Monday, October 29, 2018

Minion Masters Monday - Spin the Wheel of Doom!

Minion Masters!

A new week starts and we have the next update in the pipeline. While currently being finished and polished, Update 81 is scheduled for Wednesday, October 31st! The live servers are expected to go down around 8am UTC if everything goes to plan. What do we have for you in Update 81?

The Wheel of Doom comes to Minion Masters!

Sorry for the long wait, Masters! Originally announced as the winning card of the last Tri-Team tournament, the Wheel of Doom took longer than expected to cause the maximum mayhem on the flying arenas. Mordar made sure that this little wheel, invented by a madman and infused with magic, destroys friend and foe alike.

It will be a spell, it will cost...

Let's stop right here! What follows will not be pleasant, but we will not reveal the stats just yet! Why? Because we have a new Dwarf stream incoming, tomorrow ;)

But first, we have a Halloween special to announce!

Well, to be honest, Edelweiss and Kishin are the original announcers. Both of them are well-known community members and because they love Halloween so much, they decided to host a Halloween-themed tournament on Saturday, November 3rd at 15:00 UTC. The whole tournament comes with scary in-game prizes sponsored by BetaDwarf Entertainment, and on top of that, every participant will get a prize for sure!

Check out the tournament sign-up page, read the rulebook carefully to know what scary cards you might have to include in your decks, and sign-up for the fun today!

Dwarf stream someone?

"Book me in!" That's what we wanna hear! That Sprite & Erythais will stream for you again on Tuesday, October 30th at 18:00 UTC and, of course, the Wheel of Doom will be the highlight. We'll reveal everything about the favorite tool to cause maximum mayhem on the flying arenas, we answer your questions, we talk a lot of nonsense, and we just have fun together!

Sounds like something you don't wanna miss tomorrow? Then follow our official Twitch channel to get notified as soon as we are live!

Important message from C-SAR (maybe just UncleOwnage) at this point:

You love teasers? Ready for the maximum hype despite the fact that Wheel of Doom is already enough? There are no brakes on the hype train, though: we have a special streamer feature coming with Update 81. Let's just say that the flying arenas will finally be filled with YOUR AUDIENCE [insert favorite hype emote here]!

Last, but not least...

...we have a bit of a sad message for you this day. As with everything in life, people come and go. Some are seeking new adventures, while others have to deal with more important things than Minion Masters (is there really anything more important?).

Today we announce that your favorite Community Manager, Erythais, is leaving. By his own choice, he will hand over all Community Management responsibilities to That Sprite on Friday, November 9th. There are various reasons for this move, but instead of speculating we want him to speak for himself:

Hello Masters!

After being able for more than a year now to enjoy my stay with you as a Community Manager, I have to say goodbye. Well, not a total goodbye, but I will no longer be able to fulfill my responsibilities as a Community Manager coming November 9th.

BetaDwarf and I leave in good terms and my decision to quit my job is based mainly upon personal reasons. Especially my health condition was getting worse lately. I have a chronic disease to deal with and adding the higher workload due to the recent Discord launch, as well as stress due to several factors to it, the situation got to a point where I had to take actions. Unfortunately.
That being said, I will still be with you as part of the King Puff Cup staff! Let's bring competitive Minion Masters to new horizons and let AMD & SteelSeries just be some sponsors ;) I will also be a Discord & in-game moderator. So behave, as I will be able to swing that ban hammer further :P

I don't want to write multiple pages, as everything is said, already. Last, but not least though, I want to thank all of you for a great time, amazing talks, hilarious rants, and your general support for BetaDwarf as an amazing company, Minion Masters as an amazing game, and, of course, this awesome community! Keep giving feedback, keep reporting bugs, keep suggesting, keep whining, keep ranting at times, as all of that will help the Dwarves to make Minion Masters even better. Thanks for letting me be a part of that exciting journey, Masters & Dwarves!

Cheers from Erythais

BetaDwarf wants to thank Erythais for all he has done for us as a company, Minion Masters as a game, and you as the community. We will miss him as a Community Manager, but we’re thrilled that he decided to stick around as an active member of the King Puff Cup staff and moderator. Thanks Erythais and best of luck!


That's all for today, Masters! Have a nice start to the week, make sure to tune in for the Dwarves live on Twitch tomorrow & prepare for the Halloween tournament this Saturday ;)

Cheers from BetaDwarf