Monday, September 20, 2021

Version 1.28

Minion Masters!

Scrats…. Are… WHERE DID THEY GO? Oh no… does this mean the Scrat invasion is over?!

Masters, brace yourselves because the Scrat invasion is done and dusted but we have a new season screeching into Minion Masters and this time it’s going to be darker and scarier than ever!

We’re super stoked to introduce our newest expansion … Malediction!

Cards Added

With this new expansion be prepared to enjoy new cards, balance changes, and the reintroduction of Wild Cards!

  • Wild Cards will be now re-introduced but under certain conditions:
  • Wild Cards will still remain unavailable in 1v1
  • Wild Cards will be reintroduced in 2v2
  • Introducing a “Copies Allowed” stat which will define the number of copies allowed for every card to 1, 2 or 3. 
  • For more information about the reintroduction of Wild Cards, check out our blog post here 

Balance Changes!


  • Maximum Health Gain 300 > 400
  • Minimum Health Gain 0 > 50

Crossbow Guild

  • Production time 4.5 > 4

Swarmer Totem

  • Production time  6.5 > 5.7

Dev notes: The old production of buildings have not been performing well since their health/duration reduction, so a bit more value over time should help them become more relevant.


  • Speed 3 > 2

Dev notes: We like how the priestess is no longer an infinite healing source that stays with the army at all times, but she leaves the army a bit too fast. Setting her speed to two should allow her to stay with the army unless there is a prolonged fight.


Dragon Ball

Magma Storm

Grasping Thorns


  • Damage 170 > 180

Dev notes: Since the increase of spell cost, a lot of the minions that could barely survive a fireball-threshold became a bit too good at surviving spells. Hence, we moved the threshold to 180, making it a smaller buff mostly being relevant for these specific units (it also makes it easier to remember the numbers, as both daggerfall and these spells end with 80).


  • Damage 150 > 180

Dev notes: Smite could use a buff, so we moved it into the fireball thresholds.

Ardent Aegis

  • Delay 4 > 3.5
  • Healing 250 > 275

Dev notes: Ardent aegis needs a buff, so making it a bit more consistent and stronger should help.


  • Cast Delay 2 > 1

Dev notes: Rampage is mostly outshined by Volco/Ragers rage, and most use cases are preemptive, so no real reason for this delay. We’re reducing it to allow for a bit more flexibility.



  • Now have Call Slitherbound (1)

Dev notes: These cards could use a small buff, and it also buffs slither in general that has been a tad weak lately.


  • Damage 100 > 130

Dev notes: Bladestar is a tad hard to use, so more damage should make it more consistent.


  • Quest Threshold 5 > 4

Dev notes: As promised, an Avea buff.It's quite possible it's not enough yet, but we want to see if getting her to relevance earlier. We’ll be closely looking at how she performs in case she needs a bigger tune-up.

Healing Fireball

  • Cast Delay 2 > 1.5

Dev notes: Healing fireball missed its target a bit too often, making it a very binary spell.   Letting it hit a bit more often should help with the balance of the spell.

Chain Lightning

  • Bounces 10 > 12

Dev notes: Chain lightning needs a buff. To differentiate it more from fireball it gets more bounces, letting it be better against spread out swarms and hit more important targets more often, while still being less good against higher hp units and really clumped up units.

Defenso Chopper

  • Health 500 > 450

Dev notes: Defenso chopper is a tad overpowered, it’s doing pretty well against the swarm. But it gets a lot of value against mid-ranged thus making it a frustrating card to play against.

Wrecked Walker

  • Mana Cost 1 > 2      
  • Health  100 -> 150
  • Outlander Tech: Spend 40 scrap to reduce cost by 1

Dev notes: As some feared, a 1 mana bridge grab turned out to be a bit too good. We are adding a small scrap cost to it, otherwise, it’s become a 2 mana bridge grab/small tank. This allows for good usage in decks that have scraps leftover while limiting the power in non-scrap decks.

Howling moon

  • Now does true damage


  • Mana Cost 8 > 9

Dev notes: Azali is a staple card in 2v2 far more than she should be. We don't want to kill her, but we do want to reduce a bit of her power. By increasing her cost, her army should be a bit smaller, and you should have more mana to kill her, without completely killing the dream of the Azali swarm commander.


  • Attack cooldown 0.9 -> 1.0 seconds

Dev note: Once bitten and lone wolf are a bit too strong while howling moon and Wolf among sheep are too weak. Therefore, we are reverting a small buff to werewolves so that we can see where all the cards land. We’ll probably be planning a buff to both howling moon and WaS next patch once we have a better idea where they land with these stats.

All the below Cards will have the “No-Wild Card rule” thus only permitting using one of each of these cards in any deck:

  • Bats Bats Bats
  • Black Hole
  • Blood Imps
  • Brothers of Light
  • Brutish Betrayer
  • Clear Skies
  • Crossbow Guild
  • Demon Warrior
  • Dragon Nest - Removed Mythic
  • Fanriel
  • Gambler's ball
  • Groggy Woodsman
  • Jing Long
  • Lone Ranger
  • Lone Wolf
  • Mana Puff Madness
  • Mountainshaper
  • Netherstep
  • Nyrvir’s Breath
  • Once Bitten
  • Red Golem
  • Ritual Of Servitude
  • Rock Rivals
  • Scrap Yard
  • Scrat Tunnel
  • Shen Shock Stick
  • Styxi
  • Sugilite Shield
  • Thelec
  • Void Altar
  • Wall
  • Xiao Long
  • Zap Shrine

All the cards below are going to be restricted to one Wild Card allowing for a total of two of each card in the deck:

  • Arcane Ring
  • Ardera
  • Bridge Buddies
  • Combustion
  • Guardian
  • Jadespark Watchers
  • Leiliel
  • Unholy Ground
  • Wizard Puff

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Vortex not getting a damage increase
  • Fixed an issue with minions trying to attack others across the gap, which made Veilstalker behave incorrectly - Thank you Pom
  • Fixed an issue with the emergency reposition tunnel spell being used in places where buildings are normally not allowed
  • Fixed an issue with the red golem at exactly 1500 health not acting as intended
  • Fixed an issue with Fanriel Stormcharge interacting incorrectly with the protection by Guardian - Thank you InCole
  • Fixed an issue with Hypnotized Shield Guard of Light dashing across the map - Thank you chimaerok
  • Fixed an issue with Boom Buggy not attacking properly - Thank you Matt
  • Fixed an issue in 2v2’s showing +2 marksmanship buff from teammate Stormbringer’s perk 2 on unit placement preview - Thank you Pom
  • Fixed an issue with Veilstalker Crystalline Dashing outside the arena - Thank you Matt
  • Fixed an issue with different Volco skins being different sizes
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong Morellia using books - Thanks Pom
  • Fixed an issue with Veilstalker jumping on stealthed units
  • Fixed an issue with Veilstalker’s ability to interact incorrectly with root and stun
  • Removed scrat tunnels from the random pool
  • Fixed an issue with Miloween not getting extra sparks from certain spells
  • Fixed an issue with Lychanthropy leaving poison clouds. - Thanks Pom