Monday, November 27, 2017

Minion Master's Monday - King Puff, Money and Demons

Minion Masters!

Did you have a nice weekend? We sure hope so! Our weekend was about rumors and guesses. But also about tournament prizes & votings. Today is Minion Master's Monday and we have a few topics to talk about. Again, it's about rumors, guesses, prizes and votings.

Get a partner, Masters!

Because King Puff Cup 13 gives you a total of 225 reasons to do so! Yes, you got that right: King Puff Cup is officially sponsored by BetaDwarf Entertainment with prize money for every single tournament! So far, the King Puff Cup staff decided to distribute $225 amongst the Top4 players:
  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $60
  • 3rd place: $40
  • 4th place: $25
King Puff Cup 13 will take place on December 2nd at 14 UTC. This time it's a 2vs2 tournament without any restrictions. You and your partner are free to play whatever you desire most. Please make sure to read the official announcement for all the information and rules you need, as well as for the link in order to sign up and compete for a prize pool of $225.

Changes on the horizon

While prize money for the King Puff Cup is a huge announcement, our comunity was actively guessing about changes to a specific Minion, the Demon Warrior. She was called overpowered, some of you thought she might get removed. To clear that up: we will not change her gameplay-wise. The announced changes are a visual overhaul that also involves her animations. To quote UncleOwnage at this point, the visuals and animations were "crappy".

What's your interests?

Last Friday, we asked you to vote for content you're interested in. So far, the leading part of the community (29 percent) wants to see kind of an ongoing AMA called "Ask The Dwarves". Another 22 percent wants to see more and larger interviews, followed by 20 percent voted for "Deck of the Week".

Just to make sure: this poll runs until December 1st at 10am CET. So make sure to vote for content you're interested in!

You can find a brief explanation of the topics in our last Community Happenings.

Minion Masters Card Design Contest

210 submissions are too much? Not for ThatSprite and Sinilil! Both were discussing every single card idea live on Twitch last Friday. It took a while, but they did it! If you have 5 hours to spend and want to hear their recommendations and thoughts, here's the VOD.

And don't forget to vote! The first voting of the Minion Masters Card Design Contest in cooperation with Zgriptor will run until November 30th, 10am CET.


Now, we wish you a successful week. We also want to encourage you to grab your friend and participate in the first King Puff Cup with prize money! Still looking for a partner? Have a look at our official Discord. The #tournament channel is waiting for you.

Cheers from BetaDwarf