Thursday, August 6, 2020

Free Battle Pass Tiers & The State of Outlanders

Minion Masters!

Free Battle Pass Tiers In Shop

We've been working on finding a way to help you with your Season Passes for this system due to the unexpected decrease in the time between patches. We talked about this in a previous public post that you can read here, but the main reason this occurred was due to specific windows where we can secure promotional opportunities for Minion Masters, which is needed for the game to grow. 

However, there were rightful concerns that this would make the Guild Conquest and Season Pass much more difficult for the average user to complete. We've already pushed a Conquest change that decreases all of the tier requirements by 25%, but starting with this Friday's shop offers we're including a Free Battle Pass Tier every day until the release of Version 1.16. We hope this can make up for the shorter season time, and thank you for your patience!

Regarding Outlanders in future expansions

The Outlanders are a faction that's been a bit of a hot topic for a while in the Minion Masters community. There's been a lot of questions as to why they haven't received new units in a long time, and while we've communicated informally on places such as our Discord about it, we hadn't addressed the issue in a more public manner so that we can definitively set the record as to their status.

As it stands, our main issue with the Outlander faction is that they simply don't fit in with the direction we've been trying to take our in-game universe since we began to consolidate and improve the lore of our projects to be a more consistent fantasy world. The Outlanders were originally added to Minion Masters before this happened and were re-used assets from Forced Showdown's DLC, which gave us a good opportunity to flesh out the number of cards we had in the game during the early stages due to their strong visual identity lending to specific card roles well.

But as time went on, the Outlanders have seemed more and more out of place with our creative vision and didn't make sense in the world we were creating. We originally replaced Drone Force One with the Harbinger unit, but since then we've instead opted to halt working on the faction. Our primary focus is on creating updated and new models that fall within the aforementioned vision that we can continue to utilize moving forward in our projects, and creating brand new Outlander units would unfortunately not fit in with these goals as we don't have plans to use them again.

If we had the resources available, our plan would be to reconsider a rework to all of the units, but that's not on our plan at the moment as we work on more high priority tasks. For the time being, the Outlanders are not being changed, but we hope this can offer some insight as to why we aren't developing the faction further going forwards.

Deckbuilder Sites!

Those of you who have been in our community for a while will remember TheConcepteur's Minion Masters Deckbuilding site, that allowed you to create and share your decks with other users. It's just been updated to include all of the new cards up to this Season Pass, so now's a great time to get back into using the site!

Alternatively, radies_chen has been creating a new Minion Masters Manager site, which includes information on just about everything there is to know in the game! It comes with small community-submitted guides for cards, as well as advice for everywhere else in the game such as Adventures! It's a great compendium for brushing up on your game knowledge.

ShadowGaming's $400 1v1 Tournament

ShadowGaming are back with a brand new Competitive Minion Masters scene! They're starting off with a new Knight's Duel series which you can read about here:
Cheers from BetaDwarf!