Thursday, October 1, 2020

Important Update for Minion Masters on Discord + Fanart Contest Winners

Minion Masters!

Minion Masters on Discord

We have some important news to share about the status of the game on Discord. In recent months we've been concerned about the stability of the platform in regards to the game, with users experiencing difficulties related to the platform itself that we can't resolve. While we expected this to happen eventually as Discord had officially ended support for game distribution, they occurred a lot sooner than anticipated. As such, we're making the call that starting with Version 1.18, we will no longer support the Discord version of Minion Masters.

We don't want to just switch off supporting the Discord version of the game without offering any alternatives for everyone playing through the platform, however, so we're working on a system to allow you to migrate your account progress from Discord to Steam. We'll have more news on how this will exactly work in the coming weeks, but the basic concept is that it will be a one-time ability to replace your existing Steam account's progress with that of your Discord's. This can be any steam account of your choosing, so if you want to keep your Steam account's progress as well, you'll be able to do so by simply making another account. We currently cannot offer merging the two accounts together due to technical limitations.

None of this will affect our Discord Server - Just the ability to play the game through Discord. We'll still aim to be as active as ever on there. By slimming down on our available platforms, it also enables us to free resources to focus on the core game itself with more features and fixes than we could have done before. Thanks to everyone that's joined us through the Discord version of Minion Masters, and we're hoping you'll continue to join us for the future of the game.

Please note that we cannot offer this to users on the Xbox or Steam platforms at this point in time that wish to move their accounts to another platform, this service is only for Discord players at this time.

Nightmares Fan Art Contest Winners!

We had an absolutely phenomenal turnout for the Nightmares Fanart Contest! In fact, there were so many incredible entries, we had no choice but to increase the total amount of winners to Five, and the prizes accordingly! Take a gander at the victors of the contest, voted by our users:

Click on an image to see it in full resolution!

5th - SpiritAlpha#8801

4th - NyraPetreski#5907

Joint 2nd - Noranatori#1548

Joint 2nd - chilienka#8822

1st - Chloette#1127

A huge thanks to everyone that entered - We hope to see you at our next contest!

Treasure Vault in the Shop on October 3rd

Don't forget - You'll be able to pick up the Treasure Vault in the in-game shop with a special 20% Discount due to a recent error where it was priced at 100,000 Rubies by mistake. If you haven't bought it before and you've got a pile of gold laying around, now's the perfect opportunity to show it off!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!