Thursday, December 3, 2020

Uprising Expansion - 1.19 Patch Notes

Minion Masters!

The Slitherbound are in desperate need of help. You must fight to clear a path for their escape and keep them from the shackles which once bound them.

Stay tuned to our Update Site for more reveals about upcoming Season Passes.

Uprising - Season Pass #1

  • A new Season Pass has arrived to Minion Masters!

  • Tons of new rewards, including 2 cards, a Legendary Skin, bonus cards, and more!

  • Two new cards have been added to the game:

Chain Gang

Akinlep's Gong of Pestilence

  • Dryad Morellia has also been added to the game!

  • The Season Pass will end on the 7th of January

New Adventures
  • Brand New Story - Fight against the mighty Apep
  • Play as a special Adventures version of Slither Beast
  • This is a 3 Chapter Adventure that costs 2,010 Rubies or 1,000 rubies for just chapter 1.
  • Completing the Chapter will get you some cool rewards!
  • The adventure AI has been improved so opponents use a wider variety of cards, including high-cost cards. This applies retroactively and will impact older adventures.
  • Replays for adventures are now available.
  • The Adventure releases on December 10th.

Economy Changes

As we mentioned in our latest blog post, there will be some changes to the Minion Masters economy coming in 1.19. For details, read our blog post here.

Shop Changes

  • All master skins will be available for purchase from the master selection screen.

  • If you receive a duplicate cosmetic item or master, you will receive a reimbursement of gold.

Glory Changes
  • Season bonus glory will no longer apply to conquest. While it still improves season pass progress, we wanted to make sure that users that buy the season pass don't have an unfair advantage in their conquest runs compared to free-to-play players.

Card Balance


  • Divine shield is now only given to Empyrean Minions

Armored Scrats

  • Count 4 -> 3

  • Barrel Shield Health 50 -> 60

Blood Imps

  • Now only deals 50% damage to its controller’s master

Call to Arms

  • Disables building abilities on transform

This will only affect two interactions: Ghost Turret and Crystal Construct. They will no longer produce a spirit or mana, respectively, when transformed into a Warrior.

Crossbow Dudes

  • Damage 15 -> 20

  • Attack Cooldown 1.4 -> 1.8

Crystal Arcanist

  • Health 45 -> 40

  • AoE Range 2.5 -> 3

Crystal Archers

  • Health 45 -> 40

  • Damage 25 -> 30

Dormant Defenders

  • Duration 20 -> 40

Illusory Cleaver

  • Illusion Damage 30 -> 50

Illusory Dragon Whelp

  • Illusion Damage 30 -> 50

Leiliel’s Vortex

  • No longer moves allied units. 

Screaming Scrat

  • Cost 1 -> 2

  • Explosion Damage 30 -> 130

  • Explosion Delay 5 -> 4

  • Barrel Shield Health 50 -> 60

Last patch we brought this back to 1 mana, however we've since learned that was a mistake. It simply has too many uses to be balanced at 1 mana, and with the puff rework there was no doubt in our minds that Screaming Scrat would have become the #1 premiere 1 drop in 85% of decks. So we decided to bring it back to 2 mana but increase its power to hopefully find a good balance.

Shield Captain Avea

  • Shield Radius 4 -> 6

Slitherbound Darter

  • Damage 5 -> 8

Slitherbound Lancer

  • Damage 10 -> 15

Soul Stealer

  • Attack Cooldown 1.5 -> 1.6


  • Damages its controller’s units as well

Puffs Rework

Ever since we did the 1 mana overhaul some patches back, we've seen Puffs have an incredible resurgence in play rate. While we definitely do not mind puffs being popular at all, we did find it slightly concerning when we looked at their win rates. One problem we ran into is that their main power is their ability to grab the bridges, cheap, quick and reliably. This means we'd have to nerf their inherent power level to find a good spot, but we feel that would be the wrong direction for them, as the puffs aren't meant to be a bridge grabbing unit but rather fun and quirky utility Minions. So instead we decided to restrict their spawn path in order to further emphasize the mechanics that make the unique.
  • ”Puff” is now a card type, not a faction. Puff cards can only be spawned by the master tower and do not trigger minion abilities like Ratbo’s first and third perks.

Puffs have always been a bit of a weird faction, and as they are mostly designed around quirky utility purposes, they are not necessarily cards that you would build decks around. This sort of goes against our idea of what a faction is, and as we don't produce a ton of puff cards, it would always be underrepresented. We decided it was because Puffs shouldn't be a faction but a card type. This allows us to impress certain rules on these cards, as well as put them into factions where they might actually contribute to deck building.

Disruptor Puff

  • Faction - Puff -> Outlander

  • Card Type - Minion -> Puff

  • First teleport proc delay 3 -> 2

  • Speed 5 -> 10

Heal Puff

  • Faction - Puff -> Zen Chi

  • Card Type - Minion -> Puff

  • Cost 2 -> 1

Mana Puff

  • Faction - Puff -> Crystal Elf

  • Card Type - Minion -> Puff

  • First mana proc delay 10 -> 4

Mana Puff Madness

  • Cost 2 -> 3

Squire Puff

  • Faction - Puff -> Empyrean

  • Card Type - Minion -> Puff

  • First shield proc delay 10 -> 4

Wizard Puff

  • Faction - Puff -> Crystal Elf

  • Card Type - Minion -> Puff

  • Attack Cooldown 1.6 -> 1.4

Master Balance


  • Damage boost per Empyrean card in hand 5 -> 3


  • Damage 40 -> 50

  • Burn the Bridges Cost 2 -> 1

Bug Fixes

  • Reworked the jump and charge animations to ensure Bahra’s beam doesn’t become disconnected from targets.

  • Updated Cursebearer’s description to reflect the intended interaction with transform effects.

  • Fixed a bug causing Wreckinator’s self-destruct mode to do more damage with rage.

  • Fixed Propeller HOrde not getting beserkers rage.

  • Barrel scrats no longer move faster than normal scrats after their shield is broken.

  • Changed ghost’s attack type to special so it no longer picks up Volco’s bridge perk.

  • Fixed a bug causing bats bats bats to spawn the incorrect number of bats if played by two players at the same time.

  • We fixed the amount of points won/lost in contender not scaling correctly.

  • Nyrvir’s Breath no longer creates skeletons after breath’s effect has ended.


  • Xbox users can now take advantage of Twitch integration. Note that if you previously connected an account, you will likely have to email to switch to a new account. 

  • Christmas decorations have been turned on.

  • We made some changes to unit collision. Units that are standing still will move out of the way of same-sized units that are moving.