Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday's Community Happenings

Minion Masters!

A busy week comes to an end. Wasn't that a really huge patch on Wednesday? So many changes, adjustments and we're just getting started. Remember when we told you: "2018 will be legendary"? We meant it ;)

Minion Masters this weekend?

The King Puff Cup took a break after the King Puff Invitational and plans to start the third season in April. The current dates can be seen here:

Seems like the King Puff Cup staff changed the look of their graphics as well ;) But what exactly does that mean for competitive Minion Masters? Only ladder until April? 

Definitely not. Sinilil, one of the casters for the King Puff Cup, announced the V.U. Open, yesterday. According to him, this tournament will happen on Saturday, March 3rd at 1pm EST (UTC -5) and aims to collect data on the impact of the Visual Rework on competitive Minion Masters and to have some fun in a competitive environment. Nevertheless, we appreciate the effort and want to give participants a little incentive. Therefore the prize pool for this tournament is 5.000 Rubies and 20.000 Gold.

Everybody can participate and the tournament rules are quite easy: no Wild cards, have fun. Here you go for additional information and to sign up!

Next week in Minion Masters

On Wednesday, we introduced Update 60 - Looks matter! The Visual Rework and all related changes, as well as balance adjustments, were huge and changed Minion Masters in several areas. What exactly happened can be read in our official patch notes.

Next week, we want to give you a little insight on our next patch, which is planned for March 14th, if all goes to plan. It's all about Draft mode and a new card we already revealed during the King Puff Invitational on Saturday, February 24th

The PTR (Public Test Realm) was shut down this week and will eventually return for short test periods, whenever deemed important. At his point, we want to thank our whole community for being so engaged, supportive, talkative and putting so much effort into helping us improve Minion Masters! You guys are amazing!


That's all for this week, Masters. After 9 pages of patch notes on Wednesday, there's not that much left to tell :P Have a nice weekend everybody!

Cheers from BetaDwarf