Thursday, November 21, 2019

Mayhem Mini-Update - Mal’Shaar's Malicious Malediction!

Minion Masters!

As previously announced on our Blog and Newsletter, we unfortunately had to delay the release of The Quest for Mountainshaper. However, we don’t want to leave you with nothing for the next two weeks, so we put together this Mini-Update containing all the balance changes from Version 1.7, a brand new Mayhem, and extensions to the Conquest and Battle Pass deadlines. There will also be a free Shop Offer in the store once the deals change today, make sure to pick it up!

New Mayhem: Mal'Shaar's Malicious Malediction

Replacing Two for Free for this week is this brand new Mayhem teasing the upcoming community voted card Mal’Shaar! In this Mayhem, all minions are granted Stealth when summoned. You’ll need to tool your deck up with ways to detect or reveal enemy minions, otherwise they’ll walk straight past each other. As part of this update you can also complete a special Quest of playing a Mayhem match to earn yourself the Banshee Morellia skin.


  • Accursed Ascension
  • Spectral Essence required from 20 to 15
  • Developer Comments
  • We felt Accursed Ascension required too much dedication to play properly, especially outside of Morellia decks. With this change, you have more deck options while still being able to reach Ascension.

  • Boomer
  • Now has Voidborne Wound: Reduce Mana Cost by 1
  • Developer Comments
  • Boomer has felt underpowered for a while, this change should bring it up to speed while bolstering Voidborne decks.

  • Bridge Shrine
  • Duration decreased from 60 to 45 (Still generates the same amount of total XP)
  • Developer Comments
  • We like the dynamic Bridge Shrine adds to the game, but the recent change to building placement affected Bridge Shrine too much. With this change, Bridge Shrine should become more of a threat that your opponent has to deal with faster.

  • Caged Prowler
  • Health increased from 300 to 400
  • Developer Comments
  • It was too difficult to get decent value out of Caged Prowler because it could be stopped by spells easily. With this change, you are forcing your opponent to deal with it with Minions, or using a more expensive spell.

  • Chain Lightning / Stormy
  • Now has a maximum of 10 bounces
  • Developer Comments
  • Chain Lightning is infamous in 2v2 especially because it could bounce around the entire arena. This change stops those situations while retaining Chain Lightning’s intended power

  • Diona
  • Decoy Trap Mana Cost reduced from 1 to 0
  • Developer Comments
  • Diona has fallen behind the other Masters lately. This change should make her Decoy Trap easier to use and combine with other cards.

  • Dragon Nest
  • Dragon Whelp Mana Threshold decreased from 5 to 4
  • Duration decreased from 35 to 30 seconds
  • Developer Comments
  • Dragon Nest is a fun card to build a deck around. This change should give you more freedom of choice when picking spells for your Dragon Nest deck. 

  • Morellia
  • Basic Attack no longer slows enemy Minions
  • Damage 5 > 6
  • Developer Comments
  • Morellia’s slow can feel extremely punishing to play against, especially in the early game, so we opted to remove it.

  • Netherstep
  • Now only affects Ground minions
  • Now has Voidborne Wound: Reduce Mana Cost by 1
  • Developer Comments
  • This change should add a new tool to the Voidborne tool kit that embraces an aggressive playstyle.

  • Nyrvir the Fallen
  • Damage per Second decreased from 50 to 40
  • Health decreased from 2200 to 2000
  • Developer Comments
  • Nyrvir has been extremely hard to deal with, especially for newer players. This should make her less overwhelming.

  • Ratbo
  • Perk 1 & 3 now summon Armored Scrats if the minion costs 5 or more Mana
  • Developer Comments
  • Ratbo has always been forced to play with cheap Minions. This change should give Ratbo players some more interesting options to choose from, as they will now benefit from adding higher-cost minions to their decks.

  • Ritual of Servitude
  • Mana Cost increased from 2 to 4
  • No longer has a cap on the minion summoned
  • Developer Comments
  • RoS was intended to add value to high-cost decks to make up for their lack of bridge control. Due to the low cost however, it added too much value. With this change, 7+ mana cost are still an option, but with less free value gained from this card. 


  • The Battle Pass and Conquest end dates have been extended to reflect the new release date for The Quest for Mountainshaper.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!