Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Minion Masters Economy Changes Follow-up

Hey everyone, we want to start off by thanking you for engaging in this discussion passionately and bringing up your concerns. We understand that this is highly contentious news, so we wanted to clarify in some areas while we discuss things further behind the scenes.

Know that your feedback is always important, and we take it very much to heart when there’s a strong reaction.


To start, we can be super honest with you about the problem that we are facing. Minion Masters has always had systems in place that were generous with rubies. Right now, approximately 50% of rubies spent in Minion Masters were “grinded” as opposed to purchased. For a premium currency that is an issue. 

Our main goal was to rebalance the economy by replacing them with other rewards that provide more overall value, but come in different forms. However, we recognise that we may have gone too far with the amount of Rubies removed and that some of the new rewards don’t feel particularly good, and we’re making the following adjustments;

  • Rubies moved from Grand Master to Diamond to make them more achievable
  • Grand Master reward is 150 Shards
  • Grand Master reward in the future may be replaced with exclusive avatars
    • These exclusive avatars would come as special versions of existing avatars
  • Contender reward increased to 3000 Gold

  • Every 10th Profile Level after 50 grants 250 Rubies
  • Power Token rewards in Profile Levels increased from 2 to 3

Here’s what that looks like on the tables we used before:

Ranked Rewards

Rank New
Stone 5 Copies of an Unknown Common Card
Bronze 1000 Gold
Silver 3 Copies of an Unknown Rare Card
Gold 2 Power Tokens
Platinum 3 Copies of an Unknown Supreme Card
Diamond 100 Rubies
Master 3 Power Tokens
GM 150 Shards
Contender 3000 Gold

Profile Level Rewards

Note: These rewards repeat infinitely. The Level value is used for the purpose of clarity.

X Level New
x1 1000 Gold
x2 1000 Gold
x3 Boost
x4 1000 Gold
x5 3 Power Tokens
x6 1000 Gold
x7 1000 Gold
x8 3 Power Tokens
x9 1000 Gold
x0 250 Rubies

We’d love to hear what you think about these changes and what kind of alternatives to Rubies you’d like to see, but regardless we hope this comes across as a more fair alteration of the existing reward paths.

Skins & The Shop

Focusing on selling skins often comes up, and while we’ve discussed it in the past, we’d like to reiterate here. We wanted Minion Masters to be carried by skins. We hoped for that, it’s the major reason we introduced them besides customization. Unfortunately Adventures and cosmetics, even the high-end skins, just don’t make the money necessary for the game to be sustainable by themselves, with new content being much more desirable. 

A frequent request we’ve seen regarding the Shop in response to our post, however, is to “open up” in regards to what skins are being sold at any one time. We’re happy to announce that, starting with Version 1.19, all purchasable skins will be available at their full price, all the time. The Featured Shop Offers page will remain however, with periodic discounts being offered on the skins, much like before. There might be some bugs with the system due to its rapid inclusion in the upcoming update, but we deemed it’s important to make good on your feedback as soon as possible.

Battle Pass & Ranked

There’s been some very valid concerns about reducing new content in the battlepass. We know it’s a major part of keeping the game fresh. However, it also takes a lot of focus, and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback that too many cards are being released with barely time to balance it out. We take that to heart, and scaling down should help balance and quality, and also make time for more on gameplay improvements. 

We're also working hard on the ELO system tests, which will make the ranked system more meaningful and there are so many other great suggestions from the community we would like to implement. We can't reveal too much about it now, however, but it's a promising opportunity to improve Minion Masters in the future.

Lastly, we want to give some peace of mind and inform you that we don’t intend to alter the Minion Masters economy again for a while - we don’t like making changes to it just as much as you. As always, we’re listening closely to your responses and taking them seriously. We realize that we have missed the mark with some of the initial changes. Hopefully this gives you a bit more insight into why we are making these changes, and we’re open to your suggestions about how we can improve our plan.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!