Thursday, March 5, 2020

Version 1.10 - Saving Jadespark Jungle

Minion Masters!

The once-peaceful remote jungles of Jadespark of the Southern Jungles has come under attack by Empyrean forces. Lead by High Inquisitor Ardera, the Burning Fist are leaving a trail of destruction in their wake in their search for a dark secret.

New Adventure - Saving Jadespark Jungle

Team up with the Zen-Chi and help defend their home from the insidious High Inquisitor Ardera as you uncover her true schemes!

  • Brand New Story - Tying mechanics closer to the story than ever before, build your troupe of cards from the ground up and take on the Burning Fist!
  • Build your deck as you go. Start with a Master-specific deck and with each victory, you get a choice of cards to add to your deck.
  • 6 unique masters, with new champions and old favourites lending their strength to the jungle!
  • Powerful relics and treasures to empower your deck as you play, with some brand new ones made just for this Adventure!
  • Rewards- Across all the chapters you’ll earn tokens, xp, exclusive avatars and even a Legendary card! Completing hard mode awards an exclusive rare and supreme avatar.
  • Price - Chapter 1 is free, with Chapters 2 & 3 costing 1400 rubies as a package, or 1000 individually. You can play owned chapters as much as you want.

Also featuring 10 New Cards:

New Mechanic: Growthburst Shrooms
When you draw a card with the new Growthburst Shroom keyword, a Mushroom will spawn at a random point in your arena. When a Zen-Chi Minion walks over it, they’ll gain a powerful 25% Health and Damage buff.

New Mechanic: Holy Fire
An AoE holy flame that heals allied minions and damages enemy minions over time for 100 Health.

This Expansion will last until May
10 new cards have been released!
Two new skins have been released - Settsu of the Burning Fist and Apex Ravager
A brand new Legendary Arena has been released - Jadespark Jungle


Arcane Ring

  • Damage 20 > 25 (Total Damage 160 > 200)

Black Hole

  • Duration 6 > 1.5
  • Minions will keep their original target from before they are affected by Black Hole
  • Developer Comments
  • Black Hole's change comes about as a response to the card simply being far too versatile for its intended usage. Black Hole has consistently been one of the most powerful cards in the game, and a lot of the meta has been defined by the potential to completely shut down a lot of counters. We didn't want to move it back to 3 mana due to the fact that the card massively underperformed the last time we made the nerf, so we opted for this change where the ability to dodge certain spells is still very much possible in the hands of a skilled player, but it no longer can completely shut down everything.

Bridge Shrine

  • Health increased 300 > 350

Caber Tosser

  • Damage increased 80 > 90

Crossbow Guild

  • Health increased 400 > 450

High-Mage Leiliel

  • Damage increased 35 > 40
  • Attack Speed decreased 1.7 > 2.0
  • Now has the AoE attack of Crystal Arcanist

Leiliel’s Vortex

  • Mana Freeze 2 > 1
  • Damage 100 > 80

Lord-Sentinel Thelec

  • Damage 70 > 55

Morgrul the Swarmer King

  • Health decreased 240 > 225
  • Attack Speed increased 1.5 > 1.1
  • Damage decreased 35 > 25 (Overall DPS is only slightly lowered)
  • Developer Comments
  • This minor nerf is primarily to consolidate Morgrul’s stats with Elite Swarmer.

Red Golem

  • Reworked: Now summons a Blue Golem. If you have 50% or less life, summon a Red Golem instead.
  • Red Golem has 50% more HP and Damage than Blue Golem
  • Developer Comments
  • Red Golem's change is a product of us trying to consolidate how we handle minion scaling in general to try and make it more consistent, and less volatile. We also feel the card has been very underplayed for quite a while, so we're hoping this change might also affect it in that area.

Spawn of Fury

  • Damage & Health Reduction increased 25% > 33%
  • Developer Comments
  • Spawn of Fury has been largely dominant, so we believe a nerf to the stats of the units it produces should help keep it in line.

Swarmer Totem

  • Production Speed increased 7 > 6


  • Health increased 600 > 700


  • Damage increased 80 > 90


  • The Max Health indication has been changed when a unit’s health is buffed (i.e. Spirit) to make it easier to understand how much the card has been buffed.
  • Some Buff names have been changed to shorter versions, or terms that are more indicative of their effect (Energized > Mana Surge, Enraged > Rage, etc.)
  • A lot of cards have had their descriptions changed to better separate Flavour from Mechanics.
  • Mayhems now appear in the carousel when they are available.
  • Updated unit formations for 3 and 5 count minion cards.


  • Fixed High-Mage Leiliel not reducing damage from a minion that is dead - Thanks SoSiskodemon!
  • Fixed the copy produced by Spawn of Fury having full health.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not see your teammate’s hologram in 2v2.
  • Fixed an issue where Gax could target Drone Buzzers.
  • Fixed Nyrvir being pushed around by Leiliel’s Vortex.
  • Fixed being able to use skins you don’t own.
  • Fixed Gambler’s Ball odds being incorrect.
  • Fixed Troubadour’s music still playing after being removed via Glenn’s Brew.
  • Fixed Frenzied owls from Frostfeather Flyby not attacking units - Thanks SoSiskodemon!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!