Friday, May 24, 2019

Celebrating v1.0 & 9 years of Dev with -100% off DLC and Free games!

We just can’t help ourselves today, Masters!

Here at Betadwarf, we’re celebrating v1.0 and 9 years of making games with a -100% off Accursed Army Pack DLC and giving away 99,999 copies of our games!

How do we make money when we keep giving away gifts, DLC and our games?
We don’t care, it’s the release of Minion Masters!

We’ve compiled this handy list of Acquisition for you:

Phew, so much giving wears you out, but there’s no rest at the BetaDwarf fortress. We’ll be active on all the channels today, answering questions and collecting information, and you might even find us on the ladder. Strictly testing, of course.

But first, we celebrate, and we want you to send your best toast our way!