Thursday, October 29, 2020

Version 1.18

Minion Masters!

The third and final Season Pass for Nightmares is here! Stoutheart reinforcements have arrived to the fight against Mar’Dred, while the heroic Shield-Captain Avea charges into the front! 

Stay tuned to our Update Site for more information on our next Expansion, coming soon!

Nightmares - Season Pass #3

  • A new Season Pass has arrived to Minion Masters!
  • Tons of new rewards, including 3 cards, a Legendary Skin, bonus cards, and more!
  • Three new cards have been added to the game:

  • Angelic Milloween has also been added to the game!

  • The Season Pass will end on the 3rd of December.

End of Discord Support

As mentioned in previous Blog Posts, this patch marks the end of our support for the game on Discord. In recent months we've been concerned about the stability of the platform in regards to the game, with users experiencing difficulties related to the platform itself that we can't resolve. While we expected this to happen eventually as Discord had officially ended support for game distribution, they occurred a lot sooner than anticipated.

We don't want to just switch off supporting the Discord version of the game without offering any alternatives for everyone playing through the platform, however, so we’ve created a system to allow Discord players to transfer their progress to a Steam account. 

When you launch the game through Discord, you’ll be greeted with a message and a 6 digit code that’s unique to your account. When playing on Steam, you'll be able to select a "Migrate Discord User" option in the Menu where you can enter the code to start a one-way operation that replaces the account you're playing with on our server with that of the Discord account.

If you own DLC on the Steam account, but not on Discord, you'll unlock the content once you've transferred your progress. 

However, if you already own the DLC on Discord, you will not receive them a second time for your account, even if you purchase it from the Steam store. We cannot flag your account as having purchased the DLC, so the option to buy it will still be there even though you won't get anything from it.

Note that we are not responsible for any incorrect or accidental account transfers that happen as a result of you accidentally sharing your code. Don't transfer your account while streaming, and recheck your Steam credentials to make sure you're logged into the correct account before migrating. Keep your code safe!

Volco Rework

This update comes with a large overhaul to one of our oldest masters, Volco!

Basic Attack

  • Unchanged

Perk 1 - Burn the Bridges

  • Add the card Burn the Bridges to Volco’s deck.
  • Burn the Bridges
  • Both bridges get covered in flames, dealing damage to ground Minions.
  • Mana Cost: 2
  • Card Type: Spell
  • Damage: 200
  • Duration: 5 seconds

Perk 2 - Tempers Flaring

  • Summon an Ember of Flame every 15 seconds on a random bridge. When a friendly Melee Minion picks up the ember, all nearby friendly Melee Minions gain Rage
  • Rage
  • +50% Attack Damage

Ember of Flame

  • Pickup Radius: 1
  • Effect Radius: 8

Tempers Burning

  • Ember of Flame now gives Berserker’s Rage instead
  • Berserker’s Rage
  • +100% Attack Damage. Also self inflict 10% of attack damage

Developer Comments

For a while Volco has been directed a lot by his perk 1, pushing him into this Spam Master identity. This was never really the intention, as Volco's identity is supposed to be Aggressive, brutish and very much a fighting Master. The Afterburner perk was supposed to give him a tool to put some pressure on the opponent master, allowing him to be more aggressive. However, it has proven that the effect was far too strong which resulted in him being relegated to simply dominating the bridges (with help from perk 2) and spam killing his opponent from a far - Quite the opposite of what we want Volco to really be.

Veteran users will remember the days before Rage was set to 50% where Volco was all about getting to that 3rd perk and destroying your opponent with superior brawling power. This is the style we are trying to get back to with this rework.

By making the rage dependent on the bridge we are hoping to gear Volco into an aggressive track in which the minions are far stronger in offense, rather than in defense. Adding the 100% Berserkers rage should make his perk 3 quite significant again, however the 10% self damage should help make it slightly more manageable to deal with these highly explosive minions.

Ultimately we're hoping this design will help Volco return to his true Identity, as well as removing a play style that has been very frustrating to play against.


Arcane Bolt

  • Cost 4 -> 2
  • Mana Freeze 1 -> 3
  • Developer Comments
  • We’re hoping that this change will make Arcane Bolt easier to use on high-priority targets quickly, but have a Mana Freeze amount significant enough to still retain a significant mana cost to the card in practice.

