Friday, March 9, 2018

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Minion Masters!

Update 61 is around the corner and we at the office are already excited to play Draft mode with additional rewards and the Incubus. How about you? Well, there's still a few days between now and next Wednesday. To make the waiting a bit easier, we want to introduce a few pieces of content created by our community.

In-depth looks

Edelweiss is one of our top players and can be regularly seen in the Top20. He's also one of the top content creators on YouTube when it comes to Minion Masters. Generally, he provides in-depth looks on changes we make, but funny content as well.

Black Hole Wars, for instance, was about a 2vs2 match he played with a friend and just like the title already tells us, a lot of Black Holes where used.

His latest video is about Update 60 and all the related changes. Edelweiss provides his own opinion on the update and balance changes and presents a Ravager deck, which he made mainly to counter Demon Warrior Apep.

If you want to check out more of Edelweiss' content, you can find his YouTube channel here and his Twitter account here.

Grandmaster's Journey

Another, very active content creator on YouTube is Zgriptor. He presents first looks at new updates as well as deck ideas. Zgriptor is - just like Edelweiss - a regular Top20 player and an active tournament participant.

In the video above, Zgriptor presents a deck made with 10 legendary cards. A really funny project and he even managed to reach #1 in 1vs1 with it.

His latest project is a series of videos called Grandmaster's Journey. Zgriptor recorded his 1vs1 games until he hit Grandmaster in February in this series and presents them live commentated. Be it new players or veterans, there's surely a lot of stuff where one can learn something new from such a series. The current Episode is 9, but better you start with Episode 1 ;)

If you're interested in more content from Zgriptor, you can find his YouTube channel here and his Twitter account here.

More content?

If you want even more content about Minion Masters, we suggest to simply search for "Minion Masters" on YouTube or head over to Twitch! We have some very active and regular streamers appreciating every single viewer. Our latest streamers are - for instance - Dorwulf and SwongoTV.

We want to thank every content creator for the effort and support at this point and we hope that we will see even more Minion Masters content in the future!


That's all for today, Masters! Head back to the flying arenas or enjoy some content from our community members. In any case, have a nice weekend everybody!

Cheers from BetaDwarf