Monday, March 5, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Incubus meets Draft mode

Minion Masters!

Last Friday we promised a bit more information on the upcoming Update 61 for Minion Masters. This patch is planned for March 14th. What's included? Let's have a brief look.

Draft event and a new card

After many events featuring the Expeditions, we wanted to highlight the main game modes some more. That's why Update 61 starts a Draft event lasting for 2 weeks. From March 14th until March 28th it's time for you to show off your skills in building a deck from random cards! To bring something fresh into it, we're changing the Draft mode rewards.

Normally, you'll get rewarded according to the total wins you managed to achieve during your Draft run. Well, that doesn't change. But how about one-time rewards at certain win thresholds? Yes, we thought you might like that ;) The best part is: these one-time rewards will be granted to you on top of the normal rewards! More income per Draft even if you don't reach 12 wins.

Another thing that changes for the event is a special reward, so to speak. The Minion Masters Card Design Contest winning card Incubus will be exclusively available throughout the event! All you have to do is to achieve 12 wins in Draft mode.

On top of that, every Draft ticket gets a 40 percent chance to get a choice of 3 cards including the Incubus. Once you unlock a copy you can craft more, and the card is obtainable after the event via spins and crafting.

In case you missed our initial reveal of the Incubus during the last King Puff Invitational, here's the VOD. Please note, that at this point the Incubus wasn't finally balanced and stats, as well as skills of the card, are subject to change.

Other changes you should know about

As it stands, Update 61 will additionally contain bug fixes and several smaller changes. To date, we do not plan balance changes with Update 61. However, there might be a Steam sale on the horizon ;)

When it comes to the tournament scene around Minion Masters, the V.U. Open was happening last Saturday! Sinilil ran this tournament mainly to do our US-based players a favor in terms of tournament starting time and to have a competitive event with the new settings introduced with Update 60. Here's the Top4 of this event:
  1. boxes
  2. Edelweiss
  3. ecke
  4. Terra Reveene
Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to everyone participating!


That's all for today, Masters! Now head back to the flying arenas and it's probably a good idea to train your Draft skills ;)

Cheers from BetaDwarf