Monday, November 20, 2017

Minion Master's Monday - Announcements and Votings

It's Monday, the day after King Puff Cup 12 and also only a few more days to go until the next patch and the start of the votings for our Minion Masters Card Design Contest in cooperation with Zgripper - sorry - Zgriptor. We always appreciate Tengs (a Minion Masters addict and caster for the King Puff Cup) and his very own pronounciations ;)

Only 3 more days...

...until our Card Design Contest moves on to the next phase. You still have some time left to submit your card ideas on the Steam forums or Reddit. On Wednesday, November 22nd we will lock the threads as soon as the patch notes are live. From that point on, we cannot accept any further submission for the contest. The votings will start on Thursday, November 23rd at 10am CET. So watch out for the link and further instructions after patch day.

King Puff Cup and prize money

Yesterday, King Puff Cup 12 was streamed live on Twitch by everyone's favorite Dipshit and Tengs. We saw intense games and while some of the big names of the scene couldn't make it, the participants showed us superb gameplay. In the end, Dirion managed to beat Videogamer77 in the grand finals. Zgriptor managed to grab the third place.

That brings us to the current standings:

Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to all participants, viewers and the KPC staff!

Dipshit also announced the King Puff Cup as officially sponsored by BetaDwarf! Yes, you got that right! Every King Puff Cup will come with prize money in the future. The exact amount will be announced by the King Puff Cup staff together with the next official announcement of KPC 13.

By the way: if you were unable to watch the King Puff Cup live, yesterday - here's your VOD!

We need your decision, Masters!

Before we come to an end for this blog post, we have one more announcement to make. On Friday, November 24th at 10am CET, we will start another poll. As we mentioned several times before, we want our amazing community closer to us in certain areas. One of these areas is our blog here. In order to deliver you more enjoyable content, we decided to just ask you what you want! As simple as that.

We will start a poll with several topics to choose from. You can decide what interests you most and just tell us. Most of the topics will be presented in our Community Happenings, because they wouldn't fit in our Monday posts. Among other options, some topics will include weekly deck presentations, Twitch clips and randomized interviews ;)

That's all for today, Minion Masters! This blog post is a bit shorter than usual, but several happenings during the week will make up for that. Wednesday patch, Party Girl Milloween along with other skins, Card Design Contest phase 2 and your opportunity to choose content you like to see on our blog.

Cheers from BetaDwarf