Monday, September 3, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Invitational Winners & a busy September

Minion Masters!

With September starting out, we have a lot of things in the pipeline. We're currently working towards a potential Discord store launch at any point in the September/October area, but that doesn't stop us from bringing new features, content, and 'Quality of Life' improvements to Minion Masters. But first...

The old champion is the new champion!

Yes, he did it again! Memfisto won the 3rd King Puff Invitational and is thus the only player so far winning two season finals in a row. Congratulations on that outstanding performance from BetaDwarf Entertainment! In a little talk a while after the KPI #3 live stream, Memfisto wanted to make sure that his coach gets mentioned, as well. Neo alias smncub is coaching and supporting Memfisto and thus one of the people behind the scenes helping to make the success possible.

But we do not want to forget everyone else after rank one, right? boxes lost in the grand finals, after a full Best of 5 set, to Memfisto with 2:3. Being 2nd in such a high-level tournament is an outstanding performance, as well! The grand finals turned out to be pretty close games and the end result further underlines that. Congratulations boxes!

Videogamer77 managed to beat Zgriptor 3-0 in the match for rank three. Interestingly, Zgriptor managed to beat Videogamer77 back in the group stage. Maybe Videogamer77 was still a bit sleepy back then? Or he just found a way to deal with little Dragons, finally. Congrats to both of them!

Before we send you over to watch the official VOD, here's the 3rd King Puff Invitational's Top 8:
  1. Memfisto
  2. boxes
  3. Videogamer77
  4. Zgriptor
  5. ICN_RushSecond
  6. NuclearGoo
  7. TerraReveene
  8. Julaiwnl
As we said, here's the official VOD of the 3rd King Puff Invitational! We can only recommend watching the whole show, as the matches are amazing no matter if it was still the group stage or the final stage.

Before we change topics, we want to shout-out special thanks to RushSecond. He officially announced his retirement from competitive Minion Masters shortly after the 3rd King Puff Invitational finished. Thanks RushSecond for a great time, watching you play, watching you win the 1st King Puff Invitational and just having you around! We wish you nothing but the very best for whatever you're looking forward to in your life.

New stuff on the horizon!

Dwarves are known for working tirelessly. If we look into some fantasy movies, for instance, we can safely assume that things like the Mines of Moria were surely not built in a day nor with a modern 8h working day schedule, free weekends included. While game development is not exactly building the Mines of Moria, a bit of "working tirelessly" doesn't hurt. Today's gaming industry is more fast-paced than ever and gamers want to be entertained with ever-new content, features, and improvements.

Where shall we start? We have multiple cards on the balance radar, including - but not exclusively -  Xiao Long, Healing Shrine, and Guardian.

We are working on more stuff to do in the game, such as collecting vanity items gathering login bonuses. Rewarding you for referring friends does sound alright, doesn't it? Social features were teased a while ago, but we did not forget about it ;)

Shop 2.0 launched with Update 75 and we received a lot of feedback from you guys. That's why you will see further improvements based on said feedback in September's future updates. Mayhem is also on the radar, as we received a lot of feedback here, as well. Do you still want to jump right into the Mayhem with a friend?

Emotes are another story we are looking into. With more and more Emotes being added to Minion Masters, the Emote box in matches gets kinda crowded. Selecting Emotes you really want would be a sweet thing, right? Several other QoL improvements are in the pipeline also.

While this is only a vague overview lacking in-depth details, we will provide further insights over the course of the nest weeks. A first start will be made live on Twitch next Tuesday when That Sprite & Erythais will be having UncleOwnage as a guest on the Dwarf stream! You can safely look forward to a lot of answered questions from the chat, insights on bullet points we mentioned here, and leaks!

Update: UncleOwnage wants to make sure to start leaking prior to him being live on stream next week! He mentioned that Player Avatars are coming to Minion Masters.


That's all for today, Masters! We do not want to take more time away from Erythais' birthday today, do we? Have a great start to the week everyone, as well as all the fun in the world on the flying arenas.

Cheers from BetaDwarf