Thursday, July 2, 2020

The 100 in 10 Draft Challenge & Interview with Last_Elf

Minion Masters!

100 in 10 Challenge

It's time to put your Draft skills to the test, Masters - Today we're announcing the start of the 100 in 10 Draft Challenge! Inspired by community contests in other events, the challenge is to Stream yourself getting 100 wins over the course of 10 Draft runs - If you win and have your results verified by BetaDwarf, you'll receive the Cosmic Cleaver avatar! Here's a graphic with the full rules below:

You can find the logo mentioned in the rules at the top of this section.

All submissions must include working links to the Livestreams in which the challenge was done. All conditions described must be met in order to be eligible for the prize. Runs will be reviewed manually, so please be patient in waiting for a response and receiving your Avatar. There is currently no formal end date for this Challenge. If you have any further questions, email .

Good luck, Masters!

Interview with Last_Elf

This week, we have a special interview with Youtube Content Creator Last_Elf!

Can you give us a brief introduction of what you do?
I am doing fun Minion Masters gameplay videos. I try to come up with new ideas and strategies, something you are not facing on the ladder and mostly just crazy decks. Not tier 1, but definitely fun. I publish 3 new videos every week with more than 300 videos already on my channel.

How long have you been playing Minion Masters for?                        
I've been playing for 2,5 years now and creating YouTube videos for 1,5 years.
What made you get into creating Minion Masters content?
This might sound greedy, but I wanted to earn money. When my son was born, I've realized, that if I want to have time on games, I need to make it a living. After 2 years, I am nowhere near my goal and it's still not worth the time, I put into it. But I really enjoy it, I love the game and the community around the game.

What do you think is the best video you've made so far?
My personal favourite is for sure Solo Priestesses. I managed to have 7 Priestesses on board and watching how desperately your opponent tries to kill them is just hilarious. We've recreated it on premade with 11 Priestesses on board in the video called Holy Army and in a friendly coordinated battle called Healing Hell. I think this title doesn't need an explanation :D

Where can people follow you?
I have my own Discord server, Facebook page and Twitter
For my most loyal fans I even have a Patreon page, where they can support me. 
You can visit my website LastElf.Net where you can find all the links ;)

You can find Last_Elf's Youtube channel right here - He makes tons of entertaining gameplay videos featuring all kinds of oddball strategies, so he's definitely worth checking out!

The Harbinger Challenge Season 2 [XBOX]

Are you an Xbox player looking for competitive Minion Masters Tournaments? The Harbinger League are back again with a new season of exciting tournaments over a period of two weeks, leading up to an exciting Top 12 and Top 4 Showdown with the winner walking away with the Tournament-Exlcusive Dynasty Morellia skin!

Read about all of the details on their Toornament page here, and sign up to their Discord Server for any questions. Good luck, Xbox Masters!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!