Thursday, February 2, 2023


Mechanized Menace


  • Vuk’s Clutchcooker

  • Net Blaster


Black Hole

  • Duration: 3 > 5

Magnetic Bombs

  • Health 50 > 60

S1ege Br3aker

  • Now has Piloted. (summoning a Plasma Marine)

  • Attack AoE radius: 1 > 1.5

Stun Blast

  • Stun duration: 5 > 4

  • Mana cost: 4 > 3



  • Perk 1: Add a random free 2 mana card to your deck > Add a random free one-use 2 mana card to the top of your deck every 25 sec.

  • Perk 3: Add a random free 4 mana card to your deck > Add a random free one-use 4 mana card to the top of your deck every 25 sec.

  • Basic Attack Damage: 30 > 40

  • Basic Attack Max Targets: 1 > 2

  • Basic Attack Speed: 2.5 > 2

  • Basic Attack no longer gets a speed bonus from having 5+ mana cards in hand.

The main reason for doing this is to allow deck building with Apep that doesn’t focus so heavily on trying to get as much as possible out of the free cards by building very cheap decks. It also allows us to normalize the outcomes of the perks by changing which card you get every time. Because of system limitations the card isn’t truly random, but pseudo-random.


  • Perk 1: Add a trap card to your deck > Add a trap card to the top of your deck every 25 sec.

  • Perk 3: Add a trap card to your deck > Add a trap card to the top of your deck every 25 sec.

  • Bear Traps no longer have Stealth (remains untargetable).

The deck building incentives for making cheap decks are less pronounced with Diona than with Apep, but we still don’t think it’s healthy for masters to so directly incentivize a specific type of deckbuilding in this way.

King Puff

  • When Royal Gifts is triggered, place only one gift in a random unoccupied lane.

  • Perk 2: Cooldown 45 > 22

  • Increase pick-up range of puffs slightly.

Mainly intended as a quality of life improvement.


  • Attack Speed: 2.1 > 2.3

  • AoE radius: 3 > 4

Feng the Wanderer

  • Mana cost: 6 > 5

  • Health: 400 > 325

Flightless Dragons

  • No longer has Voidborne Wound

  • If you have less health than your opponent, gain Rage.


  • Invoke > Invoke twice

  • Jump distance: 10 > 6

More outright value and changing the use case. This reduction in distance makes it much harder to use the card to bypass a fight, meaning it retains mostly the use cases of repositioning within a fight or dodging spells. Ideally we want people to be more aggressive in using this card.

R4Z:0R Squadron

  • Now has Piloted. Mechanically unchanged.

Rock Rivals

  • Mana: 6 > 4

  • Summon a Living Statue with every play.

  • Living Statue no longer has haste.

Overall meant to be a nerf, but also fundamentally changing the use case for the card. We feel this is significantly more interesting than taking a risk one time to get a cheaper version of another card, specifically since the card is always the same and knowable in advance.



  • Arcane Golem gains Mythic.


  • Damage 180 > 160

City Watch

  • Legionnaires summoned on play: 1 > 0

  • Crossbow Dudes summoned on play: 2 > 3

Idol of Sacrifice

  • No longer gains Haste.

Jing and Xiao Long

  • Phase Cooldown: 2 > 2.5 sec

Stun Lancers

  • No longer has Slitherbind

Spawn of Fury

  • Changes base values rather than working as a multiplier.

This affects mainly the interaction with other sources for changes in health and damage, ie. buffs. Specifically this is a nerf to those interactions.


  • Max health gained: 400 > 350

Tantrum Throwers

  • Now summoned in a horizontal line.


  • Fixed King Puff getting the same spell every time he picks up the spell gift puff.

  • Fixed Ritual of Servitude not summoning 6-mana cards.

  • Finally Fixed the Mechapep visual glitch.

  • Fixed Frozen Aura description.

  • Fixed Bearvalanche master damage.

  • Fixed Bearvalanche animation occasionally being reversed.

  • Stopped Incubus from using netherstep while frozen.

  • Stopped Caber Tosser from throwing the log while frozen.

  • Attempted another fix of the Border Patrol trigger indicator.

  • Fixed Netherstep and Combustion being able to invoke ability cards.

  • Removed the indicator for more wildcards being available on card promotion.

  • Fixed Perk Timers malfunctioning in speed adjusted replays.

  • Removed Crystal Sentry flavor text to make the actual description not get super tiny in formatting.

  • Fixed Magnetic Bombs description not mentioning reduced damage against masters

  • Fixed Frost Shock relic affecting the wrong units.

  • Removed Combustion from High Five bucket.

  • Fixed Rimargaal perk description.

  • Updated Buckets and Relics availability for masters in older adventures to match the most recent versions.