Friday, November 24, 2017

Community Happenings - Did you already vote?

Minion Master at the Xbox Booth in France

Welcome to our Community Happenings! Did you have an exciting week? We for sure hope so! In the office, the team was busy like usual and while Monday and Tuesday were quiet, Wednesday came with a lot of work after we updated the game. Like you most probably noticed, we experienced some server issues. Seems like the Masters needed some extra time to get ready ;)

Minion Masters Card Design Contest

Yesterday, we started phase 2 of the Minion Masters Card Design Contest in cooperation with Zgriptor. Phase 2 is the 1st voting with a mega poll containing all 210 unique and valid submissions. The voting will run for 7 days until November 30th at 11am CET! During that time, every community member is able to vote for as many cards as desired. Please note, that every respondent will be required to sign in to Google and submitting the votes is limited to 1 respond per user. So please make sure you voted for every card you wanted to prior to submitting your votes.

How it works

Since the thread on the Steam forums and Reddit felt a bit complicated to read, we copied every valid submission into a spreadsheet, which will serve as a tool for you to see all the essentials of every card idea. The poll itself does only contain the card names. Here's a brief instruction how the voting works:

  1. Take your time and look out for interesting cards ideas in the spreadhseet
  2. On the poll page, press CTRL + F and copy the card name into the search field
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Vote for the card idea
  5. Repeat the steps for multiple votes

I want to see the 210 submissions! → to the spreadsheet
Let me vote! → to the poll

The results can be seen anytime!

After 7 days, we will close the voting and start a new one. Phase 3 will start with 9 cards (the 3 most wanted card ideas of each category) and pitch them against each other to determine the winning card idea. The categories were: Melee, Ranged and Flying.

Phase 3 will run for 5 additional days. Watch out for announcements on the Steam forums, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Discord.

Another voting starts

Like mentioned in our last Minion Master's Monday, we will start another voting today. In fact, the voting started with the release of this blog post. What we want to know from you? Simple:

In order to deliver you content you are interested in, we developed some topic ideas. The topic ideas are as follows:

  1. Deck of the Week: The Deck of the Week would be a randomized choice from our side. We would choose a Top20 player or a submitted deck (including at least 3 replays against different opponents) and feature it in our Friday blog posts. That format includes the deck, a brief explanation of the player about the deck and its cards as well as replays or videos.
  2. Twitch Clips: This is more an addition to the Community Happenings. We would love to see you contribute to the content we present. Therefore, you would be able to send us Twitch Clips and a brief explanation. We would publish them on our blog and mention you, of course! In the end, these clips could be presented as something like "Best Plays of the Week" or "Funniest Minion Master Moments".
  3. Interviews: Our interviews were rather short. The reason for that is, that we do not want to publish a longread every week. If you want to see longer and more detailed interviews, vote for it! We would then publish them as an extra blog post.
  4. Ask the Dwarves: We know that you want to know as much as possible about Minion Masters and what's going on behind the scenes. Since we cannot answer every single thread on the Steam forums or on Reddit and the team is too busy for regular Developer Streams or AMA's, we thought "Ask the Dwarves" could be a cool idea! You would send your questions to Erythais and every Friday, he would select 3-5 questions to be answered in the blog post.
  5. Player of the Month: The Player of the Month would be voted by you! In the last week of the season, we would start a survey to determine the player, who gets featured on our blog! That format would include an interview, used decks for the season, explanations, replays/videos and so on.
The poll will run for 7 days and you can vote for multiple topics. More than one respond per person is not allowed! The results of the poll will be presented next Friday.

The results can be seen anytime!

Since we got you covered for the weekend and next week, we feel that coming to an end for that weeks Community Happenings is reasonable. Have a nice weekend everybody and don't forget to bring the flying arenas to life!

Cheers from BetaDwarf