Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Version 1.24 Patch Notes

Version 1.24

Minion Masters!

The 3rd season of Outlandish Operations is here!!! Scrap Yard and R4Z:0R Squadron join the Minion Masters universe along with a host of balance changes and bug fixes.

Ready…. Steady…… GO!

Outlandish Operations - Season Pass #2

  • A new Season Pass has arrived in Minion Masters!
  • Tons of new rewards, including 2 cards, a Legendary Skin, bonus cards, and more!
  • Added to the game:

The Season Pass will end on June 3rd

Card Balance

Apep - Shield Totem
  • Duration 10 > 7
  • Health 200 > 250
Dev Comment: This makes the totem a little more resistant toward certain spells while reducing its potential to negate damage from entire pushes on its own.

Mordar- Tombstone
  • Activation time 8 -> 9
Dev Comment: Mordar is currently performing a little too well in top ranks. We are looking into other solutions at the moment but this should bring him more in line for now.

All Masters - Mythic
  • Are now considered Mythic
Dev Comment: Mythic rules have been a little messy, some not even listed, like the fact that you cannot push mythic units with Knockback or Vortex, etc. This change goes into a larger effort to make the rules more clear and consistent.

Mythic rules added to cards

The following cards can now no longer affect mythic minions (including Master Minions)
  • Netherstep
  • Gor'Rakk Sacrifice
  • Once Bitten
  • Spawn Of Fury
Once Bitten

Now targets the minion closest to the centre instead of random within the area.

Dev Comment: This is really more a QOL fix, but it could in certain cases pertain to balance, so we decided to list it here.

Arcane Bolt
  • kill threshold 450 -> 400
Dev Comment: Arcane bolt is a bit too efficient at getting quick kills on semi-high health targets such as Cleaver and Blue Golem, this should make such kills a bit harder.

  • Base Stun 5 > 10
  • Now Stuns Mythic Minions for 10 seconds
Dev Comment: To make up for not being able to possess Mythic minions anymore we've given the stun duration a bump, so it's still a fairly significant effect to use against Mythic creatures, such as Nyrvir.

Snake Druid
  • Attack Delay 1.4 > 1
  • Root Duration 6 > 5
Dev Comment: This change is an attempt to make him slightly easier to use while removing a bit of the frustrating element.

Akinlep's Gong of Pestilence

  • Cost 6 > 7
Ring the Gong Changes

  • Cost 1 > 0
  • Increase cost 1 on each use
Dev Comment: This is an attempt to nerf the minion a little while also making the gong a slightly bigger part of the design. By making the first use free and introducing rising cost the first three uses of the gong equal the same cost as before the change. However, the initial investment is bigger, nerfing cases where you wouldn't use the gong at all.

Zealots of the burning fist + Shield-Captain Avea

  • Damage 100 > 120
Dev Comment: Both Avea and the Zealots could use a little more oomph

Brothers of Light + Caeleth
  • Hp 600-> 550
Dev Comment: Brothers of light are a bit too oppressive in some high-level strategies and need to be toned down, we will look into a buff for Caeleth in the future after we see how hard this hits him.

  • Minigun warm-up time 3 > 2
  • Now only gets Armored Scrats from your own cards
Dev Comment: Our last change did what we intended to do (i.e. Make him weaker in 1v1 and stronger in 2v2 to even him out.) Unfortunately, it was a little too efficient. This should hopefully tilt him back into a more balanced position.


  • Red Golem Rework - It's finally here. It's about time this big boy get's a touch up like his smaller brother.


  • Fixed an issue with R3-KT dodging attacks by teleporting breaks units pathfinding.
  • Removed T.A.A.S and Akinlep’s gong from the random pool.
  • Fixed an issue with Rapid Prowler’s Call Slitherbound also having Sacrifice 2.
  • Fixed a typo with Nyrvir's Breath description.
  • Fixed an issue with stunned r3kt shadow dance causing the clone to not do anything.
  • Fixed an issue with hitting r3kt who uses shadow dance with aoe abilities causes them to fail to hit targets after him.
  • Fixed an issue with playing 2x shadow dance in rapid succession causes 2 real r3kt's and 2 clones to spawn.
  • Listed true damage on Pincer of Dread.
  • Fixed an issue with Arcane Missiles (milloween) targeting.
  • Fixed a valorian graphical bug.
  • Fixed Avea Shield bug reacting fast enough to fireball to block the fireball’s damage on units. around her (for real it’s been fixed now!!).
  • Banned users now get a banned message when they log in.
  • Fixed an issue with Pincer of Dread killing Jing/Xiao Long while they were phased out.
  • Fixed an incorrect interaction between Black Hole and Re-Boomer.
  • Fixed a rare issue with Mordar ressing teammates units stolen from enemy Mordar with Ghost.
  • Haste and Slow now increase or reduce move speed by a minimum of 1.
Cheers from BetaDwarf!