Monday, February 25, 2019

Minion Masters Monday - Framed

Minion Masters!

We've entered that transitional period between Battle Passes as the Battle for Light's Reach has begun, but with Minion Masters that never means we stop working hard! And that means working on exciting new iterations to features such as Guilds, it means working towards finding the perfect cards to make for our next Battle Pass, and it also means making sure they're the best they can be for our players.

Frame the Yesterguild

Speaking of guilds, that's a pretty looking Guild Frame, isn't it? Guild Frames are designed to go behind your Guild Icon to help your group stand out even farther from the rest of the crowd. How might you unlock these, you ask? Well... you'll have to stay tuned to find out, but we can tell you it's a prestigious reward that will require a group effort to unlock.

The March 8th Mystery

You may have noticed we had the date March 8th noted in our recent Newsletter (along with that nice free gift code). We can't talk too much about it just yet, but something cool is going to happen that we're certain will put a smile on the face of both new and old players. Make sure you're there, and keep an eye on those Store Pages!


As for internal news, the Forced TTRPG will be starting this week in the BetaDwarf Offices! We don't have much currently to share with everyone as it's still in the early stages, but our Savage Worlds: Adventurer Edition campaign will follow some brave new heroes in various scenarios throughout our game world. DMed by That Sprite, and with UncleOwnage, Sketchyness, lolpatrol and Taclis as the players we hope to create both memorable tales from the universe and a deeper development of our lore. Part of the inspiration that led to the creation of this TTRPG was the internal development of our World Map, which you can find right here. We can expect the campaign to trot all across the known landscape! Stay tuned for updates and stories as we go along, or if you have a particular interest for running your own campaigns contact That Sprite on Steam or Discord for advice.

That's all for today, Masters! Thanks for all of your feedback on the latest Battle Pass, and here's to making the next one just as great!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!