Friday, June 29, 2018

Community Happenings - Weekends full of competition

Minion Masters!

It's Friday already. The Dwarves are working hard to get everything set up and done for the next week. It's not as hot as it was a month earlier in Europe when the heatwave passed by. Nevertheless, some Dwarves are already sweating at 25° Celsius. Some players split across different countries and continents are getting ready for something else: competitive Minion Masters! The King Puff Cup staff is about to kick off King Puff Cup 22 tomorrow. And the next week...

What's coming up next week?

...brings no new update. We're going back to a bi-weekly patch schedule. Update 71 is scheduled for July 11th and we're working hard on getting that Demon Warrior rework ready. We know that quite a few players can't wait any longer, but we want to take our time. Sure, we could simply nerf the unit to the ground. But just swinging the nerf hammer really hard is not a long-term solution. That's why we're opting for a rework, which is more complex to do and thus takes a bit more time.

More information on that subject, as well as Update 71, in general, will follow with the next couple of blog posts and - of course - live on our weekly Dwarf stream every Tuesday at 18:00 UTC!

Super Mega Dwarf Pack at King Puff Cup 22!

There's a lot of tournaments going on these days. Fun tournaments with huge in-game prizes and even an exclusive skin! Some players, however, take it more seriously and are looking for a more competitive experience. That's where the King Puff Cup tournament circuit comes into play. That's not to say new players shouldn't participate! Gathering that early tournament experience is a very important step when aiming to find an entrance into the digital, competitive scene. And matches against the best players will result in the best practice there is!

King Puff Cup 22 is announced and scheduled on Saturday, June 30th at 13:00 UTC. The deadline for sign-ups and deck submissions is today at 13:00 UTC, so you still have ~5 hours time to read the official announcement and do the steps necessary to grab your spot for the oldest and most popular tournament series in Minion Masters! $350 prize pool, circuit points needed for the King Puff Invitational, in-game prizes at the end of the King Puff Cup season & a Super Mega Dwarf Pack containing 60 Tokens, 1,000 Rubies, and 10,000 Gold to one random participant are waiting for you.

Good luck everyone!

Betrayal will happen!

StevenEven and Edelweiss are going to present the first S.E.T. (Steven's Even Tournament) on Friday, July 6th at 17:00 UTC! The chosen format is truly unique and fits the fun tournament section nicely.

The tournament will be run with a custom format called "Betrayal", divided into 3 stages single elimination stage:
  • Stage one: 2vs2, Best-Of-3
Get a teammate and fight against another team. The winning team advances to the next stage.
  • Stage two (Betrayal): 1vs1, Best-Of-3
Advancing teams are split and players are forced to play against their teammate from the previous stage.
  • Stage three: 1vs1, Best-Of-3, Best-Of-5 in the finals
Goes on as a normal bracket with single elimination format.

The prizes you can win in this tournament will be granted by the respective stage you'll reach:
  • First stage - 2vs2 stage - Dwarf pack (3 Power Tokens + 1.500 Gold)
  • Second stage - Betrayal stage - Big Dwarf pack (15 Power Tokens + 300 Rubies)
  • Third stage - Final stage - Big Dwarf Pack + Sunken Temple Arena (in case you already own the arena, you will get a random legendary card instead)
  • Winner - Mega Dwarf Pack (25 Tokens + 500 Rubies + 5000 Gold) + Dynasty Milloween Skin
There's still enough time to grab your friend and sign-up for S.E.T. #1 and here's the link to the official announcement.

Let's fight with Swongolian standards!

SwongoTV was the most watched Minion Masters streamer on Twitch for three weeks in a row. He has built an amazing community and while he feels like he is still too inexperienced to participate in tournaments, hosting a tournament is another story. And thus we will see SwongoTV's Classic tournament on Saturday, July 7th at 15:00 UTC.

What's coming up is a single elimination bracket with the Last Master Standing format. Legendary cards will be banned. Demon Warrior will be banned. The new Season cards will be banned. But fun is going to be guaranteed! SwongoTV wants kind of a basic tournament and the setting is perfectly suited for new players. The prize pool contains loads of Power Tokens, Gold and Rubies - and the exclusive Dynasty Milloween skin for the winner.

What you need to do to participate? Follow this link, read the short description carefully and sign-up!


That's all for today, Masters! Good luck to everyone participating tomorrow in King Puff Cup 22 and we'll see you on the flying arenas or live on Twitch.

Cheers from BetaDwarf