Friday, March 15, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

Welcome to the new Friday Minion Masters blog post, and there's lots to share about this patch and future content for Minion Masters! Firstly, we've got the long-awaited arrival of an old friend for some of our veteran players, as decided by our community in the Card House Contest!

A Stormy's Coming

Stormy, Stormbringer's elemental sidekick, will be releasing to Minion Masters with Update 90! This Legendary Zen-Chi card will be guaranteed to shock your foes, and bring all the elemental power you need to the Minion Masters battlefield. Stormy will be craftable in-game for 2000 shards, or obtained through Power Token spins, like any other Legendary Card. There'll be more news on exactly what Stormy does on our Developer Stream this Monday, so stay tuned!

Battle for Light's Reach extension + Zen-Chi Zap

On a similar Zen-Chi note, we have news about our current Battle Pass as well as the next. Firstly, Battle For Light's Reach will have its duration extended by 1 week, so that it runs until April 17th. Secondly, the next Battle Pass, Zen-Chi Zap, will be what we're referring to as a "Mini-Pass". What's different, you might ask?

  • The Mini-Pass is intended to be a shorter experience, and thus easier to complete.
  • Everything is halved!
    • Half the price
    • Half the tiers
    • Half the cards/skins
    • Half the duration
The Mini-Pass is an experiment to try out different Battle Pass formats, as well as to help us align our production schedules on our end. They also allow us to express different races and affinities more efficiently, so doing a smaller pass in between the larger ones gives us more opportunities to develop our game world. Note that we aren't currently permanently switching to this new Mini-Pass format, and we currently plan for there to be a fully fledged Battle Pass once this ends.

But while everything might be halved, the excitement will remain just the same! We've heard rumours of a certain fiery spirit getting an upgrade that will be coming alongside this Battle Pass... Keep an eye on our Update pages later today for the launch of our Zen-Chi Zap page.

Dwarf Stream incoming!

With Update 90 releasing on Wednesday, it's only appropriate that there be a Developer Stream to accompany it! On the new date of Monday the 18th, you can join BetaDwarf Community Manager That Sprite as he walks you through everything you need to know about the new update, from Stormy, to Balance Changes, to answering your questions about the Mini-Pass format, to maybe even some Viewer Games. Make sure you tune in on the Minion Masters Twitch Stream at 1800 UTC to hang out with our awesome community! Rumour has it, the upcoming Balance Changes will have some love for a certain little box...

BetaDwarf @ San Francisco Game Developers Conference

BetaDwarf will be bringing Minion Masters to the 2019 GDC! You can find us in the Xbox booth from Wednesday the 20th to Saturday the 23rd, where you can meet UncleOwnage and BaboonLord as they show off our fully playable Xbox One port of Minion Masters! If you're in the area, stop by and take the time to chat with them! For details of the Game Developers Conference, just check their website right here. We hope to see some of you there!

King Puff Cup 32 Recap

The 32nd King Puff Cup happened last Saturday. Were you watching? We were, and it was a fantastic display of competitive Minion Masters throughout the show! After a tough Swiss stage full of nailbiting sets, Top 8 showed to be a fierce competition in which multi-tournament winner katt was eliminated 3-2 by CroakerX, who then proceeded to power through long time tournament veteran Dirion on his way to the Grand Finals! Meanwhile, King Puff Cup 31's runner-up Mattie made an impressive showing once again, taking down both videogamer77 and TomatoMato to compete for the top prize. Both players had a phenomenal tournament, and CroakerX ended up being crowned champion in a 3-2 set. 

It was a fantastic tournament, and we're all looking forward to what the King Puff Cup can produce next! There's only one more tournament left until the King Puff Cup Qualifiers start, and we're certain that this one is shaping up to be an event to remember. You can catch up on the VODs of KPC 32 here - Group Stage Top 8

Cheers from BetaDwarf!