Thursday, August 27, 2020

Fan Art Contest & Valorian Reveals Incoming!

Minion Masters!

It's been an ecstatic start to the new Expansion, with tons of new users from the promotion and exciting matches from the new cards. Which one has been your favourite so far? Moving forward, the news is only going to get bigger, with a brand new Master on the horizon!

NIGHTMARES Fanart Contest!

And what better way to demonstrate the fantastic creativity of our community with a new Fanart Contest? This time, we're going to theme it all around the new Nightmares expansion - Mar'Dred's demon legion vs Valorian and his allies!

As always, the winner will receiving a massive 5000 Rubies, with two runner-ups receiving 1000 Rubies - Here's all the information you need to enter the contest!

  1. Make what you think is the best Nightmares-related Minion Masters artwork ever created. This isn't necessarily the cards currently released - Anything to the theme of the expansion is allowed.
  2. All entries must be related to the Nightmares expansion.
  3. Head on over to our Discord at and post your entry in the #nightmares-art-contest channel.
  4. Once the contest entry period ends on the 17th of September, a community vote will be held between 5 entries selected by the BetaDwarf staff, running until the 21st of September. The winner will receive codes worth 5000 Rubies, while second and third place will receive 1000 Rubies each.
Like before, all entries need to be original artworks! You can use any medium you'd like - Sketches, Digital, 3d, but it must be your own work to be eligible for the contest. Your work will not be used for any promotional Minion Masters material without any explicit contact between you and representatives of BetaDwarf for any potential agreements.

The contest runs from the 27th of August to the 17th of September, 10:00 CEST. Good luck, Masters!

Valorian Reveals coming soon!

It's been on everyone's minds - The new master, Dawn Marshall Valorian, is being revealed this Friday! In just over 24 hours you'll be able to start checking out his reveals on our Update Site, where a special video demonstration will be used to showcase him over the coming weeks both on the site and on our Social Media (Twitter and Facebook). 

Make sure to keep on top of the news and remain as up to date as possible about the Empyrean hero!

Upcoming Minion Masters Tournaments!

There's a wide range of upcoming tournaments you can participate in, Masters!

First off, we've got another 2v2 Tournament straight from BadAsAFish with a $100 Prize Pool. It's a double elimination format with "blind" decks - Meaning you can queue with anything that matches the tournament rules with no banning phases. Check it out here - The tournament begins on Monday!

Meanwhile The Challenger League is making its return! Lead by long time Minion Masters veteran imJules, this Double-Elimination Conquest format 1v1 Tournament is a great place to hone your skills, and as an offline tournament it's going to be very flexible around player schedules. Check it out here:

Cheers from BetaDwarf!