Thursday, June 2, 2022

1.36 has arrived!



  • Rimargaal’s Breath

  • Frostbearer



  • Damage 100 > 110

Bladestar got nerfed a bit too hard, so now we are slowly trying to find the right spot for it.


  • Damage 400 > 420

Magma Storm

  • Magma Rocks 11 > 12

Impetus Blast

  • Cast delay 1 > 0.5

We really like how some players have used Impetus blast, but by reducing the cast delay we hope to make it a bit easier to use.

Stun Blast

  • Cast delay 1 > 0.5

Rockin roller

  • Cast delay 1 > 0.5

Similar to Impetus Blast, no reason for these spells to have a full second delay, lets make it a bit faster and easier to use.

Chief Icebreaker Bolf

  • AS 2.5 > 2.2



  • Ability range global -> 14

Kurrrnath had been a bit of a menace in the arena this patch, by giving him a range we want to limit his effectiveness a bit while still leaving his ability as impactful.

Skeleton Horde

  • Copies 3 > 2

Skeleton Horde is one of those cards that needs somewhat specific counters because of the fairly high hp swarm it spawns.  Stats shows that 3x skeleton horde was MASSIVELY outperforming 1 or 2x skeleton horde, so we are limiting that.

Zealots of the Burning Fist

  • Damage 100 > 90

Zealots are a bit too strong, so limiting their damage output a bit.


  • Tech per mana 10 > 13

Scrapyard turned out to be one of the best performing cards in the game this patch, so increasing the tech cost a bit to make it a bit less value-generating.


Shield-Captain Avea

  • Dam 100 > 90

  • Health 450 > 500

For now we want Avea to be in sync with damage with the Zealots, but she needs a bit of a buff if she gets less damage, and more hp fits her ability very well.

Call To Arms

  • Rework: 

  • Target a friendly building: heal it for 15% of max health and summon 1 Warrior and 2 Crossbow Dudes by it

Call to arms has been a card we have been looking for a good design for a very long time, so we want to try this version out, and see if it solves the infinite-value-dream problem of previous designs.

Sun Burn

  • Doesnt damage friendly minions

  • Mana 3 > 4


  • Rework: 

  • Targets 1 minion. After 2.5 secs, deal 200 true damage to self and normal damage to all enemies in range

  • Tower Damage 50% > 10%


Fixed various animation issues, mostly related to frozen.

Fixed various localization issues

Fixed an issue with Azog’s interaction with Morellia’s book causing a spell to be missing from the book. -  Thanks Merlin pfp

Fixed an issue with Decoy Trap losing taunt after being stunned. - Thanks DeathShoottOneyOoney

Fixed a rare issue where Sapphire Pebble would fail to spawn all the Pebbles that was being played. - Thanks sinwa/HEALTHY

Fixed Jade Flingers not being affected by damage buffs. - Thanks Jackeaa

Fixed some emotes being low resolution.

Fixed Poison Strike failing to sacrifice slitherbound - Thanks Jackeaa

Fixed an issue with Morellia’s book and ability cards making cards unplayable. - Thanks BadAsAFish80

Fixed an issue where the UI for wild cards wouldn’t mention the possibility that the card would be restricted from being wildcardable. - Thanks youresuchanerd

Fixed an issue with Prowler losing its ability to jump after being hypnotized.

Fixed minions with ability cards spawning frozen if played during permafrost. - Thanks Orestella