Friday, September 20, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

We've got some extra followup from last week's Apep redesign reveal and some details of Minion Masters for Steam China:

Redesigned Apep Skins

Last week we showed off Apep's brand new look. We're ecstatic at all of the positive feedback we received from all of you, and there were quite a number of requests to show off what all of his previous skins look like with the new model. Well, they've just been completed and we're ready to reveal our new Snake God's outfits:

The Molten, Toxic and Blood Apep skins will retain their animated emission vfx, which we'll hopefully showcase on the next Developer Stream. Which one is your favourite?

Minion Masters for Steam China

Minion Masters has always had a healthy Chinese audience, which is why we were super excited to be one of the first titles confirmed for the platform's release. We're hard at work making sure everything is in the right place for the future release, and while it's a significant time away before anything concrete happens, the possibility to spread Minion Masters to another audience is a fantastic prospect. 

For those who've already followed the news and voiced concerns, we want to emphasize that no existing in-game content will be affected by our plans for Steam China. While there will be alternative models, art etc. to meet Chinese regulations, they will be exclusive to the Steam China edition.

To those Chinese Minion Masters players who have been playing already, we want to thank you for showing your support and hope we can bring you an even better experience over the coming months!

The Deadline for the Emote Contest is approaching!

You've only got a couple of days left to get your entries in for the Minion Masters Emote Contest! Entries will be closing this Monday at 0900 UTC+2, at which point we'll be selecting 5 entrants to be polled by the community for the winners! We've got some fantastic entries so far - Will yours be among them?

The Challenger League's First Tournament Starts this Weekend!

Don't forget to tune into the brand new grassroots Minion Masters tournament happening on Saturday at 1300 UTC! It's a Sideboard Double Elimination format with over $200 in cash alone up for grabs as well as the brand new Dynasty Morellia skin! Join the TCL server for all the information on the event as it happens:

Cheers from BetaDwarf!