Armor of Light

  • Cooldown 12 -> 14
  • Developer Comments
  • This affects Brothers of Light, Caeleth Dawnhammer, and Shieldguard of Light. We’re mainly opting to do this change as the Brothers have emerged as a powerful frontline duo recently due to the large amounts of value they can generate, between their anti-swarm capabilities and large stat pools.

Caeleth Dawnhammer

  • Mana Cost 9 -> 8
  • Developer Comments
  • This change is mainly to compensate for the increase in Armor of Light cooldown.

Empyrean Army

  • Now requires 5 Unique Empyrean cards.
  • Developer Comments
  • This is a change we've wanted to make for a while, as the intention has always been that a significant portion of your deck needs to meet the Empyrean theme for the effect to activate. The usage of Wild Cards would somewhat defeat this goal, hence the change.

Healing Fireball

  • Healing is now split among friendly Minions.
  • The spell will try to split healing as evenly as possible, but will not "overheal" units. If there are two minions with 100/200 hp, and 100/400 hp, the first Minion will heal for 100, and the second for 300.
  • Developer Comments
  • Healing Fireball simply provided too much value for its mana cost in push-oriented decks, exponentially becoming more powerful the more units it affected and rendering some spells completely ineffective as a countermeasure, or making trades far too valuable after the fact. Nerfing the numbers of the Spell would simply put it in a state where it's either dominant with how much value it provides or too bad to consider running, so we're opting for a rework to how the healing is applied.

Resonating Blast Crystal

  • AoE Radius 4.5 -> 6.5

Restless Dead

  • Mana Cost 3 -> 4
  • Developer Comments
  • We wanted to take a moment to explain why this nerf didn't come sooner. We were first made aware of how explosive Restless Dead really was just a few days before the release of Version 1.17, which ended up being dangerously close to the patch deadline and would have more than likely affected the Xbox Certification process, and delayed the patch as a whole. 
  • We weighed our options and decided against hotfixing it so we could try a new mechanic on the PTR that could hopefully be incorporated as a balancing measure in the future, but the results weren't satisfactory. We've shelved that idea for now, and while there are still interesting options for Restless Dead on the table, we're opting to go with this change for now and revisit it later.

Screaming Scrat

  • Mana Cost 2 -> 1
  • Health 100 -> 15
  • Now has Barrel Shield
  • Damage 130 -> 30


  • Damage 250 -> 200


  • Max Health is now reduced when Malfunction occurs
  • Health Reduction is equal to the Malfunction Threshhold
  • Slam attack Cooldown 6 -> 4
  • Developer Comments
  • Wreckinator’s main usage was with a cheese strategy involving Glenn’s Brew, which provided a huge boost in HP at a low mana cost while bypassing the downside of the Minion disappearing at the end of its duration. While Glenn’s Brew will still be somewhat effective with this change in mind, we wanted to make it feel less frustrating to play against and enable better counterplay options. As Wreckinator wasn’t particularly powerful outside of it, however, we also wanted to buff the baseline abilities of the card, as we felt the Slam attack never saw much practical usage due to its long time requirement.

Zeppelin Bomber

  • Attack Cooldown 3 -> 2
  • Damage 100 -> 70


  • Fixed being unable to report teammates for leaving in 2v2 matches.
  • Fixed Ravager’s Feeding Frenzy removing Haste when a unit is healed past its threshold.
  • Fixed Stormbringer’s Marksmanship removing itself from Minions if their team was changed (I.E. Ghost)
  • Fixed Bridge Shrine having a Production Time statistic.
  • Fixed some issues with Stormbringer’s targeting logic.
  • Fixed an instance where Scrat Tank takes damage with its shield up, while Hypnotised - Thanks Sinobii!
  • Fixed an instance where Log Tosser would throw his log halfway across the arena - Thanks Karlim00!
  • Fixed Haunting Hugger disappearing after possessing a unit it kills instantly - Thanks Nerzl!
  • Fixed Re-Boomer having an “activated” highlight despite not having Voidborne Wound - Thanks Ecke!
  • Fixed being unable to claim Battle Pass tiers if there’s nothing on the tier.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!