Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Update 81

Minion Masters!

The Memote Mêlée has finally ended, with Team PuffChamp having the most members by a landslide. Thanks to everyone who participated and got involved with the community during the event!

But with that out of the way, we’ve got the long awaited Wheel of Doom release as well as some new features for our Streamer audience!

Wheel of Doom

The Wheel of Doom is finally here! This legendary card is the easiest way to create some chaos on the battlefield and was the winner of the Best of House Valor event quite some time ago. Everyone who completed that event will receive a free copy of the card, whereas for other users it’s available for crafting as of this update. But what is the Wheel of Doom, you ask?

It’s a 4 mana line AoE spell, firstly. Think about it like how Milloween’s Arcane Missiles are cast in that regard, but with a larger radius. This spinning death wheel will deal two instances of 150 damage to any unit it comes into contact with (including your own), dealing a total of 300 damage (50% to Master tower). However, if any unit survives both hits, the wheel will shatter and the spell will end, leaving everything behind the unit unharmed. Get out there and cause some mayhem!

Streamer Arena

This new arena you’ll notice on the Arena selection will become available when the game detects someone is streaming through the Twitch Boost feature. It’s like the default arena, but your audience can pop in to cheer you on in your matches as puff fans! They can emote and jump around while you’re in the menus or while you’re playing the game using commands in twitch chat. You can find all of the currently available commands here:

To disable this feature, simply select another arena. This is a first iteration, so we’re looking forward to getting your feedback on what we can change or improve! Make sure to give us your feedback on our Stomt, Discord or Steam Forums.

Steamer UI

We’re also including an optional alternate UI designed to help streamers find the space to fit all of their graphics and cameras. Selectable in the Settings menu under either Twitch Boost or the Visual settings, this will rearrange parts of the UI to give you plenty of space at the bottom of the screen to put your webcam, streamer graphics, and anything else you want to store. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


  • The Twitch Memote Melee event has ended, and Watch & Win codes are back to giving 200 Gold again.
  • There is now a notification underneath the Battle Pass if you have unclaimed rewards.
  • The Featured Shop Offer slots now rotate between two different featured offers. This means there are now four featured offers at a time.
  • Added a button on the menu that will take you to a Youtube search for Minion Masters videos underneath the Twitch Panel.
  • The Master Tower ragdoll has been updated to better fit the new one.
  • The Gold tooltip has been updated to mention Shop Offers, Draft Tickets and Mayhem Runs - Thanks Steven!


  • Fixed an issue with the Russian translation that would crash the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the Spanish translation that would make 1 mana Soul Stealers invade the Deckbuilding.
  • Fixed Assassin not benefitting from King Puff’s second perk properly - Thanks Mutrock!
  • Fixed Raging Reinforcements missing its high resolution Card Art.
  • Fixed an instance where Zeppelin Bomber could hit Troubadour from a long distance - Thanks Greywolf!
  • Fixed the Armored Escort icon not appearing on the enemy master when cast.
  • Fixed the Mana Surge bar not appearing if you had a Mana Surge card in your opening hand.
  • Fixed Morgrul the Swarmer King not properly granting on-kill benefits to Soul Stealer when killed - Thanks Xiniu!
  • Fixed the friends list being bugged sometimes in Expeditions - Thanks Crabhead!
  • Fixed Re-boomer being stuck in a Sacrifice state if killed while under the effects of Gor’Rakk Sacrifice - Thanks BOB!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!