 50


Dev Comments: Hypno has been THE spell of the game for a while now and needs a nerf, this should allow more units to survive hypnotizes.

  • Duration 5 -> 4 seconds

Pincer Of Dread

Dev Comments: Similar to Hypnotize, pincer has been one of the main spells, killing and damaging just a little bit too much for its cost.

  • Damage 130->100

Brother Of The Burning Fist

Dev Comments: Brother of the Burning fist has been a bit too strong, and this puts his armor in line with the armor of light.

  • Armor of Holy Fire Cooldown 12 > 14

Scrat Pack

Dev Comments: Scrat pack has been performing too well for a long time, so a small value reduction while still letting it shine in most of its strong points.

  • Count 5 > 4

Scrat horde

Dev Comments: Similar to Scrat pack, Scrat horde is too strong, so a similar nerf.

  • count 10 -> 8


Dev Comments: Small warrior nerf as she is still a bit too strong compared to other similar cards

  • AS 2 > 2.1

Stun Lancers

Dev Comments: Stun lancers have been a mainstay in 2v2 for a long time, and have become more popular in 1v1 as well. Nerfing the stun duration hopefully makes them less strong defensively, while still being a good addition to a push.

  • Stun duration 5 > 4 sec


Dev Comments: Musketeer has been performing extremely well, regardless of the decks he was played with, so an hp nerf to make him a bit more vulnerable to hits.

  • Health 230 > 200

Slither Summons

Dev Comments: Slithering Summons has dominated the meta, and with this, nerf and some of the nerfs above it should be nerfed to a point where we are sure the meta changes away from it, and we can then look for the right spot.

  • Removed Call Slitherbound