Thursday, August 20, 2020


Minion Masters!

Nightmares have come to Minion Masters! The great and terrible Mar’Dred’s arrival approaches due to the machinations of Ardera. The Hero of the Empyreum, Valorian, races to Jadespark Jungle to oppose the demonic threat, but only darkness and corruption awaits…

Stay tuned to our Update Site for more reveals about upcoming Season Passes, including details on Dawn Marshall Valorian!

And stay tuned tonight for another big gift!

Nightmares - Season Pass #1

  • A new Season Pass has arrived to Minion Masters!
  • Tons of new rewards, including 3 cards, a Legendary Skin, bonus cards, and more!
  • Three new cards have been added to the game:

  • Shadowbringer has also been added to the game!

  • This Season Pass will end on September 24th.

New Adventure

It’s time to make your counter-attack against the Voidborne demons. It all comes down to this - You win this war, or Jadespark Jungle may never see light again. No pressure.

  • Brand New Story - Fight the demonic hordes to liberate Jadespark Jungle from Ardera and her terrible master!
  • Play as a special Adventures version of Valorian - Or play as returning allies Milloween and Nylora with certain encounters having unique Dialogue for each!
  • This is a 1 Chapter Adventure that costs 700 Rubies.
  • This Adventure concludes the storyline started in Saving Jadespark Jungle.
  • Completing the Chapter will get you some cool rewards! Finish Hard Mode with all Masters for Avatars!
  • The Adventure releases on September 3rd.


Arcane Golem

  • Speed 3 -> 4
  • Developer Comments
  • A speed increase means Arcane Golem is present for less time in your arena, making it more vulnerable to enemy counter-play outside of spells sooner.

Assassin / Mal’Shar Shadowfork

  • Health 130 -> 150
  • Developer Comments
  • The Assassin units currently struggle from being too easily removed from spells such as Poison Strike, and in general could stand to be a bit more durable in fights.


Explosion Count 5 -> 4

Developer Comments

Simply put, Combustion was proving to be too good when combined with units like Divine Warrior. We are still fairly confident that the maximum damage of 200 will still be strong enough for the card to be worth playing.

Divine Shield

  • Duration 5 -> 6

Caeleth Dawnhammer

  • Cost 8 -> 9
  • Developer Comments
  • The Divine Shield change came about because of Divine Warrior and Ardera were underperforming, but Caeleth was on tipping point of being too strong. A buff to Divine Shield massively benefits him due to how he can activate it multiple times during his life, so we believe he will still be powerful at the 9 mana slot.

Dragon Nest

  • Now has Mythic
  • Duration 30 -> 35
  • Developer Comments
  • This is somewhat of an experimental change - Part of our concern with Dragon Nest is that by buffing it, it will eventually reach a state where you just play multiple Dragon Nests at once for multiplicative value on the spells you cast.

Lady Infray the Spire Warden

  • Piercing Shot Attack Time 2 -> 1 second
  • Developer Comments
  • Lady Infray has just felt too sluggish with her special ability even with Mana Surge. Often times she'd miss the intended target due to how long it would take the shot to go off, while in other instances we've noted that she died in a situation where her regular attacks would have saved her simply due to how slow it was.

Lone Scout / Lone Wolf

  • Now only considers Minions under your control
  • Developer Comments
  • This change is more of a "Quality of Life" alteration to enable the cards to be played effectively in 2v2, but we felt it was long overdue for making the cards viable in that mode.


  • Stack Time 6 -> 5 Seconds
  • Developer Comments
  • The big issue with Mountainshaper was that it was very ineffective when you first drew it from your deck, meaning it was often a “dead card” in games where you needed access to powerful removal often.

Resonating Blast Crystal

  • Mana Cost 4 -> 3
  • Now has Mana Freeze (1)

Restless Dead

  • Undying Corpses spawn randomly in your Arena
  • Developer Comments
  • Restless Dead has been quite a powerful card due to the exceptional value you receive from the Skeletons alone, allowing you to create formidable pushes. However, it also proved too strong when combined with Corpse Explosion, allowing you to create high damaging blasts that came with the added benefit of giving you some strong bodies down the line to push with. This change aims to hit both aspects of the card at once, while still providing you with the card's original efficiency.

Scrat Launcher

  • Attack Delay 0.4 -> 2.6
  • Overall Attack Cooldown is not affected
  • Developer Comments
  • An increase to its Attack Delay should make it easier to react to with counter units like Bazooka Scrat and Wall.

Screaming Scrat

  • Damage 100 -> 130

Shielded Crossbow Dudes / Tantrum Throwers

  • Condition now requires opponent to own both bridges
  • Developer Comments
  • Both cards were exceptionally powerful in their role of regaining Bridge control, and being able to quickly play them as a reaction when bridges were only contested, or as a very strong opening move, made them a bit too strong.

Soul Stealer

  • Attack Speed Bonus per stack 20% -> 15%

Stun Blast

  • Delay 0.5 -> 1 second
  • Radius 5 -> 4


  • Chapter 1 of The Quest for Mountainshaper and Saving Jadespark Jungle are no longer free. If you played the chapters before this update, you’ll still keep them. If you haven’t purchased the remaining chapters of those Adventures but own the free chapters, you can buy them at a significant discount.
  • Fire Imp has received updated card art.


  • [KNOWN] There is currently no Italian localization for this Update. We are working with the translator and will add it soon.
  • Fixed some Death prediction issues regarding Musketeer - Thanks W Q and Sitrax!
  • Fixed unowned Battle Pass cards not appearing in the collection.
  • Fixed Caeleth Dawnhammer's Divine Shield tooltip using the wrong variable for its Duration.
  • Fixed Red Golem not being summoned from Ritual of Servitude correctly.
  • Fixed the opponent not seeing the Red Golem model when summoned via its card.
  • Fixed Stormy not showing Shield visual effects - Thanks videogamer77!
  • Fixed Marksmanship being invisible with the new Magma Cannon model - Thanks Xiniu!
  • Fixed Hauting Hugger’s preview in the card collection having an extra bracket - Thanks Jackeea!
  • Fixed Herald Ah’Mun and Hypnotize using different Call Sitherbound tooltips.
  • Fixed Nyrvir’s Breath visuals not lasting as long as the actual spell - Thanks Hope Estheim!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!