Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Version 1.25 - Best Plan, No Plan! Expansion

Minion Masters!

A little fishy told me that the new expansion of Minion Masters is nearly here….woop! We’re thrilled to announce the new expansion “Best Plan, No Plan!” with 2 new cards and a ton of balance changes; “Drum roll” so without further ado let’s get Scrating!

Best Plan, No Plan! - Season 1

A new expansion has arrived in Minion Masters!

Tons of new rewards, including 2 cards, a Legendary Skin, bonus cards, and more!

Added to the game:

The Season Pass will end on June 30th

Card Balance

Xiao Long
  • Jump cooldown: 1.5s -> 2s
Jing Long
  • Jump cooldown: 1.5s -> 2s
Dev Comment: The longs have been dominating the meta a bit too much, this change should increase counterplay without affecting their strength too much.

Vulture Prime
  • Shield cost: 50 -> 25 scraps
Dev Comment: Vulture Prime needs a bit of a buff, having shields more often makes it less punishing to play it when you have enough tech and makes it harder to remove


  • Stealth given from Mal'Shar only works once, (can be given to the same minion multiple times, if it is used first)
Dev Comment: We have seen a lot of Mal'shar Mordar decks, where Cleavers, Colossi and Mar'dreds get invisibility, and it is very frustrating to fight, especially considering certain timings between invisibility and attack speeds are a bit finicky. By making the stealth one time it is less about getting it on big minions that are super difficult to counter it and more about allowing a unit to reset in peace. We do realize this is a nerf for mal'shar and he might need something after this, but this is not the kind of deck we like to have in the game.

  • basic attack damage 40->45  
  • Empyrean cards no longer affect damage
Dev Comment: We heard a lot of feedback of the deck-building mechanic of valorian both being unnecessary as synergizes with empyreans without it, and it is too constricting, not allowing a lot of decks.  Hopefully, with this change, we can nerf valorian a bit as he is overperforming, but also allow for more variety in decks.

Jadespark Watchers
  • Growthburst shrooms 2->1
Dev Comment: Jadespark Watchers is being played a lot, and performing well, It required a nerf, this hopefully will have the effect of letting it get less buffed monkeys.

Tantrum throwers
  • count 2->1 cost 3->2
Dev Comment: Tantrum Throwers has been one of the best performing cards for a long time, with this suggestion from the ptr it will hopefully be a bit more in line, and it offers more 2 mana bridge grab options.

Scrap Yard
  • Consumes all Tech you have, produces 100+1.5x the scrap you consumed, in 5 ticks 5 seconds apart
Dev Comment: Because of the ability to load Tech before placing the Scrap Yard and therefore getting the value from Scrap Yard at the beginning of its lifetime Scrap Yard became pretty oppressive, hopefully with this change, there are more counter opportunities, while a well-defended Scrap Yard is a bit stronger to make up for that.

Master Cards

We have switched up a few things around. Below is a list of all those changes:
  • Searing Light is now an ability
  • Burn the Bridges is now an ability
  • Blast Entry is now an ability
  • Trick Swap is now an ability
  • More Dakka is now an ability
  • Shadow Dance and One Punch Blast are both now abilities
Dev Comment: This really is a minor change all things considered. The main reason for the change is for consistency with how we wanted R3-KT to function; we realized that there really isn't a meaningful distinction between what he is doing and what many of the other masters were already doing. So unless there is a good reason for a master's unique card to be a spell, it's now an ability instead. It allows us to consider the master's impact on spell interactions differently for future design and serves as a tiny but immediate nerf to Jing and Xiao Long.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue attacking when attacking stealth units - Thanks isokoala & Destroy666 C67
  • Fixed an issue with stealth units being visible on spawn - Thanks Jackeea
  • Fixed an issue with Jolo failing to dodge while at 100% - Thanks DeathShoottOneyOoney & N!k0la
  • Fixed an issue with Settsu not taking damage from jumping on reboomer - Thanks BadAsAFish80
  • Fixed an issue with Spawn of Fury targeting - Thanks Jackk
  • Fixed an issue with Mountain Gale’s slow being permanent - Thanks BadAsAFish80 & Jackk
  • Fixed spell descriptions updating to reflect targeting behaviour
  • Fixed an issue with Lash doing the wrong damage - Thanks Yayann, Destroy666 C67 & You fools
  • Fixed an issue with Valorian normal skin occasionally having a green vfx - Thanks BadAsAFish80
  • Added R3KT and Valorian to Free Rotation Masters
  • Fixed an issue with the red golem looking like the blue golem at 1500 hp - Thanks Jackeea
  • Fixed the Red Golem preview
  • Fixed an issue with Draft receiving master choices timing out
  • Fixed R4Z:0R avatar being misnamed as vulture prime
  • Fixed an issue with Haunting Hugger causing ranged units to attack nothing repeatedly again - Thanks me
  • Fixed an issue Red Golem Animations being sometimes broken
  • Fixed an issue with Once Bitten targeting - Thanks TiddleyKong & Jackk.
  • Fixed a bug with Rockin' Roler’s damage - Thanks Yayann.
  • Fixed a bug with Rabid Prowler’s description incorrectly listing a wrong sacrifice requirement.
  • Fixed an issue with Hypno+Musketeer death prediction - Thanks DeathShoottOneyOoney.
  • Fixed an issue with TAAS card cloning - Thanks Tenebra, Jackeea & isokoala.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy master’s perks in 2v2 streamer mode UI. - Thanks BadAsAFish80