Thursday, November 25, 2021

Version 1.30



Oh daaaaaamn, did you know that we’re turning 5 years old on the 2nd of December!!!

Patch 1.30 is finally upon us and we’re thrilled to introduce, 2 new cards, balance changes, and a bunch of bugs have been squished! 

Introducing 2 new cards

To note

  • All remaining Adventures are now free

  • To celebrate our 5th anniversary of Minion Masters we’re introducing a new King Puff Birthday Skin. All players can get it for free through the free Battle Pass!

  • Free birthday gift in shop only today (ends tomorrow afternoon)

  • All DLC's on sale with Steam Autumn Sale

Balance Changes


Dragons Nest

Dev comments: Dragon nest is not quite where we want it to be, so we are giving it a buff, and then we will see where it ends up and how much more we might have to do.

  • Mana: 5 > 4

Growthburst Shroom

Dev comments: Almost all Growthburst shroom cards are underperforming, so a small general growth burst buff should get them a bit more in line.

  • 25% > 30%

Scrat Tunnels & Nova scrat

Dev comments Impatient has not worked out as we had liked, so we are removing it, except from Impatient Statue.

  • Removed impatient


Dev comments: Kurrrnath is a bit too weak right now, making him a bit tankier will hopefully get him to last a bit longer and let him protect against spells.

  • Health 350 > 400

Rabid prowler

Dev comments: Simplifying Rabid prowler, making it somewhat easier to pull off as well.

  • Call slitherbound removed

  • Sacrifice 2 > 1

Crystal Sentry

  • Health 275 > 300


  • Burn 6% -> 4%

Void altar

  • Health 500 > 550


Dev comments: Bannerman is a bit too weak, letting him shield more units should get him a bit more value.

  • Targets Shielded 5 > 7

King Puff

Dev comments: The king birthday cooldown had a far bigger impact than we had expected, so we toned it down a bit.

  • Birthday cooldown 50 > 45

Propeller Scrat

  • Attack speed cooldown 0.9 > 0.8s

Sugilite Shield

Dev comments: Sugilite shield is being rebalanced to a 1 mana spell, It does not shield against masters. So hopefully this can become an interactive spell, but we will keep a close eye to see if it is too strong with these stats.

  • Removed Mana Freeze

  • Duration 5 > 4



Dev comments: Infray has been a bit too strong for a while, specifically the 3x infray version.  By reducing it to 2x we hope to tone down the power a bit without removing the multi-infray decks completely.

  • Copies 3 > 2

Gambler's Ball

Dev comments: Gamblers ball is currently neither a gamble nor a used card. We want to go back to the gambling aspects of the card,  knowing that it will not be popular in the more competitive parts of the player base, but hopefully creating fun moments for the more casual and wacky players among us.

  • Instead, Sacrifice (3): Cast this spell twice


Dev comments: After seeing how the game went, and the feedback on the master attack change we decided to remove the true damage part, but keep them special. This means things like sugilite shield will still be penetrated, but shields and barrels will be useful against master attacks once more.

  • Removed True Damage


Dev comments: Mordar Has been a very difficult master to find a sweet spot for, with his very strong perks…. If you can pull them off. With the % health nerf we did previously he has only played with wreckinator and Lord fanriel,  which is not a state, or a deck we like to see be a big thing. The main way he has been able to pull them off is by having multiple tombstones, making it extremely difficult to block both of them. By swapping perk 2 and 3 we hope to make it a bit more about the tombstone fight so that we can make it more consistent in the future after we see the impact of this change.

  • Swap perk 2 and 3


Plasma Marines

Dev Comments: Plasma Marines have dominated the low cost ranged unit meta together with crossbow dudes since the start of the game, with a small rebalance which nerfs them a bit and focuses more on their fast attack speed we hope to get more space for low cost ranged units, without making them all too strong.

  • Damage 15 >10

  • Attack Speed cooldown 0.9 > 0.7


Dev comments: Grenadier has been too strong for a while now, and combined with nerfing some swarm we hope to get him to a healthier spot in the meta

  • Attack Speed cooldown 2 > 2.2


Dev Comments: Skeletons…. Skeletons…. Skeletons….. They are everywhere, both in accursed decks and outside of them.  But they are a bit too good at what they do, so by lowering their damage a bit we hope to make them a bit more of a damage sponge, and less of a direct threat, opening up for more interaction.

  • Damage 25 >20

Elite Swarmer

Dev Comments: Elite Swarmer is too good at what it does, so a small nerf should get him to a healthier spot

  • Health 250 > 225


S.T.INTs is a (too) good unit, but we see a lot of wasting tech on its ability, so we want to make it more of a decision if you want to spend the tech, or waste it all.

  • Ability cost (outlander tech) 50 >75 tech


Dev comments: To solve the problem of Stonebjorn tanking against masters forever and to give a bit more counterplay we have removed Stonebjorns blocking from buildings (which includes the base). This should mostly affect masters, but will give a bit more damage to the turrets in the game.

  • Only reduces damage from Spells and Minions

Bug Fixes

  • Spawning four pebbles can cause two of them to overlap

  • Wrecked walker still requires tech if it costs 0 mana - Thank you Jackeaa

  • Sometimes tech was not generated when Morellia’s book of the dead is activated - Thank you Jackeaa

  • Dab emote was in low rez - Thanks BadAsAFish80

  • Fixed a tooltip issue with Kurrrnath - Thanks BadAsAFish80

  • Fixed an issue with being stuck in the loading screen for adventures with Caeleth