Thursday, June 25, 2020

Version 1.14

Minion Masters!

Charging Into Darkness - Season Pass #2

  • A new Season Pass has arrived to Minion Masters!

  • Tons of new rewards, including 3 cards, a Legendary Skin, bonus cards, and more!

  • Three new cards have been added to the game. They are as follows:

  • Galaxy Diona has also been added to the game!

  • The Season Pass will last one month and end on Thursday the 30th of July.


Ardent Aegis

  • Heal 200 -> 250

Bounty Sniper

  • New Effect: If you’re behind on XP, gain Shield

  • Developer Comments

  • Bounty Sniper was a card that was difficult to justify in most decks. While the effect is strong the mana premium made it very punishing when removed, and the risk of losing board control for the sake of maximising the XP was too high. By giving it a unique Shield condition, we want to help it have an identity of a comeback card while hopefully not impacting the “win more” element of such mechanics.

Call to Arms

  • Mana Cost 4 -> 5

Disruptor Puff

  • Teleport Cooldown 5 -> 6


  • REWORK: Hypnotise now applies a debuff that causes enemy minions to prioritize attacking their allies. They cannot target the Master Tower, and will still target enemies if there are no valid allies to attack.

  • Duration 5 -> 6

  • Developer Comments

  • Hypnotize has been a fairly problematic card design wise for a while now, particularly in 2v2 game modes, and we've gone through multiple iterations of different designs to create an effect that is more fair to the opponent while retaining the core identity of the spell inflicting chaos in the middle of a fight. In particular, we took issue with it being implemented in cheese strategies such as those with Rock Rivals that offered very little interactivity from the opponent.

Lord Fanriel the Stormcharger

  • Damage 100 -> 120

Magma Storm

  • Damage per Rock 200 -> 170


  • Tombstones can now only resurrect minions belonging to Mordar

  • Tombstone Activation Time 10 -> 8 seconds 


  • Number of Skeletons from Book of the Dead 4/8 -> 3/6


  • Cast Delay 0.5 -> 0 seconds

Poison (Mechanic)

  • Ticks per Second 1 -> 2

  • Damage per Tick 20 -> 10

  • Developer Comments

  • This solves an issue we had with Poison where we could only make units deal Poison damage in units of 20. By increasing the ticks it allows us to hit much more specific ranges, and also has the side effect of having better visual feedback and being more effective against Shield.

Poison Strike

  • Duration 6 -> 6.5 seconds

  • Total Poison Damage 120 -> 130

Resonating Blast Crystal

  • Damage 120 -> 130


  • Damage per Rocket 40 -> 50

Shielded Crossbow Dudes

  • New Effect: If you control no bridges, summon an extra Crossbow Dude.

Skeleton Horde

  • Skeleton Count 8 -> 9


  • Health 90 -> 140

Swarmer Totem

  • Production Speed 6 -> 7 Seconds


  • New: Highland Revelry: Give nearby enemy minions Slow


  • Blue Golem has received a big visual rework. Red Golem will stay with its old model for now, but we intend to give it a new look as well in the future.

  • New Card art has been added for Scrat Pack, Bridge Buddies, Tranquil Shi-Hou and Blue Golem.

  • Improved the error message that appears when starting a game that isn’t on the same version as the server.

  • Everyone who completed the Charging Into Darkness Adventure will receive 3 copies of a Supreme card as an apology for the error with the rewards in the near future.


  • Fixed Illusory Cleaver not activating Voidborne Wound.

  • Fixed being able to use skins you don’t own.

  • Fixed Arcane Ring hitting Masters and Buildings.

  • Fixed Jade Flingers having a small freeze at the end of their attack animations.

  • Fixed Battlepass references not working on “Available in the current Battlepass” buttons.

  • Fixed Season Pass Premium still referring to itself as Battle Pass.

  • Fixed More Dakka not hitting Werewolves.

  • Fixed a minor visual bug with Galaxy Morellia.

  • Fixed an animation bug where Warrior would attempt to swing her sword even though she was out of range.

  • Fixed some inconsistencies with Call to Arms transforming Dormant Defenders.

  • Fixed a visual bug with Ratbo’s Minigun still spinning at max speed after using More Dakka.

  • Fixed Jungle Jumble using the wrong card buff tooltip.

  • Fixed the Charging Into Darkness Adventure granting the wrong rewards. Anyone who completed the Adventure will receive 3 copies of a Supreme card in the near future.

  • Fixed the Italian Translation for Squire Puff and Arcane Bolt not being displayed.

  • Fixed the “Puff Sorry” emote having lost its localization.

  • Fixed Master Skins not having the Master Tips - Thanks LordJulius!