Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Update 93 - The last Early Access update

Minion Masters!

This Update is a preparatory patch for Xbox Flight to be on the same server as our Discord and Steam users in roughly a week. We’ve included a lot of optimization changes as well ahead of release, which we are currently planning for the release of Bones and Bravery on Friday the 24th of May. Expect to hear lots of news in the coming weeks as we rapidly approach the exciting launch of v1.0 of Minion Masters!


  • Many various optimization improvements.
  • Added more Power Tokens to the Recruit Friend rewards. These extra Power Tokens will be claimable from the Referral menu if you previously achieved the number of Referrals required.


  • Fixed Guild Conquest Season 2 Rewards being unclaimable if a user had joined the guild late in the previous Conquest Season. The rewards can now be claimed.
  • Fixed Guild Conquest Leaderboard Rewards incorrectly being rewarded twice visually - Thanks to the PuffChamp Guild!
  • Fixed Ruffles being invisible on certain Diona skins - Thanks TomatoMato!
Cheers from BetaDwarf!