Monday, March 4, 2019

Minion Masters Monday - Unified

Minion Masters!

Update 89 is right around the corner, and we've been working hard on a brand new feature to help spice up your Guilds experience. We're even including a few changes in this patch based upon your feedback! More on that later, though, as there are two subjects we need to address before continuing.

Schedules for the future

Firstly, the schedule of the Blog Posts and Developer Streams is going to change starting next week. We felt the timing of the two would often clash and make one or the other redundant, and want to space them out to better suit a Patch release. To this end, blog posts will start being released on Fridays while future Developer Streams (excluding the one happening tomorrow) will occur on Mondays. That means the next blog post will be Friday the 15th of March and we will be dropping the Minion Masters Monday name.

Balance Schedule

Secondly, normally we would have an announcement saying there will be balance changes coming in this patch, as it's been a month since our previous balance pass (We typically aim for balance changes once per month). However, we try to avoid doing Balance Patches on the same week as the King Puff Cup as it can be unfair to players in the competitive Minion Masters scene to have to rethink a lot of their strategies and deckbuilding just two days before the signup deadline occurs. As such, there are no balance changes in Update 89, but they will be coming in Update 90 instead. If you have particular Balance requests or ideas, make sure to forward them to us in all of our usual communication channels as we try to make sure to read all of them once we start drawing up plans for changes.

Art of Conquest

Guild Conquest is coming to Minion Masters! Guild Conquest is where the best will rise to the top, receiving both prestige and rewards as you work with your friends to show everyone that you have the best Guild around! Represent your team and give your all in the gauntlet of champions, unlock rewards for your whole guild, and if you're good enough, get the top prize!  If you're looking for a full, in-depth explanation of the Guild Conquest feature, you'll want to tune in to our Developer Stream...

Happening tomorrow at 1800 UTC! Join BetaDwarf Community Manager That Sprite for the full reveal of the new Guild Conquest feature, as well as a breakdown of everything else that's coming in this patch.

Unity 2018

Update 89 signifies a fairly big change behind the scenes, too, as we update Minion Masters to Unity 2018! This was important for us to do as the new version gives us better developer tools to create more varied and better looking graphics in the future. We've also taken the opportunity to change our colourspace values, giving us more colours to work with in the future. Important to note that with this upgrade, DirectX 9 will no longer be supported by Minion Masters.

King Puff Cup 32

The 32nd King Puff Cup happens soon, Masters! Happening this Saturday on March 9th, players will compete once again for an $800 prize pool, and we're certain there'll be the same high quality of tournament play that we saw last time. Make sure you're there to watch or play, and if you're playing, make sure you contact Julaiwnl#9260 or Salbei#0483 on Discord in order to receive your new King Puff Cup Passport! Sign up here!

That's all for today, Masters. Make sure to stop by our Developer Stream tomorrow, and gather your best allies for the new Guild Conquest feature!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!