Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Reintroducing Wild Cards

Hi there Masters,

Thank you for your feedback and participation in the Wild Cards surveys we've conducted over the last few months. We believe, through your feedback, we've arrived at a final conclusion for Wild Cards.

It's clear to us that Wild Cards is a widely loved feature by the majority of our community and we are happy to announce the reintroduction of Wild Cards with Update 1.28.

There are, however, a few caveats.

Wild Card / No-Wild Card rule

First of all, we will only reactivate Wild Cards in the two Team Battle modes (2v2 Randoms and 2v2 Premades), retaining the No-Wild Cards rule in Battle Mode (1v1)

We're doing this because; while we're seeing overwhelming support for wildcards, there is also a large group that does not appreciate the feature. The majority of complaints regarding Wild Cards seem to be coming from the 1v1 segment and conversely, we're also seeing the majority of Wild Cards support coming from the 2v2 segment.

We, therefore, feel like this could be a "happy medium", in which all players might find a game mode/style that suits their liking.

Copies Allowed

Second, we're introducing a Wild Card stat, or "Copies Allowed" as it'll be known in the game.

This is being added to help us mitigate the "negative" side of Wild Cards allowing us to limit the worst and most frustrating combos. We understand that part of the fun with Wild Cards is to create explosive and exciting strategies and we're therefore not seeking to shut down any viable Wild Card strategy. We do, however, have a few combos and strategies that we wish to limit.

This stat also adds a design space that we haven't really had before as we can make certain cards without having to worry that they'd be exploitable via Wild Cards.

So we hope this stat can help us make Wild Cards a better experience for all, allowing the fun strategies while mitigating the "cheese" factor.

We are excited about the future and believe we've found the right solution going forward. However, we are also aware that all the recent changes we've been doing have been disruptive to the play experience and we want to thank you all for your patience with us, and for all your help. With this in mind, we plan to let this setup remain for a while. Naturally, we are still interested in, and appreciative of, all of your feedback. We will be monitoring the general community response to this new setup and we'll also do another survey round at some point when you've all had a chance to try it out, but we are not currently planning any changes for the near future.