Friday, March 8, 2019

Voidborne Onslaught DLC - 100% off!

Minion Masters! 

Get it today on Steam or Discord!

It's a jam-packed weekend full of exciting events in the arenas!

Firstly, the new Voidborne Onslaught DLC is available for FREE for this week only! This pack is worth $15 and comes with the following:
  • Animated Voidborne Onslaught Avatar
  • Animated Voidborne Onslaught Emote
  • 3x Colossus
  • 5x Succubus
  • 20x Rammer
  • 40x Nether Bat
  • 40x Morgrul's Ragers
  • 5x Power Tokens

Next, Twitch sensation Kripparian (nl_kripp) will be streaming Minion Masters this Saturday at 10 CET! Rumour has it he has a special promotion to hand out, too... Check out his Twitch stream right here.

We will also be having the Fashion Weekend event! Grab a free skin from the shop and browse some great sales, and take part in a Special Quest to earn some free gold!

Finally, make sure to tune in to the 32nd King Puff Cup happening tomorrow at 1400 UTC! Watch high level competitive Minion Masters players duel it out live on stream with a variety of casting talent from the community at the King Puff Cup channel