Friday, November 17, 2017

Community Happenings – King Puff, Parties and Maniacs

Wow... what do we have here? Community Happenings on Friday... let's see: King Puff Cup, news from the Halloween party (oh boy, Milloween is real serious about King Puff), an interview... we don't know about you, but with that much stuff in one blog post, we should really get things going!

King Puff Cup retuuurnsss!

Yes, you heard us right! King Puff Cup 12 is around the corner and this time, the KPC staff decided to use the Metabreaker format again. Last time, that format caused a lot of discussions amongst Masters, because they are not allowed to utilize just any unit they desire. On Saturday, November 18th at 4pm CET, Masters all over the universe will battle against each other for over 5,000 Rubies and 50,000 Gold!

The complete information, rules and the link for signing up can be found here: Official King Puff Cup 12 Announcement

Show us your skills - we see you on the flying arenas!

Let's get ready for some serious fun, Masters!

We don't know about you, but we felt like Milloween had to wait for too long to be seen. She can try whatever she wants, King Puff just doesn't seem interested in her. Lately, it came to her ears that King Puff likes parties. His Halloween party for instance, was a huge success. Pictures showed him, as well as Stormbringer, in a brand new fashion. It paid out, because Stormbringer is the winner of the most popular outfit! Puffs all over the kingdom are desperately looking to get a selfie with the Storm Ranger:

Not only the highest range, but also the most popular outfit!

Milloween studied the news and reports from that event and decided to leave her mage robe at home and hop in her party dress instead:

Milloween in her brand new outfit - let's see if King Puff will be impressed this time.

Let's see how that turns out! There are already rumours, that King Puff dislikes her favorite music...

Some Masters want it random...

NuclearGoo is known for playing Draft more than any other game mode. Another dedicated Draft player is PakoMANIAC. Since Draft is not nearly featured as often as the Ranked modes, we decided to ask a few questions.

Thanks for having you, PakoMANIAC. Most players might know you from moderating the King Puff Cups. For those who don’t, would you introduce yourself please?

Hello everyone. Yes I'm helping out the KPC team with moderating, but otherwise players know me as the “Prowler lover” or as a certain individual called me the “ProwlerMANIAC”. That's mostly because since the introduction of the Prowler, I always had an avatar of him – the latest a King Prowler sitting on the master tower haha. Otherwise everyone calls me just “Pako” which is also my real life nickname. I might be also known to prioritize playing draft over ranked or 2v2 modes.

You don’t hide your love for Apep and RNG cards. What makes Apep special for you and why do you prefer random outcomes when playing a card?

I'd rather say I don't hide my liking of those – my love is only for the Prowler haha. But yes, I do like playing Apep combined with the RNG cards. Apep overall is probably the most all-around master who can work with any deck. He also gives you 2 random free cards, which can always come handy, no matter what you got. But if you obediently worship Apep the Serpent God – like he demands to – and believe in the heart of the cards, Apep will grant you the best card to counter you enemy (not always the case!!).

I like playing RNG cards mainly because they're fun to play. As I like to say: “You don't know what you're going to play until you actually play it”. All RNG cards also give you a mana advantage over the opponent, so if you're extra lucky – or just have the RNG Gods favour you, then you start gaining more and more value from them and win because of the sheer mana advantage. Sometimes though, they do not give anything useful after all, so you just lose haha.

Let’s talk about Draft. As far as we know, it’s your favorite game mode. Why Draft over Ranked?

Yes indeed, draft is my favourite game mode. Draft is also dependent on how lucky you are while creating your deck from the choices you've been given and shows how well you can adapt your play-style around the deck you just drafted. Players who mainly play Draft might be better at adapting than those who mainly play ranked, solely because of the variety of decks they are playing. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that Draft players are better, but they (we) are certainly more used to play all kinds of decks – even bad ones haha.

I believe it's just a more fun game mode where you play the drafted deck from the minimal 3 games (losing all 3 first games) to the maximal 14 games (12 wins and 2 loses) and then have to change the deck again. Draft is also more rewarding than ranked if you're good at it, even though it has an entry fee of 750 gold.

New players often struggle in Draft mode. As a new player, should I even play Draft? And what’s your  suggestion for more success?

Yes, it is the case that new players struggle in Draft. Mainly because they don't know the cards well yet and are still figuring them out. In my opinion Draft might be the best opportunity for newer players to just that -  try out and learn all the cards in the game, as they can play them without actually having them in their collection, so I do strongly recommend new players to try out draft. They might not come far and will probably have some issues getting more than 3 wins at the beginning, but the more you play, the more your understanding of all cards and the more you're capable of adapting to the deck you've drafted. Also, if you make it far enough in draft (about 7 wins and more), you can always expect to profit from the rewards as well.

Suggestion for more success, hmm that's a tough one. Always try to include some spells and anti-air as you might struggle a lot without them. For example, if you get a first pick between Plasma Marines, Cleaver and Warrior, I'd usually go with the Marines, because if you're really unlucky, they might be the only anti-air unit you'll be able to draft, meaning you will really struggle against air units. The same goes for spells. Also try to keep your average mana value under 4. Heavy decks usually struggle in draft as well, as you cant always answer your opponents cards in time, the only exception to that might be if you have Mordar as your master, since resurrecting big minions always gives you an edge over the opponent.

Which cards would you never choose in Draft? And what cards are auto-includes?

The card I would certainly never choose is Call to Arms. It might be a completely dead card if you don't have any buildings in your deck. I also avoid choosing the Scrat Tank and Demon Warrior. While the Scrat Tank may have 600 health and be immune to damage as long nothing is near him, I still don't see the value in including the card and the Demon Warrior only shines if you have a really good, fast cycle deck, otherwise you're more or less only wasting mana on it.

My personal auto-includes are Plasma Marines, Succubus and Legionnaires. A good spell like a Fireball or Daggerfall are also very much needed if you get the choice.

A lot of insights from a Draft player. Thanks for having you again, PakoMANIAC! If you want to leave some shout-outs, feel free to do so.

Thank you for having me Erythais! I would like to shout-out to the whole King Puff Cup staff for hosting all those tournaments and letting me be a small part of the team, to my favourite Minion Masters streamers VideoGamer77, Salbei and ShadyHobos, to my biggest Draft rivals I play the most against – NuclearGoo, Rikka and Tony, and to all the other people of the amazing Minion Masters community. I'd like to thank the developers of BetaDwarf for creating this game I fell in love so much, for listening and working with the community to make the game even better.

I'd also like to recommend everyone to buy and play their other games: Forced and Forced Showdown.


That's all, Masters! Good luck to everyone participating this weekend and we see each other on Sunday, when the King Puff Cup will be casted live on Twitch!

Cheers from BetaDwarf