Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Update 80

Minion Masters!

The Memote Mêlée is nearing the end, with only 7 days left, you must hurry and get your time-limited memote!

This week we’ve got some great new stuff for you Masters - 2vs2 Mayhem functionality!
It took some work, but you can now join mayhems with your friends or play with randoms in addition to playing 1vs1!

2v2 Mayhem

  • You can now create Team lobbies in Mayhem
  • You’ll be able to search alone for a Team Battle or join with a friend.
  • You can even play 1 vs 1 battles with the same deck, seamlessly switching!
  • The rewards and game modes are the same, except for the usual changes from Battle to Team Battle


  • Crystal Construct
    • Mana refunded from 2 to 1

--- Developer comments ---
The 2 mana refund mechanic of Crystal Construct was originally intended to make the card act as a “3.5” mana card. Unfortunately, sometimes experiments don’t work out, and the card ended up being stronger than we would have liked. The mana refund was also a little problematic in Mordar decks as it allowed him to snowball quickly with a unit that was easy to support with any other backup.

  • Rabid Prowler
    • No longer gains Frenzy when the condition is met.

--- Developer comments ---
Rabid Prowler’s power level after the recent buff made it a far more oppressive strategy than we had hoped for. The combination of both Rage and Frenzy required a near instant reaction to avoid the card dealing massive amounts of damage to either the minions or your master tower.
This change leaves us with a final movement from Frenzy to Rage, where Rage should have more impact on the Rabid Prowler because it has more synergy with the pounce.

  • Dragon Ball
    • Mana cost of minion required to activate effect from 3 to 4

--- Developer comments ---
Dragonball had been a popular card since its inception due to its versatility combined with how many decks ran 3 mana cost minions such as Plasma Marines, Xiao Long, etc. The card was ultimately a bit too strong as a result, and the conditional effect never really felt like something that you had to actively consider. By making it a 4 mana cost requirement there should hopefully be more of an involved thought process when playing the card, but still retain the exceptional value the spell was known for.

  • Crystal Sentry
    • Health from 250 to 275
    • Damage from 50 to 55

--- Developer comments ---
Crystal Sentry was very slightly underperforming to our expectations. Its health was just shy of making it useful as the ranged tank we were hoping it could be.. Therefore we’re hoping a minor stats increase can make the card a bit more viable.

  • Musketeer
    • Health from 200 to 230

--- Developer comments ---
Musketeer, while providing a strong niche counter to some specific units and having solid DPS, would often struggle to see use outside of its specific scenarios due to its low health, which made it vulnerable to multi-unit cards or ranged attackers. This minor HP increase shouldn’t take away from its role as a glass cannon parry unit, but still, give it an extra boost in survivability.

  • Dragon Nest
    • Mana from 5 to 4
    • Duration from 45 to 35
    • Health from 300 to 250

--- Developer comments ---
Dragon Nest has definitely presented a challenge to us, and since the last changes made, it hasn’t seen much use.
We felt it was time to try a middle-ground between what we’ve had previously, and this change should make it easier to get on the field, but still possible to deal with for a variety of decks, as the summoned dragons remain flightless.

  • Raging Reinforcements
    • Crossbow Dude count up from 3 to 4

--- Developer comments ---
Crossbow Dudes would typically feel like the “bad” outcome of Raging Reinforcements, as their overall DPS and low survivability generally made them inferior to the Warrior and Dragon Whelp. By adding a fourth Crossbow Dude their DPS is more in line with the other options and should become a strong unit for supporting other units.

  • Cannon Roller
    • Attack Delay from 800 to 600

--- Developer comments ---
One of the major issues with Cannon Roller was that it would have a hard time attacking ranged minions, causing it to inevitably take large amounts of damage. While it was intended to be weak to Ranged enemies this leaves it with two heavy counters; flying and ranged. This Attack Delay buff should help to reduce the amount of chip damage it takes, making ranged slightly less effective, but still a counter.


  • On hover cards now give a description of the buffs they have.
  • Power Tokens now have proper physics when you buy multiple tokens at once.
  • Removed the “Recruit a Friend” menu point while you’re in a match.
  • Hover tooltips from card descriptions now display at the bottom in situations where the description itself is a tooltip. E.g. in a match or in deckbuilding overview, you will now see mechanics explanations since you can’t hover the mechanics themselves.
  • You can now purchase offers with Gold prices using Rubies. It was strange when you didn’t have a chance to purchase a gold offer because you hadn’t saved up, and it wasn’t possible to grind the gold during the time frame.
  • Expedition battles now save replays.
  • Disabled some cheat codes not intended to be exposed for users, even though they didn’t work for matches.
  • Unclaimed rewards from previous Battle Passes should now be claimed automatically upon logging in after a new Battle Pass comes out. This applies retroactively to Battle Passes 1 and 2.


  • Fixed Morgrul the Swarmer King being able to cleave.
  • Fixed an issue where some users would get watch and win codes when not streaming, and streamers not getting watch and win codes.
  • Fixed a translation issue on the buffs of some cards, thasnks DjCube32
  • Fixed an issue where login would mess with some data and display twice your collection - Thanks Bryan Ford
  • Fixed an issue where Settsu’s Jump would cause enemies to target points in the sky - Thanks JimmyNavio
  • Fixed a bug where some Melee units would use projectiles as if ranged, which could make them hit things after they died (specifically Dragon Whelp and Flightless Dragons) - Thanks Optimist.
  • Fixed a bug where Minions with Mana Surge would lose Mana Surge when coming out of a Black Hole - thanks Jules.
  • Fixed some issues where Premium Upgrades would not award properly on Discord after buying.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mana Surge indication would not appear on the Mana bar if you did not have a Mana Surge Minion in your deck, but still obtained one
  • Fixed a bug where Spear Throwers would not show aggro indicator on flying Minions - thanks Omicron666
  • Fixed some wording on the Rank Up intro quests.
  • Fixed some issues with quests and achievements not claiming properly.
  • Fixed an issue where card frames would display wrongly when spectating - thanks Kishin.
  • Fixed users who had non-english characters in their install directories having their decks wiped.

Cheers from BetaDwarf