Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Big changes coming to Minion Masters


Minion Masters!

The team has been closely looking at the game for a while now and, leading up to 2.0 we’ve been preparing some major changes that we believe can help some ongoing issues with the gameplay.

We're still a fair bit away from that, but we want to get started with these things as we may need time to reconfigure balance to reach a good spot. Additionally, we believe this will result in a healthier meta. Some of the things we've noticed are that the game seems to have become incredibly reliant on spells and controlling/defending until Mana Frenzy (particularly in 2v2).

We've looked at a bunch of changes that we believe will help sort out some of those issues as well as make the game more dynamic and action-packed.

Why everything at once?

We want to do all of these changes in one major patch, as we believe many of them will change the meta quite a bit. So we think it is preferable to shake the bag one big time and then concentrate on fixing the issues, rather than continuously making changes that will destabilize the balance repeatedly.

What is our approach from this point on?

We certainly expect the meta to be unpredictable with all these changes. We therefore also expect that we will have to do a lot of adjustments. Some will occur in the patches to come in the next few months, others we will have to do through hotfixes. As usual, it fully depends on the severity of the issue whether we chose to hotfix or not, but we will keep an eye on things and are prepared to hotfix where necessary.

The overarching goal is then to spend the remaining time before 2.0 to stabilize the meta and find the best balance for Minion Masters Remastered.

So without further ado here we have all the significant changes we've made to the game!

Game Speed Changes

What are the changes?
  • Mana generation increased
    • 1v1 Changes
      • Starting mana generation increased; ~+10%
      • Time to get to max generation decreased; 5 min → 3 min and 20 sec
    • 2v2 Changes
      • Starting mana generation increased; ~+15%
      • Maximum mana generation increased; ~+10%
      • Time to get to max generation decreased; 5 min → 3 min and 20 sec
  • XP generation rescaled
    • Passive XP gain increased; ~+20%
    • Bridge XP gain increased; ~+10%
  • Balance Changes to adjust (more details in the Patch Notes)
    • Movement speed change (Slowest minions)
    • Demon Warrior
    • Accursed Ascension
    • The Mancers
    • Call to Arms
    • Dragon Nest
    • Morellia Book
    • Apep Totem
    • Nyrvirs Breath

Why are we doing this?
We've tried to change the spread of cards (or rather mana cost ranges) that are being used in previous patches. We feel we've been successful in this with the bi-product that the game has been slowed down. With these changes we're hoping to speed it up again, retaining the good action-packed feel which was the nature of what Minion Masters is. Our general goal is for most games to be around 3~5 minutes and we believe this is a good step in that direction.

With this change, we know the balance won't be perfect right away and we'll need a bit of time to watch the new meta develop and adjust as we go. We see this as an opportunity to change some things that we view as problematic and can aim for an entirely new - and hopefully improved - meta.

Flying No Longer Grabs The Bridges

What are the changes?
Flying Minions will no longer be able to convert a bridge to your team.

Why are we doing this?
We believe that cheap flying Minions have too many functions. They are great at defending, cycling, and grabbing bridges. The bridge grabbing part is not healthy for the game as it neutralizes the use of Melee Minions and can potentially dominate the bridges for cheap. With this change, we aim to make flying Minions focus more on their fighting capabilities as strong counters to Melee. Adding them to your deck can be a great defensive tool, however, you won't strengthen your ability to control the bridges

We expect that some of the flying cards, particularly the cheap ones, will need some further adjustments to find a good balance. We've done some changes in preparation, but we're fully anticipating more will be needed once this update hits the servers. We will be keeping an eye on it and will adjust accordingly in the coming months.

General Damaging Spells Nerf

What are the changes?

Most damaging spells will have their mana cost increased by 1. We may opt to instead reduce the efficiency of certain spells, keeping them at their cost, but in general, all spells that are related to damaging or controlling Minions will receive substantial nerfs. (more details in the Patch Notes).

Why are we doing this?
The game has become too centred around spells, we've even seen the game being referred to as Spell Masters on several occasions. We agree with this sentiment and want to put more focus on Minion versus Minion interactions, and give Spells a more supportive role.

Master Reworks

What are the changes?

  • A Complete King Puff Rework
    • King Puff has long been a restrictive element for certain designs. While we do like the idea that he is restricted to a certain subset we believe he was too restricted while also gaining too much, in turn making the cards also restricted to him.
  • Mordar Tombstones reworked for less coin-flippy results
    • We believe that the difference between Mordar getting a good resurrection and just missing it, is too stark, making matches against him feel either super easy or practically unbeatable. With this, we hope to bring him to a more healthy spot.
  • Diona Rebalanced to remove randomness and removed bridge control from traps
    • It can be frustrating to watch your opponent pick up the healing potion several times in a row, we decided to remove that and make her perk more deterministic. Furthermore, we think that Diona has been too focused on a heavy bridge-control style, and we want to make her more versatile.
  • Apep Totem rework is on a timer in order to avoid it becoming overpowered in cycle decks, particularly with the new mana rules.

Why are we doing this?
Many cards and mechanics have been added to the game and many changes have happened, certain Master designs no longer feel like they fit in quite the right way. These changes are aimed to increase the fun and reduce frustrating elements.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our community for their passion and love of the game! Without you, we would never have created a game like Minion Masters

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