Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Update 88 - Battle for Light's Reach

Minion Masters!

The fifth Battle Pass, Battle for Light’s Reach releases today! In this Pass you can find 8 new cards, 5 new emotes, 2 new skins, our first ever Animated Avatar and Emote, and more as the Empyrean and Voidborne forces rage war over a strategically fortified city in the Cracked Mountains. If you want to know where that is, you can check out our new World Map right here.

Battle for Light’s Reach

For centuries fierce Voidborne armies have assaulted the great walls of Light's Reach and been defeated, but now an endless horde of voidborne, led by Crakgul Doomcleaver threatens its very survival and that of the Empyreum.

All that stands in their way are the valiant Empyrean Armies and the greatest warriors humanity have to offer - the Chapter of Light. They are few in number but each warrior is the equal of a hundred men.

This content season will last for 2 months
8 new cards have been released! These are:


  • Several Empyrean units have had their visuals upgraded to be more uniform with their faction.
  • Factions have been added! Every card in Minion Masters, including Master Cards, now have a faction associated with them. Factions also operate as a Search Tag, to help you quickly find cards from your favourite faction.
  • The Card House Contest rolls on! Your keys have been reset, and you can now get Morgrul the Swarmer King from House Valor, Gax the World Bomb from House Triumph, or a Random Legendary Card from House Glory. Get them to enable your new Voidborne deck!
  • The “Top 20” Leaderboard text has been updated to say Top 150.
  • Removed the Tick noise on the Main Menu carousel. Your ears can now rest.
  • Added a notification in chat for Guild Leaders and Officers when they have a new applicant.
  • Upgraded our Twitch Bot to write a message in chat about how to use the Puff Audience commands while a streamer has the arena active. It will only send the message when you return to the Main Menu and 50 messages have been sent since the last time the bot sent a message, to avoid flooding slower chats.
  • Increased the amount of emotes per row on the Emote tower to 5 to stop it stretching off the screen again.
  • Consolidated all the Guild and Friend lobbies into one menu that pops up when Create Lobby is pressed.


  • Fixed an issue where two Wheel of Dooms being cast by opposing players would cause the first Wheel to do nothing - Thanks MiKe!
  • Fixed the Mute List being missing - Thanks Euphytose!
  • Fixed an issue where Guilds Search would not update until the button was pressed.
  • Fixed Guild Title always being displayed in capital letters, even if it was different in the Guild Search.
  • Fixed Guild Info not updating with new players that join a guild unless you refreshed it.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not leave a Guild if you were the only member in it and there was a pending application.
  • Fixed an issue where Past seasons on the Leaderboard returned an error.
  • Fixed an issue where the time given for a user to complete the tutorial after following a Referral link was dramatically shorter than intended.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!